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NAFTA and The Stock Market timing . . .  The Bankers and Multi-Nationals are using the US "Deep State" to Handcuff President Trump by intentionally manipulating the stock market.  And the connections allowing them to do so are staring all of us in the face!

There are trillions at stake. Unfortunately for the Multinationals (corporations and banks), they don't have a seat at the table. Trump, and the U.S. trade team
are independent.
The decision has ultimately been determined. The "if" was always about the economics of the issue; the U.S. is simply far better off without it. The "when" to announce is a political decision.
But for those multinational corporations and multinational banks, there must be a great deal of frustration. The 'globalists', per se' don't have influence upon this White House. Long-term, there are trillions at stake.
So, if you were one of these global financial institutions what could you do?
Well, it’s pretty much a certainty that a rapid pullout from NAFTA would have a noteworthy negative effect on the Stock Market, at least in the short term. Most good analysts agree around 7% drop immediately, with a +15% rebound after a year as the benefits show up.
Not a problem, with the DOW sitting at record highs over 24,000. But what if the DOW were pushed down – way down – in a violent fashion that instilled fear in the hearts of many retail investors?
Would President Trump be so bold as to make a withdrawal announcement NAFTA then?
Despite the pundits trying to explain why the market has shifted violently with nothing but good economic news coming in, have you really been convinced investors are now breathlessly chasing < 3% interest?
What if a market move such as this could be fairly easily pulled off (if you had tangible influence) using algorithmic traders (Market Makers) like VIRTU placing bids and making offers on huge volume, and executing orders on massive ETFs even after hours.
What if these Market Makers could promise a client anonymity as well? Well they do, and arguably they just did....
The question now is, WHO is it doing the bidding?
Melissa Hodgman was promoted to Associate Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division by President Obama late in 2016.
Mrs. Melissa Hodgman is married to an increasingly well known FBI official: Peter Strzok
Nah... all just coincidences, I'm sure. huffingtonpost.com/entry/aei-worl…
I mean, seriously. C'mon... it's not like the deep state is real or anything. 


Tin foil much?


Banks & Multinational Corporations

Next we'll be thinking that multinational corporations and banks conduct meetings with DC politicians to write legislation, and sculpt outcomes favorable to their financial interests. Good grief.... can you imagine?
I mean it's not like these "trillions at stake" would lead to spending billions on purchased political outcomes, right?
Good grief. Would the Wall Street Multinational financial class really be so duplicitous as to attempt market manipulation to handcuff a President simply because they don't have any campaign donor driven leverage on him?
I mean, next we'll start thinking the apparatus of the intelligence community could be weaponized by the same system benefactors just because they couldn't control President Trump. ROFLMAO... That would be insane. Crazy right?
Tin-foil-hat wearing conspiracy nuts. Get serious. It's all just coincidences. 

Shine on you crazy conspiracy theorists!   <VBG>









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