Great Christmas Gift - SHORTWAVE RADIO - To Tune-in The Hal Turner Radio Show and more!

Those of you wondering what to buy a certain special someone for Christmas, may find that a SHORTWAVE RADIO receiver is a thoughtful and unique gift idea.  It receives The Hal Turner Radio Show, the BBC in London, news from France, Germany, and elsewhere around the world. 

Set yourself or your loved ones free from being part of the "captive audience" for American Mass-Media -- let them hear the world!

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Audio Archive - Hal Turner Radio Show WBCQ November 15, 2017

Another blockbuster show!  At the ten o'clock hour, I discussed the ongoing "protests" by players from the National Football League (NFL) during the National Anthem, and how these "spoiled rich brats" are sticking their finger in the eye of average Americans while we're in our own homes! 

I explained that we tune-in to watch exceptional athletes perform exceptional talents in a game; NOT to hear what these athletes think about matters political/social/cultural.  

These athletes insulting us in our own living rooms by disrespecting our flag, our troops, our Veterans and all of us who love this country, has become intolerable. 

I made it known that unless these protests STOP, I will begin publishing the Names, Home Addresses and Home Telephone numbers of each protesting Player . . . . and of team coaches and League officials, on this radio show web site!

This would permit fans who are no longer going to NFL games, to travel to these Players homes . . . . to protest!

After all, if these NFL Players insult us in OUR own homes, why shouldn't WE show up to insult THEM in THEIR own homes?

I wondered aloud how these players might feel having 500 or more people showing up to their homes, perhaps at all hours of the night, to protest? 

I also wondered aloud how the players' NEIGHBORS, with multi-million dollar homes in quiet neighborhoods, will react to hundreds of protesters showing up?

Late in the show, I revealed confidential information from my former colleagues in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and other "three letter agencies" about North Korea having deployed its first ballistic-missile-capable submarine, with at least TWO "NK-11" nuclear-tipped missiles.  That submarine will be within launching range of the United States within three days, and can hit cities on the US east coast.

These stories and a lot more, in this week's audio archive of "The Hal Turner Radio Show" on WBCQ.

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New BLACK DEATH plague strain can kill ‘in just 3 HOURS’ as lethal disease goes ‘airborne’

DOCTORS are struggling to keep a new lethal outbreak of the "Black Death" – also known as pneumonic plague – under control as numbers of recorded cases soar.

The disease has already killed more than 165 people in Madagascar alone, with thousands more confirmed cases across the east African country.

Malawi became the 10th neighbouring nation to be placed on high alert following the deadly outbreak of the disease which wiped out a third of the medieval population.

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Members of the Saudi Royal family helped Orchestrate the attacks of 9/11 upon the United States, and they have now been ARRESTED.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman recent ‘anti-corruption’ crackdown on the powerful elite has included dozens of powerful 9/11 conspirators, including Osama bin Laden’s brother and royal family members.

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