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Israel carried out 4 air-strikes on one of the largest munition storage facilities in Aleppo Syria.  The facility was held by Iranian and Afghani militias, reporters said.
No official response from Israel.


More than 30 ambulances now in Jabal Azzan for rescue operation aftermath the explosion at Iranian base in southern Aleppo Syria. 

 "Syrian media: Explosions at largest Iranian base in Syria" "Iranian military base in Syria was targeted by unidentified aircraft Saturday night, Syrian media is reporting."

The explosions now seem fully confirmed just people arguing about cause but many locals report air activity.  Hezbollah claiming it was accidental detonation of munitions.

Hez often downplay if they are hit. 

Definitely aircraft in the air from Israel but can’t confirm yet if they were involved.

Just to confirm no official or confirmed causes yet but some locals saying a dozen or so aircraft.

Some reports suggesting Turkey now. 

Total fog of war nobody knows but the place is on fire.


Explosions now reported at Iranian bases in Deir Ez Zor. 

Israel declares no-fly zone over Golan,east of Jordan River - DEBKAfile.

 According to Turk media FOUR locations have been attacked in Syria today and the attacks are ongoing. 

I cannot confirm yet so treat with caution but genuine media from Turkey.


Massive explosions heard near an Iranian weapon store in Azan mount southern Aleppo - Reports

Reports of six Iranian locations hit now can’t confirm.



NOTAM & navigation warnings in force around Cyprus for Sun 15th April

Warplanes carried out internationally prohibited Cluster_Bombs airstrikes targeting an makeshift IDP Camp with displaced families from Eastern Ghouta in the outskirts of #Arnab village now, unknown casualties.

Reports of a massive explosion in #Quneitra near the Israeli border

According to CNN Turk there is a partial power outage in Damascus due to attacks in Deir Ezzor.

Unidentified aircraft attacked four Assad forces & allies targets in Deir Azzur province, east Syria, Al Jazeera reports. The jet might have been shot down.


Haifa, Israel has initiated emergency response procedures and has told authorities to be prepared for any potential military fallout from US operations in Syria


Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) firing-off on US Global High Frequency Communications System now . . .


what we do know is that the Iranian base is in flames

something happened elsewhere affecting power to Damascus

huge amount of confusion, so cannot confirm much, but Hezbollah confirmed base is on fire, just saying it was explosives accident.

Their have been airstrikes elsewhere by unknown aircraft

Lots of reports, many of them fake, but probably four or more now seem to be passing the litmus test of actual strikes


Reports of 10 warplanes in Syrian airspace these minutes.

 An Iranian military base in Syria was targeted by unidentified aircrafts, Syrian media reported late Saturday night.

The Iranian base, located in the Jabal Azzan region south of Aleppo, is the largest in the country. Eyewitnesses said they observed explosions at the site. Other unconfirmed sources identified the planes as Israeli fighter jets.


Iranian Fars Agency confirms airstrikes on Iranian base near Mount Azzan, South Aleppo. 


Developing . . . 


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