A few weeks back, the government of Sweden sent out a booklet to every household in the country urging citizens to prepare for war or other crises and that citizens should be prepared to last for at least a week without any help from the government.

Last night, in the most unsettling move yet, they mobilized the entire Swedish Home Guard for an “unannounced preparedness exercise.” All 40 battalions have been activated, effective immediately.

A report on the Försvarsmakten website, which is the official website of the Swedish Armed Forces, outlined the situation. Here’s the English translation:

For the first time since 1975, the Armed Forces carry out an unannounced emergency preparedness control of the entire Hemvärnet. All staff around Sweden who are part of one of the 40 home war battalions and who have the opportunity to attend the evening of 5 June and during the national day will be in charge of service. The alarm is ordered by the Armed Forces and participation in the exercise is voluntary.

“We are committed to strengthening Sweden’s defense and increasing our operational capabilities. This is a way to do it. This exercise is great in several ways. We are testing the emergency chain for almost half our intervention organization, we have not done since 1975, says Micael Bydén, the commander.

Initially, staff – from north to south – will be contacted and invited to stand for service. Thereafter, relations will begin to solve tasks, such as protection, guarding and patrolling. During the national day, home care personnel will be seen in many places around the country, from ports and airports to streets and squares. Since it is a voluntary exercise, the Armed Forces can not force anyone to settle, but the chief commander shows great confidence in his staff. (source)


 Hemvärnet is Swedish equivalent of the US National Guard

The Home Guard – National Security Forces (Swedish: Hemvärnet – Nationella Skyddsstyrkorna) is a military reserve force of the Swedish Armed Forces. It was formally established on May 29, 1940, during World War II upon popular demand. While originally composed of former militia groups, today it comprises half of the Swedish Army, thus constituting the basis of the territorial defense of Sweden.

The Swedish National Home Guard consists mainly of local rapid response units, numbering 17,000 of the 22,000 total Home Guard strength, organized in 40 battalions, with 23 associated auxiliary defense organizations. (source)

This “unannounced preparedness exercise” may be just that – a readiness drill. But there are a few things that ring some warning bells:

  • A “drill” of this magnitude hasn’t happened since 1975 at the height of the Cold War
  • It’s occurring on the heels of two other warnings of looming war or crises
  • And keep in mind that the war preparedness book that was recently sent out mentioned the possibility of re-establishing conscription (the draft), too.



Swedish website, The Local, reports:

The exercise is part of Sweden’s national effort to rebuild its Cold War Total Defence strategy in response to an increasingly belligerent Russia. The last time Sweden’s Armed Forces called up the entire Home Guard at once was in 1975 at the height of the Cold War.
Just a week ago Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency sent out its “If Crisis or War Comes” brochure to more than four million Swedish households, advising them to stock up on water, tinned and dry food, and other essentials to increase Sweden’s resilience.
The country also last month reestablished a regiment on the Baltic island of Gotland.
In the event of an invasion, Sweden’s Home Guard is responsible for protecting the core functions of the Swedish state, guarding government agencies, airports, or ports, so that the professional army is free for front-line duties. (source)

It would be wise to be on the lookout for something to happen soon.  What that “something” might be, of course, is open to speculation.

What do you think is going on?

Could they be preparing to quell a migrant uprising in the no-go zones? 

Back in January, the Swedish Prime Minister said he did not “rule out the use of the army to end gang violence.”

Or are they truly concerned about a threat from Russia?

Concern over Russia seems unlikely because just today, Russia President Vladimir Putin repeated his warning "World War III would end civilization as we know it."  (HERE)

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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    Doomer · 19:35 06/10/2018
    Sweden's real threat is the Muslims now overwhelming their society and culture. So what does Sweden's government do? they mobilize some 40 thousand militia in order to fight Russia. The Swedish government should be sending them into the Muslim no go zones, the rape zones and engage in mass deportations back to whatever third world Muslim cesspool they came from!
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      Bruce Wayne · 23:12 06/10/2018
      it's worth noting here that if muslims can have their "No GO Zones" where non muslims are not allowed, then why can't non muslims have zones where muslims are not allowed...your governments are using a double standard.

      And secondly, if police will not go into no go zones, then what would stop a band of militia's from going in their and wiping the muslims their out to drive them back to the lands they came from
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    Chilly8 · 05:19 06/10/2018
    There could be something going on around the world. There was what sounds like some kind of "numbers" station on 9240 Khz. I was listening on a public SDR receiver in New York, and I could pick up what sounds like some kind of numbers station. Could Russia and Cuba be preparing for war? Cuba is still a Russian ally. There is something happening on 9240.

    I noticed the graph showing a very strong signal on that frequency, and decided to check it out. I like to use that receiver to listen to the great oldies programming that WRMI has. Depending on where the receiver is, and the time of day, you can get oldies on 5950, 9395, and 9455. The 9395 and 9455 channels seemed to be aimed towards New York and Ohio, because their receivers in those areas seem to get it the best.
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    Stavros · 22:54 06/07/2018
    It is for defensive posture vs. Russia. They can't win.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Bill · 20:50 06/07/2018
    Maybe they are going after the Islamic Horde that is presently occupying their county...To bad they don't have several divisions of the Waffen SS...The Islamic Horde could either GO or DIE!...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Paul Lambert · 19:17 06/07/2018
    Was that first excerpt Google-translated?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Tom Joad · 22:14 06/07/2018
      No, it was 'Valhalla' translated
      by an FBI snitch, meaning that
      it's nothing but fabricated bullshit.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Jay · 22:39 06/07/2018
        Oh look, the homo is back.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Snitch Turner · 21:28 06/08/2018
          Your Dad is not here.
          He left the bathhouse
          brawler duties, and tongue
          swabbing 'Valhalla's taint,
          to you alone.
          hal is an FBI/fedgov snitch, and only junkie
          zombies (slaves) are angered by that factual

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Paul Lambert · 19:16 06/07/2018
    I will reserve judgement until I can see how well such a mobilisation materialises. I suspect Sweden will find out just how totally unprepared the country is for war or serious civil emergency. Please follow up on this story, Hal, if you can.
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    Gene Gray · 18:54 06/07/2018
    I think they are going to use Israel to get Turkey to leave the E.U. and start pushing for Israel to be a Nato member. The big picture is that they want to set up a Middle Eastern Union, the problem with doing that is Israel!.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    J · 18:37 06/07/2018
    I believe and I do hope it is to stop the insane migrants they unwisely let in.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Paul Lambert · 19:20 06/07/2018
      J, you really believe that? It is just as likely that they are being mobilised to put down "the other slice", as it is called in Sweden - i.e., anti-socialists, to put it simply. Time will tell.
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    Mossad is watching · 15:34 06/07/2018
    I hate to bust the bubble here but the real story in on DEBKA weekly. If you wonder why Jens Stoltenberg is angry read this. Oh and uh, don't forget to read the LAST SENTENCE!

    Trump to Raise Israel’s NATO Status, Top up Its Armaments and Expand US Military Presence

    President Donald Trump is putting together an elaborate plan for elevating Israel’s NATO standing, upgrading its war arsenal and expanding the US military presence in that country. These plans run directly contrary to the position voiced this week by North Atlantic Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He said that NATO will not support Israel if it is attacked by Iran, since “the [alliance’s] security guarantee does not apply to Israel” which is not part of the alliance. In an interview to the German Der Spiegel, Stoltenberg stressed that NATO has no interest in involving itself in Middle East conflicts. This was a message to the alliance’s leading members that the secretary general has no part in Trump’s Iran strategy and partnership with Israel, to both of which they take strong exception. This week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited Berlin, Paris and London, for an effort to dent the conflicting views on the issue held by Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May. None of them was ready to budge.

    < SNIP -- Copyright Issue; Put Link next time>
    Well folks? If there is any doubt left, this should remove it.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Don Hall · 15:05 06/07/2018
    Sweden Activates ENTIRE "Home Guard" - 40 Battalions of Civilians Mobilized to Military Service. Our constitution requires that we have a well regulated militia to stand against tyranny!
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