"Too many people have crossed the line too many times."  That's the assessment of the "pro-Trump" faction inside the US Intelligence Community, and that sentiment was conveyed to the "anti-Trump (i.e. Neocon) cabal inside the same Intelligence Community.  The parting words from pro to anti were: Stop the leaks or will will plug them.

Since even before Donald Trump was sworn-in as President, there has been a severe and ongoing rift inside the US Intelligence Community over his Presidency.  On the one side are "Neocons" who have defacto usurped civilian control of the US government, and launched all sorts of mayhem in countries around the world, mostly in support of Israel becoming stronger in the Middle East.

On the other side are the "Constitutionalists" who expect the Intel Agencies to submit to civilian rule and alter their actions according to whatever new policies are adopted by our lawfully elected leaders.  

These two factions are diametrically opposite in their beliefs and in the way they function in the real world.  

Under other circumstances, the two factions would function cooperatively to get done what needs doing; not anymore.

Early this week, the two sides sat down for a series of meetings because ongoing friction between the factions is now becoming troublesome.

Unexpectedly, the Neocons told the Constitutionalists

"We run the show.  We run the country.  We run the fucking world. You guys better start stepping and fetching or there's going to be a problem."  

To which the Constitutionalists replied

"You only think you run everything. The election proved you've lost the American People, and you're so bent over that, you're actually trying to bring down our President.  We've had enough of this shit; stop it on your own, now, or you're going to be stopped."

The Neocons walked out of that meeting.

Later in the week, the two sides met again and before the Neocons  could even present their thoughts, the Constitutionalists told them

"We already know you're making moves to divide us, and you've told some people things may have to get wet.  Fine, you want wet, there'll be wet.  But just remember in all your grand schemes, we're the guys who actually go out and DO what you've needed done - it is us who gets the dirty work done while you sit in your nice safe office and mentally masturbate.  We're not letting you run wild anymore; we're not doing what you want."

The Neocons then made clear that they pull the strings not only here in the US, but in all the major Intel communities abroad, and said if the US component won't cooperate to achieve what the Neocons want, the Neocons will get foreigners to do it.  

That prompted the Constitutionalists to respond

"We won't tolerate this anymore. Stop what you're doing with the leaks against Trump, too many people have crossed the line too many times. Either you stop the leaks or w're going to plug them.

And stop side-stepping the new Administration's policies so that you can continue on a path to war with Russia and China. The President wants the Syria shit stopped, but you guys keep arming the nutjobs over there and causing more trouble. That shoot down of the Syria jet was a major fuck-up and it was YOU guys who ordered it.   If you don't stop the Syria shit, we're going to make you stop."  

They also told the Neocons,

"Don't think we don't know that you're after Russia simply because Rothschild wants to get his fingers into a Central Bank there.  And don't think we don't know that a slew of you have more loyalty to Israel than to the US and that you want the "greater Israel" project to get done.  That's why you've been fomenting war all over the Middle East since Bush II.  We're not doing that anymore, so forget it.  Trump wants us out of Syria and that's what we're going to do.  And we're not letting you guys take out our President simply becauyse he's in your way!"

There was a noticeable and very uncomfortable silence as tempers on both sides could be seen boiling beneath the surface.

The Neocons said "You guys are signing your own death warrant."  To which the Constitutionalists replied "We're the ones who do all the wet work; it won't be us that ends up dead."

After this exchange, the meeting broke up abruptly and late in the week, assets from both sides began speaking with each other; it came out that the Neocons are already moving to accomplish wet work of their own!

Once this information came out, all hell broke loose inside CIA Langley and at NSA in Ft. Meade, later at FBI.  Within each of those agencies (and others) two sides are forming-up fast, and the word is "this is going hot."

What seems to have prompted all this was revelations that a CIA guy, dying from cancer in New Jersey, made a deathbed confession to the mass media, implicating the CIA in the attacks of September 11.  (Story HERE and HERE)

Specifically, former CIA Contractor Malcolm Howard told FOX NEWS in an exclusive interview to be aired on July 28, that he personally planted demolition explosives inside WTC7 to bring that building down and did so months prior to the "attacks."

This means the CIA not only knew the "attacks" were going to happen, they planned them!

The world has long known that an on-board computer runs all the modern aircraft and those computers were fitted with "GlobalHawk" software in case any US Jet was hijacked.  

Using GlobalHawk, the feds could over-ride anything a pilot did, and cause the (Hijacked) plane to fly/land, wherever authorities chose to take it.  In the case of 9-11, rumors have long existed that Globalhawk was used to takeover the planes and intentionally fly them into the World Trade Center.

At the time (2001), there was trouble in the Middle East and Saddam Hussein was putting together a 7 million-man army to invade Israel.  The American people were in no mood to go to war to protect Israel, so a scheme was hatched to make a "terrorist attack" that was so horrific, the American public would immediately go to war over it.  9-11 was said to be that plan . . . . and it worked.  Within a month of the "attack" the US was at war in Afghanistan, against the Taliban, for refusing to turn over Osama Bin Laden, whom the CIA claimed was the "mastermind" behind the 9-11 attacks.

But it came out much later that Osama Bin Laden was, in fact, a CIA asset, and it was through Bin Laden that the US armed the Afghanistan "Mujahadeen" to fight the former Soviet Union and drive them out of Afghanistan!  Bin Laden was a CIA asset ! ! ! 

CIA just so happens to be the agency that has access to Globalhawk" airline software.  And it was CIA who knew that unless stopped, Iraq would put together a 7 million man army to invade Israel.  

So, based upon the confession of Malcolm Howard, the CIA perpetrated 9-11.  The events of that date took the US to war.  And from Afghanistan, came Iraq War II . . . . then Libya (NATO), then the overthrow of the government of Ukraine, then Syria, and so on.  

With Malcolm Howard having now spilled the beans to the mass-media, the shit is likely to hit the fan unless the powers-that-be can stop FOX from airing it.  And if the shit does hit the fan, the CIA is going to have to be rock solid to protect itself; something it cannot now be, on account of this open rift between the office Executive geeks and the field guys who carry out the work.

My former colleagues inside the Intel Community told me quite bluntly that some type of major fight has been brewing inside the US Intelligence Community for a very long time, and it is about to break out into the open.  They explicitly told me "Watch for bodies to start turning up in Washington, Maryland and Northern Virginia."

Stay tuned . . .



To bolster the contents of a conversation mentioned in the story above, I can now point you to mass-media reports out of France, and out of Geneva, saying the French have announced "Assad can stay" in Syria.  It goes on to report "Speaking to reporters at a joint press conference in Paris after his meeting with the US president, President Macron confirmed that France no longer insists on Syrian President Bashar Assad's ouster, and sees the fight against terrorism a more important priority. 

"We have changed the French doctrine with regard to Syria; our fundamental task now is to eradicate terrorist groups, no matter [where] they are," the president said

 This now substantiates one component of the story above insofar as in the conversation reported between the Constitutionalists and the Neocons, the Neocons were told  "And stop side-stepping the new Administration's policies so that you can continue on a path to war with Russia and China. The President wants the Syria shit stopped, but you guys keep arming the nutjobs over there and causing more trouble. That shoot down of the Syria jet was a major fuck-up and it was YOU guys who ordered it.   If you don't stop the Syria shit, we're going to make you stop."  

Now the mass-media is reporting that Trump indeed wants the "Syria shit stopped" and has made certain the French are on-board with this too - as evidenced by the French announcement today.  Story HERE and REUTERS HERE