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The World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland each year, is about to be told "What's what" and that "the party they've had for twenty-eight years at America's expense, is over."

In a statement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said the president was looking forward to attending the gathering of world leaders and business executives.

“The president welcomes opportunities to advance his America First agenda with world leaders,” Ms. Sanders said. “At this year’s World Economic Forum, the president looks forward to promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, American industries and American workers.”

Mr. Trump’s planned appearance at an event that is synonymous with wealth and elite prestige comes as he enters the second year of a term he won on a message of economic populism.

Presidents have rarely attended the forum in Davos, in part out of a concern that it would send the wrong message to be rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s richest individuals. But Trump isn't coming to rub elbows with the world's richest people, he is coming to lay down the law.  Among the things Trump is expected to say at the event: (Subject to revision and change)

1) I'm as rich or richer than many of you.  Unlike my predecessors, I do not owe any of you anything, and I cannot be bought.  I have no skeletons in my closet that any of you can hold over my head, so I cannot be blackmailed.  Most of you knew this when I announced my campaign for President, which is why so many people in this room vehemently opposed me before the election, and several of you continue to engage in destructive activities now that I have taken office. To those folks who continue to sew unrest I say You've had a year of fun, but it's gone too far. Stop now  -- while I am still willing to LET you stop on your own." Foreigners laundering money into political entities inside the United States is illegal.  You would not do well inside an American federal prison.

2) Since the Administration of George H.W. Bush, you have sucked virtually all the economic life out of the United States, with your deceitful "Free Trade." You began negotiating NAFTA with President George HW Bush (We in the US refer to him as Bush I) and he signed it in 1992.  By the time it was approved by Congress, we had a new President, Bill Clinton, who signed it into law in 1994. You told then-President Bill Clinton that changing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) into a new "World Trade Organization" (WTO) would level the playing field to allow American companies to successfully compete on world markets.  You convinced Bill Clinton that this would allow American companies to better compete worldwide.  You told him that it would mean more American jobs and higher profits.  He signed the WTO into law in 1995. 

Later you convinced George W. Bush (We in the US refer to him as Bush II) to add 13 more countries to the Free-trade agreements.  After him, Barack Obama, that getting rid of Tariffs would make American-made goods more competitive, increasing jobs and helping economic growth in America.

Under Bush II, the United States’ trade deficit—the gap between what the United States exports and imports—reached historic levels.

Large sustained trade deficits meant the United States was consuming much more than it was producing. Just like a household that spends more than it earns, this national gap had to be financed by borrowing.

Chronic trade deficits led to a rising foreign debt, the displacement of millions of jobs from the manufacturing sector, and downward pressure on the wages of non-college educated workers.

• Under Bush II the U.S. trade deficit nearly doubled from $379 billion (2000) to $700 billion (2007).

• The trade deficit with China alone tripled from $83 billion in 2000 to $256 billion in 2007.

• As a share of the economy, the overall trade deficit rose from 3.9% of GDP in 2000 to a peak of 5.7% in 2006, before moderating slightly to 5.1% of GDP in 2007.

• During Bush II's first term, the United States lost 1.9 million jobs to trade deficits.

• In 2007, the bilateral trade deficit with China represented 1.85% of the entire economy. Growth in this deficit since 2001 has displaced 2.3 million net jobs. 

• Between 2000 and June 2008, the United States lost 3.4 million manufacturing jobs.


So while the things promised to past Presidents all sounded terrific,  all those promises were deliberate LIES. 

What you _actually_ did, was to export American JOBS to cheap-labor countries, make the same products that used to be made in America, then shipped them back to America - without tariff - to sell at the same price as before.  As  result, America lost our manufacturing base, you got richer and the American Middle Class was virtually wiped out.  

You tried to build on this with a massive Trade Agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This would have added to the burden of American firms, and actually would have prevented the COURTS in most countries, from adjudicating certain Civil Damage Claims, Product Liability,  and even Environmental Damage.  

As you all know, I put a stop to the TPP.  

As you all also know, I am renegotiating the NAFTA and unless negotiations go as they should, I will walk away from NAFTA - before the end of 2018. 

One thing that none of you know, that I am pleased to announce here, for the first time, I intend to renegotiate the GATT in its new form, the WTO. And I tell you now it looks as though we are _probably_ going to exit the WTO - because you have used it as a sledge-hammer against America and our companies.  and because your scams to enrich yourself and crush American businesses are now known.  Since I do not owe any of you anything, you have no sway over me to stop this.

3) In your never-ending quest to get richer, you began a totally fraudulent scam called "Global Warming."  You BRIBED scientists with promises of free grant money if they produced reports which upheld or promoted this scam.  You undermined legitimate Scientists who shouted from the rooftops that these claims of Global Warming were false.  But you saw the writing on the wall as scientific information began leaking out, proving the  so-called "temperature increases" were manually adjusted estimates . . . . not real data . . . . because the real data showed Global Warming to be totally false.

So you then switched gears and started promoting another lie, which you called "Climate Change."  You pushed this lie so far, that countries around the world came to Paris and created the  Paris Climate Agreement, which you expected to be codified into Treaty law.  

But folks were already wise to this manufactured climate nonsense and they looked at the factual data, which exposed "Climate Change" as yet another lie.

And who was it that would be most adversely affected by the Paris Agreement?  The United States of course.  Our companies, our citizens, our government were all to make dramatic changes to our way of life to meet the totally manufactured emissions standards. 

Who stood to benefit from this Paris Agreement?  Companies in Europe and in China.  Much of the Paris Agreement would not be applicable to Europe and China, so their companies would have a permanent advantage over American companies - again sucking the life blood out of America.

I put a stop to this charade.  I have withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement because the entire thing is based on deliberately fraudulent data designed to harm the economic might of the United States.

4) NATO countries have been required by Treaty to pay two percent (2%) of their GDP for Defense.  Many of them, most in fact, weren't paying nearly that amount.  Instead they relied upon the United States to foot the bill, provide the men and the equipment to assure their safety.  Many of the people in this room owe the safety of themselves and their countries to the US via NATO.

Some of these countries used money that should have been spent on defense, to assist BUSINESSES inside their countries, who were in direct competition with American firms.

I put a stop to that.  Almost all NATO Countries are now paying what the Treaty requires, and those that don't . . . . well, they may not be in NATO much longer.

5) I also want to spend a moment on the issue of Migration.  There are people in this very room, who have personally spent millions promoting the idea that bringing uneducated barbarians into advanced western countries is somehow good.  The results have been catastrophic.   

In my country, crime by non-citizen aliens is at high levels grossly disproportionate to the general population.  Here are some official statistics from the United States Sentencing Commission which monitors US federal prisons:

Of the people in federal prison right now, Illegal Aliens are responsible for:

22% of all MURDERS

18% of all FRAUD






So those of you in this room who have been lobbying for Amnesty and a path to citizenship for Illegal aliens both in America and elsewhere, are actually committing civilizational suicide!  Your money and public policy advocacy is bringing in savages and barbarians who are not assimilating, they are taking over entire section some some cities.  Not just in the United States, but in Europe too.

Well, Europe may have lost its instinct for self-preservation, allowing millions of fit foreign men of fighting age into their countries, but we in America have not.  

I will build a wall along the US southern Border to stem the tide of illegal aliens and I will deport those already in the country.  I have already banned immigration from several countries with terrible records.  There will be more.

I say to those in Europe WAKE UP - your societies are being killed by politically correct politicians, selling you out for campaign cash or other compensation.  

To those in this room who have been funding American politicians to support your agenda, I remind you: Laundering foreign money into US political entities is a federal crime.  There's a new sheriff in town.  And the law __ is __ going to be enforced.


Hal Turner Note:This is only PART of several early Drafts of possible Presidential speeches for the event in Davos.  It has been made clear to me that the content above may be included in Presidential remarks, in whole, in part, or not at all.  Everything is in flux until the President actually gives his remarks.  I report the proposed content above so folks around the world get a feel for the thinking taking place in our White House.  











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