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Earlier reports that Syrian pro-government forces shelled Turkish military positions near the rebel-controlled town of Anadan in Aleppo province’s western countryside have been confirmed.

Following opposition claims, Syrian media itself (namely Syrian Digital Media and Alikhbaria Syria) reported that Syrian forces unleashed at least an entire salvo of Grad rocket fire onto a newly established Turkish Army observation base near Anadan.

It is worth keeping in mind that that a single BM-21 Grad launcher can fire 40 rocket projectiles in about twenty seconds.

Reports still do not clarify which kind of ‘Syrian forces’ attacked the Turkish military camp and it seems highly unlikely that rocket artillery units of the Syrian Army carried out the bombardment.

Rather it is most likely the case that the rocket attack was conducted by Iranian-backed forces – this bombardment of Turkish Army positions not being first time for such Syrian pro-government paramilitary factions.

The Turkish military presence in northwest Syria is part of de-escalation scheme brokered by Moscow and Ankara aimed at reducing violence across the region. On more than one occasion, Iranian-backed forces have expressed their discontent with the deal, lashing out with artillery attacks.

If, however, the attack was carried out by the Syrian Army, it sends a message to Turkey: Get out of Syria or face absolute force.









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