"Sammy" is outta here


By now, most of you have seen or read comments from "Sammy."  

He is the one-note-wonder using each and every topic to bash Jewish people.  No matter the story, no matter the conversation, everything with him always comes back to "Jew this" or "Jew that."  He offers NOTHING of substance at all.

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David Asimov, of Living Oak Court, Bennett Ridge, Santa Rosa, CA, the son of the late science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, was sentenced on March 28, 2001 to six months' home detention with electronic monitoring and three years federal probation for possessing child pornography.

The US Attorney who made that deal with Asimov?  Robert S. Mueller III, who is currently Special Counsel of the United States, investigating President Trump on (phony) allegations of "Russia Collusion."

Why would Robert Mueller give such a sweetheart plea deal to one of the biggest child porn producers in California?  One wonders if Mueller was a customer?  Or did Mueller KNOW many of the customers on Asimov's distribution lists to be high-powered bigshots over whom he could use this info as leverage to further his own career?  Is that how he went from US Attorney to FBI Director?

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Federal Judge (Obama appointed) Rules: Oregon High Schools must Mix Genders in Showers and Bathrooms in High School Transgender Ruling


A U.S. District Court Judge in Oregon has ruled that boys must be allowed to use the girls locker room, showers and bathrooms, and vice versa in public schools throughout the state.

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More Trouble in Hawaii; SECOND & Larger Volcano Begins Rumbling

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For months, the world has watched in awe as the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's big island, has erupted. We are fascinated by its huge volcanic fissures, some running for miles, spewing molten lava hundreds of feet into the air, demolishing any roads, vehicles, homes or businesses it encounters.

Now, however, there could be new - and far worse - in store for that same big island of Hawaii:  Mauna Loa, the largest volcano on the islands, has begun rumbling with numerous earthquakes, some above ground toward the mouth of the massive volcano!

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The Mass-Media FINALLY Admitted What They Think of YOU, Me, and other Trump Voters: "Toothless" "Garbage People"

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It has been widely known for a long time that folks on the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist Left, consider themselves to be smarter, better, more enlightened than everyone else.  Rarely, however, were they so willing to publicly admit their arrogant, condescending (and incorrect) assessment; until now.

Marc A. Caputo of Florida is a reporter with the trashy leftist blog, Politico.   Caputo took to Twitter to remark about CNN's disrespectful nuisance of a reporter, Jim Accosts, being heckled by attendees at a President Trump Rally.   The attendees chanted "CNN Sucks" while Acosta was broadcasting.

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Tony Podesta "Referred" To NYC Office of US Attorney for Investigation


Special Counsel Robert Mueller has referred cases on a group of prominent American lobbyists, including Democrat-connected superlobbyist Tony Podesta, to federal prosecutors in New York as part of an inquiry into whether the operatives worked as unregistered foreign agents.

Mueller also referred former Obama White House General Counsel Greg Craig and former Minnesota Republican Rep. Vin Weber to the New York office as part of the inquiry.

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