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As the world is finding out about a "chemical weapons attack" in Syria which injured about 1,000 and reportedly killed between 40 and 161, new evidence  has surfaced showing the Chlorine Gas came from Cylinders manufactured by Merck Corporation in Germany!

Yes, Germany; a NATO member country.

The images below show the Chlorine gas cylinders captured from a Terrorist hideout in east Ghouta Syria, proving the Syrian government (which cannot and does not trade with Germany) could not have perpetrated the attack as is being claimed by the USA and western allies.  The attack was, in fact, a "FALSE FLAG" perpetrated by someone else, designed to be BLAMED on the Syrian government.

Someone inside NATO arranged for these chlorine gas cylinders to be covertly shipped into Syria, and they ended up in the hands of US-Saudi-backed "Jaish Al Islam" & "Al-Nusra Front" in Damascus country side in order to poison innocent Syrians and falsely accuse the Syrian government.




Full details about the ongoing potential war over this chemical attack, is being updated LIVE at THIS LINK.  



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