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BULLETIN ISSUED 6:43 PM EDT -- EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES (EAM's) BEING TRANSMITTED TO US MILITARY  (SEE BOTTOM OF ARTICLE) -- Since word of a chemical attack became public just days ago, military assets from the United States, United Kingdom, France and other allies have been POURING into the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria.  Moreover, opposing military assets from Russia, Iran, Syria and their allies are also POURING into the same area today.

The US and its allies are considering various military strike options against Syria, whom they are already blaming for the Chemical Weapons attacks outside Damascus, which killed between 40 and 161 people just days ago.  

Russia has made it explicitly clear they will defend Syria from such attacks by shooting down any missiles launched,. attacking the launch site(s) / or naval ships that launch them, and shooting down any non-Syrian aircraft which launch strikes into Syria.  The pieces are all in-place for a direct military conflict between the United States and Russia -- and word has reached my ear the conflict may begin "within HOURS."

USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer is now in its position in the east Mediterranean Sea within 100 km from Tartus, Syria.  It is one of "several" missile-capable ships from the US and NATO, already in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.


It will probably launch 60 or more BGM-109 Tomahawks at Syria tonight. 


If that actually takes place, it is LIKELY that Russian aircraft from inside Syria will attack the USS Donald Cook and sink it. 

Russia has repeatedly said they will not allow more attacks upon their ally Syria; they will not only shoot down inbound missiles, they will attack the launch sites - including ships.

The US and several other NATO countries are believed to have cruise missile submarines in the eastern Mediterranean.  Those vessels can launch cruise missiles while submerged.

Today, for the first time, Russia has deployed it’s advanced anti-submarine aircraft the IL-38N  in Syria. 

This plane can find submerged submarines and coordinate attacks against them.  Thus, it is LIKELY that any submarines launching missiles will also be attacked and sunk.

We are literally hours away from what could be the outbreak of actual shooting war directly between the US/NATO and Russia.  

This story will be updated as information develops. Please check back.



Sources tell me the US Central Command has been ordered to set Defense readiness Condition (DEFCON) --  'DEFCON 3" throughout their Area of Operational Responsibility (AOR).

 UPDATE 3:21 PM EDT --

RUMORS are now seeping from inside Syria that President Bashar Assad has ordered his forces to directly attack American troops inside Syria if the United States attacks Syria again.   This is UNCONFIRMED, but rumors that have come out of these sources in the past have turned out to be true..



UN Security Council has been meeting in New York for several hours over the Syria situation and the UN Special envoy made clear he now "FEARS WORLD CONFLAGRATION."  As if those words weren't clear enough, he continued saying there is now "DANGER OF UNCONTROLLABLE ESCALATION BETWEEN ALL PARTIES."

People in a major, global Diplomatic position like him, do not use words like that lightly or flippantly.  Readers should understand that when Diplomats begin using phrases like the one quoted above, we are REALLY in trouble.

Massive BLAME SHIFT going on at Sarah Sander's White House press briefing where Russia is now being held accountable for any gas attack in Syria (including the last one) because they "did not do their job in 2013 in removing Assad's stockpile of chemical weapons". 

Anything that will stick is now being used as excuse for direct action on Russia in Syria.

Back at the UN Security COuncil meeting in New York now, the Russian Ambassador just said this:

"USA, UK and France, are stoking tensions with a confrontational policy against Russia and Syria and we are now at the point where Russia is unpardonably threatened

Things have now gone beyond what was even acceptable in the cold war"

The words and tone the Russian Ambassador is using . . .He's telling the West their patience has just run out. Claims disarmament in Syria isn't on the US agenda.

Russia is laying it all on the US. The terrorists, the deaths, the conflicts inside Syria, the chem attacks, the tortures, the jihadists...everything. The Ambassador os absolutely not backing down; he's giving a war speech. This guy is burning with anger.  He just said flatly about the US and NATO  " They have no plan to de-escalate anything. They WANT war."

It's getting worse.  The Russian Ambassador just publicly blamed GERMANY for supplying the chemical Chlorine used in the gas attack inside Syria last week! Citing THESE CYLINDER PHOTOS (from my web site ???????)

 US Ambassador Nikki Haley replied simply "'Either way the United States will respond."   (This tells me, we're going to attack.)


Haley is speaking to the history books, sounds like she is justifying what will come next.

She didn't ask for anything...

That is what struck me, she didn't ask Russia or Syria to do anything or call on the UN to do anything.

It all boiled down to "this is evil and a decision has been made." It was a speech of US action not a speech calling on diplomatic responses.
As the UN Security Council Meeting continued, Syria and Russia responded to the situation . . . but US Ambassador Nikki Haley WALKED OUT.
SHE LEFT THE MEETING!!!!!!  Didn't want to even listen anymore.
The French Ambassador then said "The time for talk is over."
The UN Security Council Meeting ended a short while later with NO resolution being offered by anyone and NO VOTE taken at all.
Diplomacy appears to be over.


I'd say "it's on."  I believe the decision has been made for the US and allies to openly and directly attack Syria.  

Whether Russia defends and counter-attacks remains to be seen, but it looks like we're going to war.

I hope you have the "Preps" I have been telling you for months to have.  List HERE --- looks like you have only a few hours to try to survive.

Get right with God.


*** BULLETIN ***


Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) to the United States Military worldwide are being transmitted via the United States Global High Frequency Communications System.

Messages were each repeated FIVE (5) times.

An Emergency Action Message is the highest level communication in the US Military.  It basically is the type of message that means, stop whatever you're doing and take care of this right now.


UPDATE 9:08 PM EDT -- Reports now coming out of Washington DC saying Washington is considering a collective military response to Syria's attack -- This LIKELY means no action tonight.



"Largest Air and Naval Armada Since Iraq War" Massing Near Syria - Russia Warns it will Counter-Attack hitting US Allies (Israel, Europe)





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