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We've all seen them: long trails that flow behind aircraft, but unlike CONDENSATION trails, these linger and slowly dissipate over HOURS.  We're talking about "Chem-trails." Evidence suggest these are chemicals the government uses in their effort to control/modify weather, and perhaps even human behavior.  Of course, there's also heavy pollution in some areas, like cities and near manufacturing centers.

Now, there's help:  U-Mask - the first anti-pollution mask!    "U-Mask"

"Chem-trails" -- we've all heard of them and most of us have SEEN them ourselves.  Here's what they look like -- and what they do for HOURS to our air:


What are they?  What IS this stuff?  The government won't say!   . . . . . and every day, we breathe-in this . . . . whatever it is.

Some folks are in denial about this reality.  THEY still think these are Condensation Trails.  Nope.  Here's the difference:

I don't know about YOU, but if I'm working -- working-out -- outdoors, putting my body under load, trying to earn a living or just stay healthy, the last thing I need is for my lungs to be attacked by all this junk.

No more!


U-mask - The first Biotech anti pollution mask in the world.


Water-resistant Model too, for when it's raining or snowing outside!

Anti Pollution Mask - U-Mask the best biotech respirator


Anti Pollution Mask - U-Mask the best biotech respirator













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