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Shortly after my weekly talk-radio show began airing last night at 9:00 PM eastern US time, I began to address covert intelligence gathered by my former colleagues in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Almost immediately upon commencing that talk, my web site came under Distributed Denial of Service Attack, which took FIVE load-balanced servers offline.

My tech guys began looking-into it about 9:45 PM last night and the attack was not mitigated until 8:06 AM this morning.  Below is a link to the audio archive of my radio show, which aired in its entirety despite the web site being taken offline.  It is FREE for all to hear, and there's plenty to listen to: 

Intercepted radical Islamic "chatter" is calling for armed attacks upon CHURCHES beginning Christmas Eve and continuing into Christmas day, in retaliation for President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Further, some of the "chatter" has come from people believed to be GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES such as Pakistan and Turkey - directly communicating attack instructions including against SHOPPING MALLS on the day after Christmas, when people are exchanging gifts!!!!!

Worse: The "chatter" specifically includes talk of targeting "small to medium size towns" for such attacks because the thinking in the radical Islamic element is that smaller local police departments will become immediately overwhelmed and unable to stop what's being done!

Intercepted communications included talk of mass shootings, suicide bombings and fire bombings of churches on Christmas Eve during Midnight Mass, continuing in other churches on Christmas day, and in shopping malls the day after Christmas.

So incensed are these people that they are mobilizing all the crazed adherents they can for an apparent all-out assault against us here in the United States.

Thinking inside our government is to keep this information compartmentalized and secret because revealing it may cause the public to panic.  I disagree.

I say we in the public have a right to know if we're in danger so we can make mature, informed choices about how we go about our affairs. 

I also personally believe the reason my site was attacked when my show began to reveal this information was BECAUSE government wants it kept quiet.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but the attack was timed a little to conveniently given the subject matter.  

This information is for you to make wise, mature, responsible choices, and NOT to go off, half-cocked, and do anything rash or unlawful to anyone or anything. Also, there is no need whatsoever to panic.  We have the means to defend ourselves and our way of life, and we are allowed to do so if we are attacked.   Remember, we're the Good Guys. (Continued below ad)


Here is the audio archive of my talk radio show from last night (Wednesday, December 13, 2017) as it aired on WBCQ 7490-AM worldwide shortwave.

The show aired in its entirety and was not stopped by the attack against this web site.

Click HERE for audio archive









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