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Israel has warned Russia that supplying Syria with the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system will be considered as crossing "the red line."

There was talk a few years ago about a possible strike against the S-300 systems once they are delivered from Russia, but before they are set up.

Israel has pledged to take preventive action, seeing a future Syrian S-300 as a "game-changing" threat to its own air space as well as to the relative free rein with which it now overflies its northern foe as well as neighboring Lebanon.


Israel warns . . . like an an ant warning a Bear.   This "warning" begets several immediate questions:

Since the s-300 systems are already in place in Syria (manned by Russians) and these S-300 systems just (allegedly) COMPLETELY FAILED to stop a single incoming Tomahawk missile, then why suddenly are: 

A. the Syrian Air Force (SAF) wanting more, AND; 
B. why would Israel be concerned about it?

It is now clear the Russians retaliation for the US/UK/France attack will be strategic, as expected. Giving Assad, Iran or Hezbullah the S-300 would be a strong tactical move against any further intrusion of Syrian airspace, and a response to the real movers and shakers of the recent aggression, Israel.

If Russia responded by attacking directly, they would be hit in return. This way, the response is directed against a proxy force, but they make a huge strategic change in the favor of their military alliance.

This was most likely the expected response from the NATO planners, as they can also use Israel after that to further escalate the mess, without taking direct heat from that escalation.

The thing that is worrying is that no commentators or analysts have any hints of any de-escalation moves for the near future.

If Israel/West was sane and not looking for escalation, they could have let Assad clear up the terrorist areas in the next month or two, and pressure/demand that Iran leaves the country. That would serve Israels security interests, would keep Syrians in a stable position and would leave Russia unprovoked.

Sadly, we can see that war is planned and forced upon all of us.

The bottom line is "they" want a war. They have a limited time frame and have their people in place. They staged a chemical attack and had to launch quickly, didn't wait for evidence. Now more red lines are being thrown around. They hope this will be enough to light the fuse.

This is shaping up like 2001 with G.W. Bush. The 9-11 type event will occur shortly. I hope I am wrong. The 9-11 event doesn't have to be a terrorist attack but I could see a false flag with U.S. armed forces with enough casualties to start a war like we saw in 2001.Obviously this time around all bets would be off as to how limited it would be.

After the UN meeting where it was pretty much established that International Law was obsolete, Putin is now free to do what he likes and the Security Council can do nothing. 

Russia has a history of drawing the enemy in and then attacking them on soil they control. I can't help but wonder if that is why they are leaving the US bases illegally in Syria alone for now, the closer they are the easier it is to take them out.




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