Brand New F-35B Fighter Jet Crashes/Explodes in South Carolina


An F-35B Fighter jet has crashed and exploded in South Carolina, about 5 miles outside the US Marine Corps Air Station in Neaufort, SC.

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This Poor, Victimized, Woman ---- Heads the "Undergraduate Intern Recruitment Program" for the CIA at Stanford U.


Poor little Christine Blasey-Ford.  This poor woman has apparently lived a tortured life since a terrible boy kissed her at a pool party 36 years ago.  Oh, the delicate little flower . . . so traumatized, she just HAD to testify about this terrible boy, to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary.  

Aside from all the factual problems with Ms. Ford's claims (i.e. there are NO facts) - it turns out that Ms. Ford is the head of Stanford University's Undergraduate Intern Recruitment Program, for the Central Intelligence Agency.

This whole debacle with the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has been yet ANOTHER "Deep State" manipulative snow-job.

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Audio Archive - Hal Turner Show 9-26-18


Tonight covered two MAJOR topics of great importance to the country and to the world: Events in Syria, the Russia-imposed "No Fly Zone" and Israeli comments they can "defeat" the Russian Air Force and "send commandos" to "Destroy the Russian Base in Syria." 

The refusal of President Putin of Russia to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or accept a "high level delegation" from Israel to discuss the downing of a Russian military plane last week. 

The movement of Tactical Nuclear Warheads into the Russian base in Syria and a meeting between Netanyahu and Presdisent Trump at the UN today after which the US stated its "100% support for Israel."    We are being set up to have Israel start a war with Russia, which will drag the United States in.  It can happen at the speed of light - and the US mass-media is concealing ALL OF THIS from the American people!

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I also talked about the ongoing FREAK SHOW surrounding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.  

The Left-wing is pulling out all the stops, bearing false witness against Kavanaugh to utterly destroy his reputation and career.  

The left wind is demonstrably stupid, but what they lack in intellect, they make up for with cunning and treachery.

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Delta Airline has issued a "Ground Stop" to all U.S. domestic flights du to what they say is a "technology issue."

Hundreds of Delta Airlines aircraft are now being held at airports all over the United States, with thousands of passengers stopped on board.

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PUNKED ! ! !


Attorney Michael Avenatti, of "Stormy" Daniels infamy, appears to have gotten completely PUNKED by his own zeal to do whatever possible to harm President Trump.

For oh-so-long, I have told my readers and radio show listeners that Liberals/Leftists/Progressives are, at their core, STUPID.  And to be explicitly clear, I mean exactly that: Stupid.   Not merely mis-informed, not merely ignorant . . . actually stupid.   

To get around that stupidity, Liberals have become cunning.  Their willingness to deceive, and actually lie to people's faces, is unparalleled.

I have waxed eloquent about how, just because a person may be rich from being very good at a particular thing, the fact they have big bucks does NOT make them smart when it comes to matters political, social, or cultural.  This ugly reality never seems to dawn on Liberals/Leftists/Progressives.  And so they go, along their merry way, often oblivious to reality, but willing to apply their stupidity wherever possible and as viciously as they can.

Now, let me PROVE it to you . . .  Attorney Michael Avanetti . . . .

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MAJOR Development: Syria



5:20 PM EDT  (see bottom) -- Seven (7) Russian Air Force Cargo Planes arrived at Khmeimim Air Base This Morning - I have a picture -- and what they brought is escalation of the absolute worst kind.  Things just crossed the threshold into Cataclysmic . . .


Via Covert Intelligence --

Things are taking place inside Syria as you read this, which the entire rest of the world is not going to like. 

Russian Air Force cargo planes are arriving almost non-stop into Latakia air base and covert Intelligence reports what they are delivering.

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