While California continues to induce ILLEGAL ALIENS to enter and remain in that state, a problem has arisen: There isn't enough WATER to go around.  So . . .

California is now the first state in the nation to enact tough new "water-efficiency" standards. The controversial rules limit how many gallons a person can use inside their home per day.  

Don't be fooled; this isn't an "efficiency" standard, this is RATIONING - so the politicians in California can keep flooding the state with more and more illegal aliens, while everyone ELSE suffers for it!

Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board actually resorted to publicly discredited junk science about "climate change" to justify the rationing.  She “So that everyone in California is at least integrating efficiency into our preparations for climate change . . .” 

So, what are the new rules?

In 2022, the new indoor water standard will be 55 gallons per person, per day. by 2030, it will fall to 50 gallons.

“With a child and every day having to wash clothes, that’s, just my opinion, not feasible. But I get it and I understand that we’re trying to preserve…but 55 gallons a day?” said Tanya Allen, who has a 4-year-old daughter.

Just how many gallons do household chores take?

An 8-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water, a load of laundry up to 40, and a bathtub can hold 80 to 100 gallons of water.

“She likes to bathe three times a day and she does laundry all day,” said Rocka Mitchell from Texas.

He and his wife Ginger are living in Sacramento for work and say it would be hard to conserve.

“I couldn’t do it. My family is way too large,” she said.

Retrofitting homes with water-efficient fixtures could help cut back. (Story continues below Ad)

“I think the average new home is 35 gallons per person per day, so we are not talking emergency conservation here,” Marcus said.

Greg Bundesen with the Sacramento Suburban Water District says they already assist customers.

“We offer toilet rebates, we offer complementary showerheads, we offer complementary faucets,” he said.

The new laws also require water districts to perform stress tests of their water supply and curb loss due to leaks.

“Right now we lose up to 30 percent of urban water just to leaks in the system,” Marcus said.

Agencies believe fixing those leaks and educating residents is the key.

“Some people may not be aware that you’re going to use a lot more water in a bath and you wouldn’t shower and it’s our job to make sure they’re informed,” Bundesen said.

Water districts who don’t comply face fines up to $10,000 a day.

The ultimate goal is to make conservation a way of life in California. Outdoor water use is also covered by the new laws.

Standards will be based on a region’s climate and other factors instead of just one standard for the whole state.

Hal Turner Commentary:

Did you notice that NOWHERE in any of the remarks, did any of these people mention "property rights?"  Yes, property rights.  You know, the actual fact that You buy the water.  It's yours.  You can do with it as you please.

They ignore this reality because these folks are, politically, nothing other than filthy Communist scum.

They treat water as though the state itself owns it, and then THEY get to decide how much or little YOU can . . . . buy?

The government of California is so out of touch with reality, they're literally becoming a clear and present danger to the very people they're supposed to serve.

Folks in California now face having their life-giving water rationed; so the filthy Communists of their state can continue flooding the region with more illegal aliens.

The government of California needs to be altered or abolished by the people out there.  How that's done is of no matter to me, but however it's done, I suggest folks in California make some changes FAST . . . before your own public servants leave you dying without water. 

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    Gifford Rodine · 12:26 06/03/2018
    Lets look at the numbers for 2 people and a dog. We live in an area with 11 to 12 inches of rainfall a year. With no roof water harvesting we used approximately 4 t0 4,500 gallons per month per the meter. city water. At this stage we had low flow faucets and showers installed, about a gallon a minute each. I then went to rain harvesting on about 1200 square feet of roof. We now irrigate the back yard trees with rain water and some other uses. We are down to 2500 gallons on average of city water usage per the meter and water bill.

    2 people at 55 gallons per day is 110 per day or about 3000 gallons per month. So somebody has done it. It takes about 15 minutes a day to manage this system. The city water department has said the average household in this city uses 6,000 gallons per month.

    The real objective of this legislation is to drive businesses that use water out of california (we lived there for 17 years), think parts that have to be cleaned, plated, etc, etc during manufacturing or or animals and plants that require water while growing or being processed for consumption. Did you notice this did not include voters (legal citizens or illegal aliens).
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    James Blond · 03:29 06/03/2018
    Why don't you guys get rid of these CLOWNS??? Basturd clown you have running your lives.
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    Brianroy · 00:54 06/03/2018
    The Senate Bill basically says that everyone will get a shutoff meter installed and the cost passed on to the taxpayer and water users. It makes no allowances for tourists, visitors, out of staters, illegals, homeless, water loss or water theft of any type. It imposes first offense fines of $1,000, and never defines if "substantial" over the limit use is a a few gallons as opposed to a few ounces over or what. You flush a toilet once too much in a drought, and it's $1,000?

    How many businesses will cease to have public toilets, prevent their own employees from using, have to import portapotties, just have everyone go back to urinating in bushes, on trees, the side of a wall, or what have you? And will people be expected to do their do-do in a cat litter box and toss their waste that way? Or will the Code Enforcement demand that there be no clumpings in the dumpster or trash receptacles? And what of NO allowance of water for pets? Have a drought at any level from 10% on up, and the 55 gallons rule is effective until 2025, 52.5 gallons 2025 to 2030, and 2030 ff Governor Brown thinks 50 gallons of water a day per person is just fine with him. I guess he figures to have died laughing by then.

    Below are actual text quotes of the Senate Bill.

    Senate Bill No. 606
    Section 377 of the Water Code is amended to read:
    377. From and after the publication or posting of any ordinance or resolution pursuant to Section 376, a violation of a requirement of a water conservation program adopted pursuant to Section 376 is a misdemeanor. A person convicted under this subdivision shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 30 days, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both.
    (b) A court or public entity may hold a person civilly liable in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for a violation of any of the following:
    (1) An ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to Section 376.
    (2) A regulation adopted by the board under Section 1058.5 or Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 10609) of Part 2.55 of Division 6...
    (c) Commencing on the 31st day after the public entity notified a person of a violation described in subdivision (b), the person additionally may be civilly liable in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) plus five hundred dollars ($500) for each additional day on which the violation continues.
    (d) Remedies prescribed in this section are cumulative and not alternative, except that no liability shall be recoverable under this section for any violation of paragraph (2) of subdivision (b) if the board has filed a complaint pursuant to Section 1846 alleging the same violation.
    (e) A public entity may administratively impose the civil liability described in subdivisions (b) and (c) after providing notice and an opportunity for a hearing.
    ...(f) (2) The civil liability calculated pursuant to paragraph (1) for the first violation of subdivision (b) by a residential water user shall not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) except in extraordinary situations where the court or public entity finds all of the following:
    (A) The residential user had actual notice of the requirement found to be violated.
    (B) The conduct was intentional.
    (C) The amount of water involved was substantial.

    SEC. 6.
    Section 10608.20 of the Water Code is amended to read:
    (A) For indoor residential water use, 55 gallons per capita daily water use as a provisional standard.

    SEC. 18.
    Section 10610.2 of the Water Code is amended to read:
    (8) Changes in drinking water quality standards may also impact the usefulness of water supplies and may ultimately impact supply reliability.

    SEC. 28.
    (1)(B) For the supplement required of urban retail water suppliers by paragraph (2) of subdivision (f) of Section 10621, a narrative that describes the water demand management measures that the supplier plans to implement to achieve its urban water use objective by January 1, 2027, pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 10609) of Part 2.55.
    (C) The narrative pursuant to this paragraph shall include descriptions of the following water demand management measures:
    (i) Water waste prevention ordinances.
    (ii) Metering.
    (iii) Conservation pricing. ...

    SEC. 45.
    Section 10654 of the Water Code is amended to read:
    An urban water supplier may recover in its rates the costs incurred in preparing its urban water management plan, its drought risk assessment, its water supply and demand assessment, and its water shortage contingency plan and implementing the reasonable water conservation measures included in either of the plans.
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    sammy 2 · 21:55 06/02/2018
    Learn to drink your piss get your filters here on survival kits .Kiss a jews ass for more information .
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    Dan · 20:20 06/02/2018
    Weather manipulation by the deep state is the cause,geoengineeringwatch.com exposes them.
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      Rabbi Bitberg · 21:03 06/02/2018
      Now that's a good question: do you even want to be drinking/bathing in California's water in the first place?
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    Not a drop to drink · 20:16 06/02/2018
    They’ve had this up their sleeve for a long time. That’s why they have the “ smart meters” on water, electricity etc.
    they would never be able to implement & monitor this if it wasn’t for the meters.....& everyone had to pay for meters that they don’t own, never wanted & are now being used to surveil their “ usage “.
    theyll start rationing electricity & gas usage too soon. Just watch.
    i think this will be implemented world wide. Just like the smart meters.
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    Charles Casaburi · 18:09 06/02/2018
    California doesn’t have enough water for people to take a bath but it has enough for 10 of millions of new third world peons to flood into the state can someone explain this one to me.
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    JD · 17:54 06/02/2018
    You made this bed Californians. Now sleep in it. And stop moving to Texas!
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    Bill · 16:31 06/02/2018
    I guess this means all golf courses, football fields, baseball fields ect. will be shut down as sprinkler systems use to much water.
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      Cathbad · 17:04 06/02/2018
      Golf courses are a good place to start. They use MILLIONS of gallons of water for no good reason. And take up valuable real estate. With California going dry, some hard choices have to be made. Play golf or drinking water?
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      sammy2 · 16:50 06/02/2018
      no swimming pools
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    sammy 2 · 16:07 06/02/2018
    Fuck both parties there all on the same team ,Fools .jew slaves.
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      Cha · 18:13 06/02/2018
      Louis Farrakhan who is almost as good an authority on Jews as you are claims that Jews from outer space took him up to the mothership. Could the same Jew mothership be causing the drought in California?
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    Joan C · 15:56 06/02/2018
    Californians elected Gov. Moonbeam, now they are reaping the rewards. No one needs an 8 minute shower, plus turn water on to get wet, off while you are soaping up, then on again to rinse. Too many illegal immigrants is definitely part of the problem.
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      JD · 18:00 06/02/2018
      Sorry but what people do in the shower is none of your business
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    sammy 2 · 15:39 06/02/2018
    Whites are the minority in California now you should of gotten out their broke .
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    sammy 2 · 15:09 06/02/2018
    Hal supports jews they support open borders,suck on it.
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    oldabat · 14:17 06/02/2018
    you don't own what you're not allowed to buy. that is what the water bill is. your purchase of water. and doesn't appear that they are telling you what to do with the water you are allowed to buy. so your "property rights" argument is specious.

    find another angle.
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      Hal Turner · 15:31 06/02/2018
      When the water passes thru the water meter, it then belongs to me. If I want to buy 100 gallons a day, that's MY choice, not the government's. The water is not owned by the government for them to regulate the sale.
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        GetReally · 16:15 06/02/2018
        I understand your argument, but what oldabat is saying is that you can't own something you're not allowed to buy.

        Its like saying 'limit one per customer' at the supermarket, but we are talking about water.

        If my family needs more than 55 gallons, I agree I should be able to buy it. Especially when the government I see doing shit like paying for illegals to murder citizens.

        Regardless, CA is a hellhole and someone needs to send the Demons out now.
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          whome · 16:52 06/02/2018
          Oh, I'm sure that California will allow you to buy water over the 55gal limit...you'll just have to pay triple for it. They get away with that type of policy with the pricing of electricity.
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        Rabbi Bitberg · 16:10 06/02/2018
        That's a good argument as to what kind of regime you live under. Are you in control of common resources in your country, or do they belong to the government? Even if you can afford something, will the government allow you to buy it? People who live in Communist countries have this problem, too, in Cuba, they call it tourist apartheid. You could make the argument, I think, that Californians already live under socialism if the government is telling them how much of something they did not create they can have. The micromanagement in the future will only increase as corporate control of society becomes more and more naked.
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        Jeffrey Spinner · 15:51 06/02/2018
        Many states have made it illegal to collect rainwater on the landowner's own properties.

        Those states think they own the water (maybe they're all invested in Nestle).

        This is all way more nefarious than it appears on the surface, imo. Remember this is adding to their regulation of CO2 emissions which is a life gas to plants, but our exhalation.

        As a medic I had the ability to measure a person's CO2 in their exhalations...I've been waiting for a while to see people get charged for exhaling (sic)...
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    TexasRebel · 14:09 06/02/2018
    My one and only comment is actually a question. Does the water rationing also apply to Moonbeam and the rest of the politicians, or do they still use the same amount or more? Can anyone say Soylent Green
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      old bat · 14:20 06/02/2018
      well my comment was deleted evidently:
      you don't own what you're not allowed to buy. that is what the water bill is. your purchase of water. and doesn't appear that they are telling you what to do with the water you are allowed to buy. so your "property rights" argument is specious.

      find another angle.
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        Jeff Spinner · 15:45 06/02/2018
        Can a gov't limit a citizen's natural right to purchase what they can afford while in the pursuit of maintaining life?

        Calorie cards incoming, you know that, right?
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Hal Turner · 15:31 06/02/2018
        Your comment was __not__ deleted.
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 13:14 06/02/2018
    You know what a great way for them to reclaim lost water would be?

    Drain the swamp.
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    Jeffrey Spinner · 13:11 06/02/2018
    Bbye California single family homes, which is good since there are so few actual families to fill them. Ain't just mowing lawns or packing fudge doesn't create children, MGTOW is very real now, and has saved a generation of men, awaiting the next generation of females, maybe, that don't ride the co*k carousel, constantly being hypergamous and monkey branching as possible leaving all their good men behind...

    If this was about water, then the unlimited welcoming of 3rd/4th world trash wouldn't be promoted in Cali, but it is...so no matter how you restrict water on the current citizens (sic), if you have open borders, derp, you can't reduce water usage...

    Are ppl that dumb? Also note, that the article doesn't go into the $7,500 average cost to replace their plumbing per house...the commie (Soviet subversives that serve their master STILL, when the USSR no longer exists...) gov't is pricing ppl out of their homes, that is all.

    This is agenda 2030 (formerly known as agenda 21, which if you check your watch has failed, cause it ain't gonna happen that fast) pushing those that don't leave the state into their 220 sq ft apartment buildings that were shown in the 1960s-1980's after the mouse utopia experiments of John Calhoun, will turn out so dystopian people will die just to escape in the minority communities of NYC, Chicago, pretty much anywhere with industrial human apartment buildings. I lived in the Bronx up a hill by a large apartment complex...as the day turned to night, the gunshots started. Meh, my FDNY medic station was close...otherwise, I wouldn't have known that my city is the tale of two cities...one first world, one an urban jungle.

    [will we be able to link things anymore? I read somewhere where comment sections will end because the website will be charged by link...]

    That's it for me, I'm taking Gerald Celente's advice and enjoying myself before the SHTF.
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