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Unconfirmed reports are coming into me from my contacts in federal law enforcement claiming that Tony Podesta has surrendered to federal authorities and is presently in the custody of US Marshals.  Tony Podesta runs the Podesta Group, a major lobbying/PR firm in Washington, DC, and is the brother of former Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta.

The claims further say - also as yet unconfirmed - that Podesta's surrender was conditioned upon a MEDIA BLACKOUT by the government and that Podesta's attorney(s) are allegedly working to try to keep the Indictment against him SEALED.

These are, as yet, UNCONFIRMED reports, but the sources have proved to be completely accurate and reliable numerous times in the past.



MORE . . . my sources tell me:


Podesta is in US Marshal Custody as of 11/04/17 (Sat) at 08:53

Terms of surrender was media blackout.

Podesta’s lawyers are pleading Mueller for indictment to remain sealed.

No leaks by MSM because of loyalty to Podesta/Clinton I presume . . . . because Mueller team can’t keep their mouths shut with anyone relating to Trump.



Can you find Tony Podesta? Look hard. There are records!!!

Focus your digging in the upper northeast region of the US.

 “Tony Podesta is in custody. Still awaiting John to turn himself in. Has not hit the news yet, but it is coming soon. Protecting Mr. Trump is more important.

They (Tony and John) both were stopped via their passports from leaving the country, Tony soon after turned himself in. No sign of John but heard he will do it tonight.

You will find out in the next few hours if John fails to turn himself in, he will be on the news and radio to prevent fleeing.

I don’t have details on charges. I stated everything I know.

Also, the other folks asking questions, there is a reason Podesta brother’s got pushed til when it did. There is one more person going down also besides those two who is connected to them.”






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