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With the United States massing guided missile ships in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and rumors swirling of a "massive" attack against Syria by the United States (allegedly over poison gas use), Russia has said it is considering imposing a "No Fly" Zone over Syria.  Such a decision would mean that any US, coalition, or Turkish aircraft would be subject to being shot down!

This comes as Britain masses more than 2300 troops and CHallenger Tanks at the U.S. Base at Al-Tanf, Syria.  There is now talk of "invasion!"

Since Saturday, word began spreading the US was massing guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, along with 13 NATO ships finishing exercises near Italy and Greece, and six NATO submarines.

Moreover, the US has three Amphibious Assault ships loaded with US Marines, off Syria's coast, leading folks in the region to conclude the US plans a massive attack and a small scale invasion of Syria "imminently."

Yesterday, this web site published a story about the 13 NATO ships and Subs, HERE.

Over the weekend, this web site covered the ship build-up and rumors of a large US Attack against Syria, HERE. (Story continues below Ad)

This is a very dangerous situation.

If the US attacks, and any Russia troops are endangered by that attack, Russia has already said it will shoot down incoming missiles, then attack the platforms which launched them, including US ships and Aircraft Carriers!

It is starting to look as though the US will be the "bad guy" who starts World War 3 by launching an attack upon Syria which Russia will have to defend against.

God help us all.








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