Overnight Monday into Tuesday June 5, a very obvious level of activity at the Pentagon showed that something big in being urgently planned. 

Numerous high-level Pentagon officials were working all-nighters,  joined by Israeli officials arriving in Diplomatic License Plated vehicles.  Leaked info suggests plans to re-take GAZA via full scale ground invasion.

As the sun rose in Israel on June 5, Arabs "celebrated" what they call "Naksa Day" to mark the "setback" of losing Gaza and the West Bank in the 1967 war they started with Israel.  Their chosen way to celebrate: Start massive fires to burn down Israeli neighborhoods!  Nice people these Arabs . . .

To give you insight into this area and how relatively small it is, take a look at the Pink colored area in the map below:

Naksa Day (5 June 1967) is the annual day of commemoration for the "Palestinian" people of the displacement that accompanied Israel's victory in the 1967 Six-Day War. As a result of the war, Israel took control of the Palestinian-populated West Bank and Gaza Strip, which were previously annexed by Jordan and controlled by Egypt, respectively.

The first displacement, known as the Nakba, took place during and after the 1948 Palestine war. It is marked annually on Nakba Day on May 15.

Early Tuesday, residents in Gaza began launching burning kites into the air, with the wind taking them into Israel.  As the kites burned, they dropped embers and started fires.  But conditions are such that the fires grew and spread rapidly, threatening to destroy an Israeli town called Sderot.

This comes after several days of rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza, triggering air-raid alert sirens in more than forty Israeli areas, sending Israelis into bomb shelters and causing all sorts of terror in the citizenry.

Those rocket attacks came after more than a week of ferocious protests over the US moving our Embassy to Jerusalem.

Day after day, weeks after week, month after month, the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and to a lesser extent in the West Bank, threaten, attack, hurt and sometimes kill Israelis.  The reason: The Arabs resent the creation of the state of Israel some 75 years ago and the displacement of families who had lived on that land for generations.

While it is understandable that such an event caused tremendous hatred all those years ago, we are now into several generations of Arabs who continue fighting over something that took place before most of them were even born!

Moreover, twice, the Arabs literally went to WAR over the creation of Israel, and both times, the Arabs LOST.

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are territories that were LOST IN WAR . . . . and they were wars that the Arabs started!

Going to war has consequences.  Losing is one such consequence.  Losing territory is another such consequence.  Yet for some reason, the Arabs cling to the notion that the land is still theirs, even though they lost it fair and square in a war THEY STARTED.

With so much hatred and violence emanating from Gaza, many people are starting to realize there will _never_ be a peaceful solution.  No matter what negotiations take place, no matter what commitments get made by both sides, things ALWAYS end up reverting back to hideous violence coming at Israel from Gaza and the West Bank.

Pentagon Planning In Progress

Last night, the parking lots at the Pentagon outside of Washington DC were noticeably fuller than usual on a typical overnight.  Food deliveries to the Pentagon were also VERY MUCH LARGER than a typical overnight.  

Those two things mean that a slew of staff were inside; and when that things take place, it is ALWAYS because fighting is either taking place or coming soon.

Add into the equation the noticeable arrival of vehicles bearing Israeli Diplomatic License plates, and it isn't hard to know what's going on:  A plan is being developed to re-take Gaza in a major military operation.

With the protests, the rocket attacks, and now the arson attacks emanating from Gaza, it looks as though the Arabs may have finally done enough harm that a decision has been made to finish this off once and for all.

They will have brought it upon themselves by refusing to live in peace.

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    Don Hall · 22:00 06/05/2018
    Like the Six-Day War, which saw the deaths of more than 20,000 Arab troops and fewer than 1,000 Israelis, the overwhelming majority of casualties have been from the sides opposing Israel. No Israelis have been killed in the Great Return March. "On one hand we see Razan Al-Najjar's incredible display of dignity and then on the other hand we see… from the US and Israel, we just see this ugly face of imperialism," Cohen noted. Israel "really isolates itself, as the rest of the world doesn't really want to have much to do with this total slaughter."
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    Don Hall · 21:55 06/05/2018
    Peled noted how the high-profile killing of 21-year-old Palestinian medic Razan Al-Najjar closely coincides with the 51st anniversary of the Six-Day War "and in many ways, it's quite symbolic that 51 years later, Israel is still… playing as though it's maintaining some kind of a moral high ground, whereas it's violating every international law. It's abusing the rights of Palestinians, it's killing, it's occupying, it's breaking every moral code that we could possibly think of and getting away with it."
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    The Filistin · 15:11 06/05/2018
    " Nice people these Arabs . . ."

    Really? We had Jerusalem for 2000 years. We didn't destroyed it. You white people with your crusades did this several times. We kept the City in good standing. Well, after years appeared some Jews that call themselves Israelites and they want the City back. They don't count how much we invested in the City. They killed us and want us disappear from the City.

    1. The City is in good standing thanks to us, not to these jews or white people. Those buildings and streets is not something that you can simply arrest from us.

    2. These Jews are not Israelites. Israelites are Semite people. Dark skin, not white skin and blue eyes. Probably you did not even visited Israel. Most Jews from Israel are Russian speaking people. MOST.

    3. Killings should stop. Jews soldiers stepped even on the heads of our kids. Beating them.

    There is no more nice Arabs. Nice Arabs were stolen from their oil, by their lands, enslaved and killed in white men wars.
    No more nice Arabs. Stop killing us otherwise you will see WW3 and WW4, one after another. Armageddon and the end of the world together.


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    Kevin · 13:53 06/05/2018
    It’s appropriate for the pentagon to get involved if the action risks a regional conflict a specially if we are considered to be “Big Satan” to these assholes. If the Arabs wanted that land so bad they wouldn’t have lost it in the first place. The Palestinians have always remained there as proxies. Otherwise their families native countries would have “allowed” them assylem after the 6 day war.
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    Edwitness · 13:50 06/05/2018
    Israel is completely in the right to finish these people once and for all. And with the tactics used by the arabs, I hope they do.
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    Your resident Jew · 13:45 06/05/2018
    For the real story.... Iran notifies IAEA that they are going to restart the uranium enrichment facilities. That is a non starter for the USA and Israel. Read it for yourself. https://www.debka.com/iran-to-increase-uranium-enrichment-us-israeli-strike-on-nuclear-facilities-comes-closer/
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    Karen Kendall · 11:13 06/05/2018
    A few weeks ago Israel was firing agressively into syrian territory...it was stated here that they were provoking ww3... It has been back and forth picking...my question or statement, with such a small area in pink..why do they need the pentagon involvement..they are armed to the teeth...unless it has purposedly "sparked" gaza...pushing all the right buttons. What a wicked web of deceit that has been exposed to us...if willing to see it
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