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This is going to be a LIVE UPDATE article for the goings-on in Syria and possible war breaking out there.  All times listed below are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)  in the United States which is GMT -0400. 


RuAF=Russian Air Force.   

SAA / SAAF=Syrian Arab Army / Air Force.

USAF=United States Air Force. 

USN=United States Navy

POTUS= President of the United States

6:55 PM --

Pres said the US was "getting clarity" on who was responsible for the attack in Syria. "We have some pretty good answers." As to how to respond, he said "we have a lot of options, militarily.” "We'll be letting you know pretty soon...probably after the fact."



7:00 pm --

POTUS all but confirms strikes on #Syria as meeting with military advisers continues...saying to reporters "It will be met and it will be met forcefully. When I will not say, because I don't like talking about timing."


7:12 PM --

RuAF TU-22M3 bombers are being loaded up with cruise missiles, for strikes against ships in the Med. Bombers would be loaded with Kh-55SM cruise missiles ready for a retaliation strike.


7:28 PM --

A well-informed source said Syrian regime forces are on alert amid fears of an imminent U.S. strike, resulted in an immediate deploying for its advanced air defenses around the capital and near the Republican Palace. 

Most advanced air defenses were deployed in Mezzeh military airport. The source said six defense systems were deployed.

Syrian Air Force backed by Iran and Russia has been working on developing its air defenSe since shooting down the Israeli F-16 in February.  

President Donald Trump on Monday threatened a military strike against the Assad regime, declaring that Russia or any other nation found to share responsibility for Saturday's apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma town will "pay a price," AP reported.

The White House sharply rejected any suggestion that Trump's own words about pulling U.S. troops out of Syria had opened the door for the attack, which killed more than 40 people, including children.

Trump, asked whether Russian President Vladimir Putin bore any responsibility, responded, "He may, yeah, he may. And if he does it's going to be very tough, very tough." He added, "Everybody's gonna pay a price. He will. Everybody will."


7:29 PM --



 7:37 PM --

RuAF combat patrols up in the air, makes further US plans much more complicated


7:43 pm --

Office of the Press Secretary

President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France to continue their coordination on responding to Syria's atrocious use of chemical weapons on April 7.


7:48 PM --

Two Russian Early Warning Planes A-50s are now airborne over Eastern and Western Syria, each one is guarded by two RuAF fighter jets.

GPS SPOOFING/JAMMING is taking place inside Syria with GPS throwing off locations by at least one full Degree. (See live flights HERE) This would tend to throw-off US Cruise Missiles which sometimes use GPS, but they use MILITARY GPS which operates on different frequencies.


7:56 PM --

 Syrian media is now reporting that Iranian and SAA troops have been placed in full readiness and have begun to more equipment and forces located at vital points like Airbases.  Also, very likely Anti-Air installations have been placed at full-alert.


8:20 PM --

Trump’s meeting with military leaders just ended, which means it lasted less than an hour. 

When new NSA John Bolton left the room and walked past a pair of reporters, who asked him how first day was going.

“What could go wrong?” Bolton said.


8:31 PM --

INTEL NOW SAYING EXPECT RUSSIAN STRIKE ON UKRAINE IF US STRIKES SYRIA. 77,000 Troops, 1,000 tanks, 2300 Armored Personnel carriers  and 400+ pieces of self-propelled artillery within 60km of Russia/Ukraine border as of tonight.

2hrs 45 mins till sunrise in Syria


8:41 pm --

Reports from sources that the Syrian Arab Army has begun to evacuate key locations and bases in and around Deir Ez Zor city in Eastern Syria


 9:08 PM --

 Washington is considering a collective military response to Syria's attack . . . This likely means no action tonight.   


 9:44 PM --

The next 24 hours will be pivotal. Outside of long range bombers, the pro-US coalition has more than enough assets in place to deploy numerous strategic strikes into dozens of important sites within Syria.



10:00 PM --

Since the sun is rising in Syria, LIVE UPDATES to this article are TERMINATED.  The US rarely attacks in daylight, and with new word coming out about Washington wanting to use a "collective military response" it appears we have at least 20-24 more hours before military action may begin.






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