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About 48 hours ago, one of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community provided me with a very vague warning.  In fact, it was so vague, it annoyed me that he wasted time using the secure communications system that I must employ to make certain my information sources are safe.

His exact words were "A VERY large international bank has been caught cooking the books and they're insolvent.  The cat's out of the bag.  Expect bank runs starting Monday, May 28."

I asked "Which Bank? He wouldn't say.  I asked "A bank in which country?" He wouldn't say.  So I wrote it off because it was just too vague.  Now . . . it looks as though he was right.  A "SELL-OFF" is taking place involving this bank, it's shares lost fiver percent already TODAY.  If the shares hit $7, the bank is done and there will be a "run." If this bank goes under, IT WILL TAKE MANY OTHERS WITH IT, including large U.S. Banks!  Here's the details:

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