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UPDATED 12:15 PM EDT SEE BOTTOM - - As some of you may know, for 15 years (1993-2008) I worked as a national security intelligence asset for the FBI. The final five years, from 2003-2008, with their Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  In that role, I forged many close relationships with high level people throughout the US Intelligence Community.  All that ended in 2008, and six months or so later, the Obama regime betrayed me by Indicting me for an Editorial I wrote on this web site, in which I said three judges in Chicago were Traitors to the Constitution who "deserve to be killed."  I said that was an Opinion; the government said it was a "threat" -- putting me on trial THREE TIMES (two hung juries) - and ultimately imprisoning me for 33 months.  Thankfully, despite the raw deal I got, I have maintained close relationships with my former colleagues in the US Intelligence Community, who feed me detailed information of importance.

At 5:00 this morning, my "Silent Circle" encrypted phone began ringing off the hook. It was some of my former colleagues informing me that the United States stunned the UN Security Council during its closed session on Tuesday, by telling the world body "The United States may withdraw from the Korean War Armistice" in response to the firing of missiles by North Korea over the territory of Japan and into the Pacific Ocean.

Ambassador Nikki Haley was widely quoted by mass media as saying "Something serious has to happen" as a result of the latest missile barrage.  But only now are the alleged details of that "something serious" being leaked.

Sources familiar with the discussions at the UN say the US told the UN it is considering withdrawal from the Armistice and may further state "Any future missile launches or nuclear test detonation by North Korea will result in resumption of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula."

This would be a "red line" that North Korea could not pass without assurance of military action against it.

South Korea is against such an announcement because it brings such absolute clarity to the murky situation with North Korea. No one wants a war. But the testing being done by North Korea has specific purposes for FUTURE WAR by THEM!  

Remember, it was North Korea which invaded South Korea without warning in the 1950's.

In three weeks, they pushed the South Koreans all the way south to Busan before US forces arrived and pushed the North Koreans all the way back to the Yalu River, at the China border.

It was only then that China sent "volunteers" to aid North Korea, resulting in three more years of bloody slug-fest until both sides agreed to a Cease Fire (Armistice) setting the border back at its original location of the 38th Parallel.

On March 11, 2013, the North Korean army declared invalid the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953, the official newspaper of the country's ruling Workers' Party said.

North Korea had been threatening to scrap the armistice after the U.N. Security Council passed tougher sanctions against it in response to its February 12 nuclear test.

On March 11, 2013, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper reported that the Supreme Command of North Korea's army had done so, saying "the U.S. has reduced the armistice agreement to a dead paper," the newspaper said.

North Korea also cut off direct phone links with South Korea at the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjom, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. The phone line was the emergency link for quick, two-way communication between the two sides.

Since the two sides remain technically at war, it remains to be seen whether the invalidation means that either side can resume hostilities.

From that time, North Korea has undertaken a "military first" national policy for the expressed purpose of reuniting the Korean peninsula.  Their pursuit of nuclear weapons is specifically designed to prevent the US from returning to the Peninsula to assist if the North attacks the South Again.

Put simply, North Korea has been planning to takeover the South and wants to make sure the US can't help them this time.

But in creating nuclear weapons - in direct and repeated violations of UN Security Council Resolutions -- North Korea set itself on a course to be able to intentionally threaten U.S. cities with nuclear destruction.  And that course simply will not be tolerated by the US.

For decades, various US Administrations "kicked the can down the road" over the North Korea situation, opting to try negotiations, foreign aid, food aid and dialogue.  In those decades, the US has been repeatedly lied-to, and made fools of, by the North Koreans.

All that ended with the election of Donald Trump as US President.

Realizing the jig is up, both China and Russia agreed to vote in favor of additional harsh economic sanctions via the UN Security Council last month.  Yet despite the very serious new sanctions, North Korea proceeded to fire missiles over Japan.

This prompted the Russian Foreign Ministry to say "Sanctions have been exhausted."

Well, if Sanctions have been exhausted, then there are only two choices remaining:

  1. Accept North Korea as a nuclear power, OR;
  2. Go to war to stop North Korea

Few can even imagine the US accepting North Korea as a nuclear power, which is likely why Russia has begun evacuating citizens from Vladivostok, in preparation for a likely severe military conflict in the near future. 


UPDATE 10:32 AM EDT --

President Trump tweeted this morning as follows:


UPDATE 12:15 PM EDT -- 

When asked if this information was correct, the White House responded only with "All options are on the table regarding North Korea."

I strongly recommend you prepare yourselves for war.  If war begins, SLEEPER CELLS will attack US infrastructure like Highway and railroad bridges, making the transportation of food and fuel very difficult - perhaps for months.  They are also expected to sabotage our electrical grid and public water supplies.  Lastly, it is well known that North Korea has Biological weapons of Smallpox and Anthrax.  They would use such weapons once they begin losing any new conflict, so as to "take as many down with them as they can."  You really ought to prepare - right now- just in case.

Release of any Biological Weapons would cause a QUARANTINE for at least a month to assure no new cases.  In that time, you will have to feed yourself and your family because there won't be any way to get food; no calling-out for deliveries!  

If they sabotage our electrical grid, you will need a way to generate electricity to keep your refrigerated food from going bad, and to have some lights.  You'll also need fuel for that generator - and for your car if gas stations cannot be refilled due to infrastructure sabotage.

If they sabotage our public water supplies you will need Emergency Water to tie you over for awhile.

Here are some products that you and your family may find helpful to begin acquiring so as to be prepared: 




FILTER MASKS (Keep out Biological Weapons)




EMERGENCY ELECTRICITY (Keep refrigerator Cold + Some Lights)


Gasoline Storage/Transport








This will be a big topic of discussion on tonight's "Hal Turner Radio Show" beginning at 9:00 PM eastern US Time (GMT -0400).  To tune-in here on the net, click the LISTEN LIVE button in the gray colored menu bar above and choose your player to get the feed.  Of course, you can also hear the show worldwide via WBCQ on 7490-AM shortwave.  This is a very serious development for our country and for the world.  War is looking very likely - much more than at anytime in the past regarding North Korea.  We will talk tonight about North Korean SLEEPER CELLS already in the US who will undertake sabotage of our bridges railroads, electric grid, and public water supplies.  We will also talk about the BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS they allegedly have stashed here: Smallpox and Anthrax.   You don't want to miss this show.


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