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    Brooke · 13:23 06/12/2018
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    g Dous · 11:11 06/12/2018
    Hal I love it
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    Tuko · 02:54 06/11/2018
    How ill informed of what's going on may some people be. Trump is a Neocon Hubris Warmongering Puppet. Read: The Absence of Diplomacy Is Isolating Washington — Paul Craig Roberts
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    hitman · 01:53 06/11/2018
    It was much worse than that. Reports are Merkel was reminded that the US rebuilt Germany and freed East Germany (Where Merkel was born) Trump asked her, "What more do you want? No more." As for Macron, he was reminded that France was rescued by the US; and Macron is in trouble in France because he is dismantling the French state - a state that was built for its people. Even his time will be over soon enough. Trump can see through them and calls them out; they are sad, and he made them sad. Good.
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    Nick · 01:39 06/11/2018
    Real photo at this link.
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    Dan Lawrence · 00:12 06/11/2018
    I was happy with Reagan, but I am elated with THE DONALD. HE IS SUPER BAD ASS!! WOW!!
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      pyre · 05:54 06/11/2018
      Reagan was the one who created Al Qaeda who attacked us (wink) on 911. He ran up the first totally crippling national debt and won by the most corrupt election maneuver in history- paying off the Iranians not to release the hostages to sink Carter. Reagan was the start of the end for America. Stop swallowing MSM slogans and garbage. He, Bush & LBJ were horrible criminals.
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    Al · 22:34 06/10/2018
    G7 Countries including Canada can switch it's trade with the US to China and let you suck air.
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      JD · 22:51 06/10/2018
      And we can stop your lumber imports and open LNG terminals hurting you folks
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        Meh · 05:56 06/11/2018
        China cuts off manufacture of nuts, bolts and screws? and America is simple.
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    Ronan sautere · 21:34 06/10/2018
    Yahoo hal... If I was there I probably would have had a good time watching Trump serve all those morons a big fat shit sandwich. Keep it up Don as we need to show these imbeciles that America is no longer tolerating juvenile shit from these do nothing's. Enuf said you know the roll call.