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As I write, it is 6:56 PM EST on Saturday, January 27.  I have FOUR days to raise the funds needed for this web site and next month's radio shows on WBCQ.

If you visit this site a couple times a week - or several times a day - and value the reality that here, "facts" are actually facts,  "News" is actually news" and "Opinion" is always identified as "Commentary" so the lines never get blurred, then I am asking you to chip-in a few bucks to help keep this endeavor going.

This type of journalism/reporting is, sadly, a rarity these days.  Today, the mass-media intentionally cover things that help THEIR political, social, and cultural agendas, while intentionally omitting -or distorting- things which oppose their agendas.  Not here.   Here, the lines are clearly drawn.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a right-wing, conservative, Constitutionalist, who adheres to originalist intent.  I want  governments to do ONLY those things we specifically empowered them to do, as written in the Constitution(s) - with interpretations of those federal and state documents based solely upon the original intent at the time the words were written.

So often, government finds things which are not in the Constitution, and ignores things which are.  That's how a People can lose their Republican form of government.

Political correctness does not exist here.  I and my audience say what we mean, and mean what we say.  If that offends some - too bad.  Go elsewhere.  No one is forcing o anyone to come here and read anything or listen to my radio show. 

Socially and Culturally, I'm a Libertarian.  I want government to leave me - and my fellow citizens - be.

Political Correctness tries to silence views which do not conform to radical left-wing dogma.  I stick my finger in the eye of political correctness.

All this is only possible because people like YOU, contribute $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 once in awhile to help pay the bills and keep this web site and radio show alive.  

With only FOUR DAYS remaining until the February expenses hit, I am asking each and every person visiting this site, to PLEASE click the Yellow colored "DONATE" button at the top right of this page, and make a donation right now.

If online transactions are not for you, then please mail cash, check or money order to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   07047



Folks who would like to assist this endeavor on a long term basis are urged to SUBSCRIBE for about $1 a week (Payable either monthly or quarterly) or select a level of "Sponsorship" from $25 to $500 a month - as their budget permits.  To SUBSCRIBE, click here

This web site and radio show cannot exist without YOU.  


Hal Turner



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