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UPDATE 9:01 PM EDT -- Iran Leader says RETALIATION coming against Israel. (See Bottom)


In what many are saying could be an announcement of WAR with Iran, the Israeli government has announced Prime Minister Netanyahu will address his nation tonight at 8:00PM local time.

COVERT INTEL: My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me that Netanyahu will reveal "dramatic" information about Iranian nuclear project. This after urgent session of the Israeli security cabinet earlier today.

According to INTEL sources, when Cabinet Members heard what is taking place, most of them (not all) respectfully but adamantly INSISTED the Prime Minister alert the nation.    

My sources tell me he will reveal that over 200 large surface-to-surface missiles were destroyed at an Iranian Base inside Syria, and the _only_ purpose for missiles such as that, would be to attack Israel from Syria.  Due to the proximity of such Syria=based Iranian missiles, Israel would not have enough time to warn its people or to take defensive action in the event of a launch.

Netanyahu will tell his people that these missiles are designed for a surprise "First Strike" against Israel.  It is not yet known whether the Prime Minister will announce War.

Israel is about 7 hours AHEAD of the U.S. East Coast in terms of time zone.  So around 1:00 PM eastern US time the address to his nation should take place.

There are further Cabinet meetings planned and senior cabinet ministers are changing their schedules for tomorrow, along with military visits being cancelled.

This is very telling. It feels like we won't even make it to May 12th or 14th without some kind of major escalation taking place. May is gonna prove to be one heck of a month!

UPDATES LIKELY . . . . Check back.


UPDATE 10:28 AM EDT --

ISRAELI SECURITY OFFICIALS URGENTLY BRIEFING WORLD LEADERS BY PHONE AT THIS TIME -- (Editor's Note: This is waaaaaay not good.  If Netanyahu's address to his nation was simply going to be a speech, thee would be no need or reason to "urgently brief world leaders."  The fact that such urgent briefings are taking place HINTS that Netanyahu's speech will be to tell his people he has already ordered attacks upon Iran and that those attacks HAVE COMMENCED.   Of course, this is NOT CONFIRMED, but rather merely my analysis, and I'm pretty good at this national security Intelligence stuff; which is why the FBI had me working with the on the Joint terrorism Task Force for years.   Stay tuned.  World War 3 could break out within hours.


UPDATE 11:00 AM EDT -- 

Israel Closes Airspace Near Syria Border Ahead Of Netanyahu Speech With "Dramatic News About Iran" . . .  Israel has closed its CIVILIAN airspace near the Golan Heights and the Israel-Syria border, most likely in anticipation of one or more bombing/missile attacks on Syrian territory.




Editor's Note: The only reason to tell civilian aircraft to "Divert Immediately" is because military action is commencing and fighters/bombers are ALREADY IN THE AIR! Rumors on the airspace closures are that Israel has detected hostile prep in Syria against Israel



Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is holding an emergency meeting with top army and security officials right now.


UPDATE 11:22 AM EDT --

Israeli defense officials have told their American and Russian counterparts that if Iranian-backed forces attack Israel from inside Syria, Jerusalem will not hold back from retaliating with direct strikes against Tehran or other targets in Iran.


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 UPDATE 11:30 AM EDT --

The Israeli stock market crashing after Netanyahu's office said he'd be issuing a statement on a "significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran"  Word in wealthy circles is that the rich know WAR will commence today and they are pulling out their money and running like hell.



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UPDATE 12:05 PM EDT --

Two Israeli opposition parties withdraw motion of no confidence in Netanyahu, due to the security situation.  (They were just given an urgent briefing, which tells us something.)


*** BULLETIN ***


Iran's Supreme Leader today announced to Israel that Iran will retaliate against Israel for its attack.  Story HERE






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    John · 15:23 09/19/2018
    I wish the American press would cover this story very closely ( most only like covering fake-news ). We " could " be on the verge of a major war.
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