Today's vote by the United Nations Security Council to impose even harsher economic sanctions upon North Korea over its recent Hydrogen Bomb Test, is the final US Diplomatic effort to bring North Korea to the bargaining table say insiders familiar with US plans.  

If North Korea fails to begin bargaining to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and continues to launch Missiles and/or detonate nukes in violation of UN Sanctions, the United States will withdraw from the Korean Armistice and attack.

It is widely believed that North Korea already plans additional missile launches, perhaps at the US Territory of Guam.  They have even hinted at an attack upon the US mainland using the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a high-altitude nuclear detonation.   

If a hydrogen bomb was sent into orbit just 300 miles above the US, and detonated over the center of the country, the high-energy waves from such a detonation would interact with earth's magnetic field, causing electric wires everywhere in the US to have additional current "induced."  It would bring the voltage in wires up to as high as 5,000 volts, instantly burning out most electrical appliances, computers, and most everything else with any electronic circuit. There would NOT be any blast wave or radiation fallout from such a detonation, but there would't have to be; such an act would send the entire United States into the electric equivalent of the Stone Age. Almost nothing electrical would function anymore.  The electric grid would be down for YEARS.

Government studies indicate that upwards of ninety percent (90%) of the US population would die in the first year from Civil unrest and/or starvation.

Just yesterday did North Korea publicly say that if the US worked with the UN to impose more sanctions. . .

"The DPRK is ready and willing to use any form of ultimate means. The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the US the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history"


An EMP would achieve exactly that.

Asked why the US would not attempt any additional Diplomatic efforts if there are further North Korean provocations, I was told by a very senior DoD member

"The UN Security Council is ineffective.  China breaches UN sanctions regularly, thereby sustaining the North Koreans, whom they use like a Pitbull against the US and others.  It's long past time to stop talking and start smashing North Korea to pieces.  Force is the only thing they understand.


This decision has already been made "from the highest authority" and this is the course of action we are planning for. 


If China interferes or gets involved, the US ends all trade with them immediately, and thereby smashes their entire economy.


Either way, there will be no additional US Diplomatic Efforts over North Korea.  From now, we fight it out. "


As many of you may be aware, for fifteen years (1993 - 2008) I worked with the FBI.  In my final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  I was a national security intelligence asset with full operational authority granted by the FBI Office of Intelligence in Washington DC.  In 2005, I was also granted "extra-territorial operating authority" which then took me into operations outside the United States.

In that extra-territorial role, my work was coordinated with and through other US intelligence agencies whose three letter designations you've probably heard of.

In those years, I forged many relationships with folks in the Intelligence community and in the military, around the world.  Despite my being betrayed and imprisoned for 33 months by the Obama regime, I maintain contact with very many of those Intel people.  They get me the inside information on issues of major importance, and it is from these sources that I make this report to you.

It is almost guaranteed that North Korea will make additional missile launches, perhaps within days. Watch for it.

If any of those missiles head toward Guam, Japan, or South Korea, the US plan is to shoot them down.

Once that takes place, expect developments at lightning speed.



Sept. 11:  UN Security Council unanimously votes ADDITIONAL sanctions on North Korea