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I have gotten a LOT of requests for a segment of my radio show last night, wherein I discussed the pending activities of ANTIFA scheduled for this Saturday, November 4.  My inside information from former FBI colleagues on the Joint Terrorism Task Force, indicates ANTIFA plans ARMED INSURRECTION.  

On July 7 & 8 at the G-20 Protests in Hamburg, Germany, three leaders of ANTIFA from Oakland, CA traveled to the event to take part in the massive protests there.  During that trip, they set-up and engaged in a meeting with known Al QAIDA and ISIS operatives, to secure bomb-making instructions and information on how to deploy CHEMICAL GAS WEAPONS here in America.

ANTIFA's publicly-stated goals are to launch such massive action across the US on November 4, that the country literally becomes "ungovernable" and they will use this chaos to FORCE OUT President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Here is the 41 minute segment from my November 1 radio show wherein I discuss ANTIFA, the information provided to me by my former colleagues in the FBI and why YOU should be mentally prepared to SHOOT.  To SHOOT FIRST.  And to SHOOT TO KILL if you find yourself or your property under attack.


For the future, you can tune-in the The Hal Turner Radio Show every Wednesday night, from 9:00-11:00 Eastern US Time (GMT-0400) either here on the Internet by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button in the gray menu bar right above the news, or via shortwave station WBCQ on 7490-AM.  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK WITH THE BUTTONS BELOW!



INTEL: November 4, RIOTS, ROAD and HIGHWAY BLOCKADES, CIVIL UNREST / VIOLENT ATTACKS Being Planned under the guise of ANTIFA "Protests" in the following cities --- PREPARE



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