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At 2:15 PM eastern US time Tuesday, President Donald Trump held a public announcement in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House to inform the world that the United States is WITHDRAWING from the Iranian nuclear deal negotiated and signed under former President Barack Obama.   With this announcement, Obama's Etch-A-Sketch legacy got shaken and erased.

At the conclusion of the President's ten minute speech, he walked calmly to a nearby table and signed and Executive Order withdrawing the United States from the deal, and re-imposing the toughest economic sanctions ever imposed on any nation in history.

This move was needed, said the President, because Iran's entry into the agreement was found to be a complete lie.  Iran claimed they never had ambitions or plans to arm themselves with nuclear weapons, but rather only wanted nuclear energy. 

Documents revealed by Israel last week show that not only has Iran pursued nuclear weapons in the past, they continue to do so to this very day.

The President pointed out that the deal made with Iran was severely lacking in verification.  Inspections of Iranian facilities could not be made to determine compliance.  Not even military bases could be inspected!

Further, in the time since the deal was struck and former Sanctions were lifted, Iran used its regained economic access to carry out a 40% increase in its MILITARY activities, including development and testing of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The President also pointed out that Iran has escalated its sponsorship of Terrorism throughout the Middle East, causing death and destruction.  Allowing the Iranians to continue operating under this failed deal would only serve to worsen the situation.

Trump spoke directly to the Iranian people saying he is ready willing and able to re-negotiate a better deal that guarantees peace and allows the Iranian people to prosper.  He said the Iranian people have a right to a prosperous future, and to embrace that nation's glorious past.  Sadly, he said, the so-called "Revolution" which hijacked the secular Iranian government almost 40 years ago, has caused the Iranian people to suffer, and that suffering must end.

If the present Islamic government of Iran re-negotiates in good faith, there will be peace and prosperity.  If they do not, they will experience the worst economic sanctions the world has ever know, the President concluded.

Prior to President Trump's announcement, there was speculation that economic sanctions would be slowly reimposed over 90 days.  That speculation was WRONG.  Full sanctions apply immediately.

Later tonight, the President of Iran will address his nation in response to President Trump's actions today.

This story will be updated to cover that Iranian speech.


***** BULLETIN *****

3:00 PM EDT -- Israel Defense Force moves to FULL WAR ALERT

Full details HERE

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