President Donald Trump has CANCELED his scheduled meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

The president said "There was 'tremendous anger and open hostility' in yesterday's statement from North Korea."

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Today is May 24 - 7 Days to Raise Funds for June

It's that time of the month again, where I must turn to YOU, my loyal readers and radio show listeners, to ask for your support to keep this venture alive.

As you know, the Hal Turner Radio Show does NOT have commercial sponsors.  That's by design.  

When a radio station is beholden to commercial advertisers, those advertisers hold sway over things the radio station does: The songs it plays, the opinions it allows to be broadcast over the air . . . even the news it covers.  You see Advertisers don't like controversy and my show . . . . it's the very definition of "controversial."

If a station airs something controversial, customers start calling advertisers complaining.  The advertisers then call the station and put a stop to it under threat of cutting off advertising money.

If I relied on commercial advertisers, I would have to censor certain news and viewpoints.  I wont do that.

That means I have to turn to YOU for a few dollars in support each month, to keep things going.

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Hal Turner


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Subscribers Only: Audio Archive - Hal Turner Show - May 23

Major breaking news was revealed during this show:

  • As the show opened, BREAKING NEWS about US and Coalition Aircraft ATTACKING THE SYRIAN ARMY near the T2 Oil Pumping Station!
  • Congress is debating another Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) -- for war against Iran
  • Iran is trying to blackmail Europe into ignoring US Sanctions; and says America will be defeated if war comes.
  • A full-fledged CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY took place between the CIA, DOJ, FBI and others to spy upon the Trump Presidential Campaign, without Probable Cause, without Court Order and without any Search Warrant.  When those spying efforts failed, top echelon people in the CIA, DOJ and FBI set about to manufacture phony evidence to use against Donald Trump.  FBI gave info to an asset, who passed that info to a British Intel asset, who inserted that phony info in his phony "Dossier" which was given to Senator John McCain, who sent it to the FBI . . . . the very agency that manufactured the phony evidence to begin with!
  • The FBI then took that phony evidence and LIED to federal Judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, in order to get warrants to continue spying on Trump.   One FBI Agent, Joe Pientka, is ready to testify to Congress "It was all Comey."   
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder is publicly telling his former employees to DEFY President Trump and withhold documents from Congress!  Why? I revealed tonight that Holder is worried HIS OWN CONDUCT during the Romney/Ryan Campaign in 2012 might have also included Holder authorizing SPYING on Romney/Ryan!

These topics and a LOT more, plus a slew of listener calls made this a Blockbuster show!

I have to restrict access to this for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.    Most folks are aware that cloud-based web sites like this one, which feed from a main server to 19 separate data centers around the world, get BILLED each time a reader gets a page from the site or listens to an archive of a show; it's called "bandwidth" or "data transfer."  You read/Listen, I get billed.  So if you enjoy this type of reporting, cutting-edge information that the mass-media simply does not cover, PLEASE take just a moment to subscribe for a few bucks.  Your subscription not only helps pay for what you read or listen to, it helps sustain this endeavor for the future.  To subscribe and help with $1 a week billed Quarterly ($13) click HERE.   If that's too big a bite for your budget, you can help with a $5 a month Subscription.  Cancel at anytime to cease future billing after today.  This web site exists thanks to the generosity and dedication of readers like YOU.  In return, you get information the mass-media simply doesn't report and other news usually before the general public gets it.  Thanks!    Subscribers will get to the archive link immediately below this notice, once they LOGIN.

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Late last night, Tuesday, May 22, the US House of Representatives began discussing an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Iran!   

While the rest of the country was distracted by porn star Stormy Daniels and the antics of her Lawyer, Congress began very quietly moving toward WAR. 

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