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Czech News CT24 confirmed the German governments call to stockpile food and water. and the Czech Republic is now telling its people to “Prepare for the worst.”

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German federal government is encouraging stockpiling of food and water by the population "in the event of a disaster or an armed attack" so citizens can take care of themselves. "The population is instructed to have a personal supply of food of ten days," quoted the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung"(FAS) newspaper.

According to the report, the population should be able to protect themselves in an emergency before government measures start, to a ensure sufficient supplies of food, water, energy and cash. 

According to "FAS" this is the first call for civil defense since the end of the Cold War in 1989.  The government says "an attack on the territory of Germany, which requires a conventional defense, the population shall be sufficiently prepared."

It is not clear whether these preparations related to a possible war. The federal government has recently their changed military strategy and regarded Russia as an enemy. NATO keeps an attack of Russia on NATO territory plan. 

The note with the cash could also suggest a possible banking crash. After the recent stress test of the ECB , however, this appears to be no imminent event. 

With the war in Syria and the destabilization of Iraq and Libya, the security situation in Europe is tense. The alliance of the West and the Gulf states is on the defensive by the Russian intervention. Over the weekend, tensions intensified. The US Air Force is on alert. The tones against Russia were tightened again, most recently by a former CIA director, acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the election campaign. 

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry pointed to a planned press conference department chief Thomas de Maizière and the President of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Christoph Unger, on Wednesday afternoon.

Greens and the Left in the Bundestag have criticized the Civil Defense as a deliberate scaremongering.



Czech News CT24 reported to the Czech people about the warnings issued to the German people, then quoted Czech officials who stated publicly that citizens "must prepare for the worst."

It seems as though war is coming to Europe.  How it begins remains to be seen, but governments do not issue statements like these to their citizens for no reason. They KNOW something is coming and whatever it is, it's bad.

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