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CHINESE tanks, soldiers and military trucks have reportedly been spotted massing on the border with North Korea amid fears of war with the US.

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces are said to have been moving by night towards China’s river border with the North.

And Chinese commanders are reported to have recently conducted the so-called “war ceremony” – urging their troops to be ready to fight.

Columns of PLA trucks have been pictured on the move near Yanji City which is close to the triple border between China, Russia and North Korea.

Wars fears have spilled over into the New Year as Kim Jong-un warned the “nuclear button” is on his desk .

China is North Korea’s only traditional ally and has been coming under pressure to tackle Kim Jong-un from the US.


Sources cited in Chinese media claimed the PLA are “preparing for war on the Korean Peninsula” .

China would be expected to use its military forces to help quell a flood of refugees should the US attack North Korea.

Beijing would also be expected move into the rogue state to seize assets, and potentially have China join war on the side of North Korea.

North Korean and Chinese border patrols alleged spied soldiers of the PLA carrying out a “war ceremony” last month.

Pictures showed large gatherings to Chinese troops standing to attach as they reportedly spoke oaths only said before times of war.

Then, a source told Chinese media: "The army was very nervous because of the provocations of North Korea, including recent missile launches.”

China has under-fire from US President Donald Trump over the past few days over allegations of illegal oil trades with North Korea.

Trump blasted them for being caught “red handed” after images emerged of Chinese tankers trading with Kim’s cargo ships.

The US President warned there would be “no friendly solution” until China stops backing North Korea.


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