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North Korea is confirmed to be moving missiles and preparing multiple hard launch sites over the past 48 hours.  Officials are "very  concerned" that the target may be GUAM and the missiles are nukes.

Just days ago, North Korea said that if additional sanctions were enacted by the UN, 

"The DPRK is ready and willing to use any form of ultimate means. The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the US the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history"


Despite that threat, the UN Security Council  did, in fact, adopt harsher Sanctions upon North Korea.

This web site has also reported that the efforts at the UN for such Sanction were the final Diplomatic Effort by the United States and that any future firing of North Korea missiles would be met with a shoot down and a US attack upon launch sites. (HERE)

Further, President Trump stated that the Sanctions "were nothing compared to what comes next."

It appears we will all have our answer about how the North Korea problem will be solved, VERY soon.


 UPDATE 7:38 PM EDT --

North Korea has resumed work at its underground nuclear testing site, defense analysts said, as the country vowed to keep expanding its nuclear arsenal despite the latest United Nations sanctions.

The defense analysts also said that the North’s Sept. 3 nuclear test, which Pyongyang said was of a hydrogen bomb, may have been much more powerful than previously estimated.

In its first official reaction to the sanctions resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the sanctions would only strengthen the country’s resolve to pursue its nuclear weapons program “at a faster pace without the slightest diversion.”

The sanctions resolution, adopted in response to the nuclear test this month, was the ninth passed by the Security Council since North Korea’s first such test in 2006. If enforced, it would deprive North Korea of 30 percent of its annual fuel imports. It also bans imports of textiles from North Korea, stripping the country of another key source of hard currency.


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