President Donald Trump will be leaving Singapore early.  The "official line" is because nuclear negotiations have moved “more quickly than expected.”   That does not mean they moved in the right direction.  

No details were given on any possible progress in preliminary talks between aides at the talks. And the abrupt change in schedule came shortly after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had seemed to lower expectations for the meeting, which Trump had earlier predicted could potentially yield an on-the-spot end to the Korean War.

Instead, Pompeo suggested the summit, while historic, might yield little in the way of concrete success other than to pave the way for more meetings in the future.

Back-Channel sources are telling me even THEY are unable to determine the facts right now; saying "there is an absolute, almost impenetrable blockade on information . . ." 

Updates _may_ be added __if__ additional info becomes available . . .


Hal Turner Analysis

This is my PERSONAL interpretation of events and is NOT from any Intel Source.  The fact that Trump is leaving early is a  V E R Y bad sign.  To me, it means they've hit an impossible roadblock and they've decided that staying would be a waste of time.

If it were otherwise -- if talks were moving in a positive direction -- it seems to ME Trump would remain to socialize and build a relationship with Kim.  After all, the President literally traveled halfway around the world for this meeting.  Why leave early if things are going well?

Again, this is my PERSONAL interpretation and NOT any intelligence info or info from inside sources.


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    Brian · 16:14 06/11/2018
    Wow! Jesus posting in the comments! Amazing! Jon the wanna be prophet speaks. Tell ya what Jon

    Jon. Lets go old testament. If this doesn't go exactly like you say, then we get to bury you under a pile of stones. Fair enough? Odds are that you are about as prophetic as a door knob.
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      somedude · 22:39 06/11/2018
      While your comment is both on point and hilarious I feel like Jon is right about them both being set up, I have felt that for a while. It just seems like TPT(shouldnt)B are in a perfect position... They get the big war they have been trying to provoke for years AND they get to point the finger and 'Ol Donald Swamp'® for it. It's a win win for the psychopaths that be. But I do not agree with the way Jon just declared as a fact yet manifested... Jon sometimes a simple humble IMO will get ya a lot farther than "Thus sayeth Jon!"
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    Jon · 14:22 06/11/2018
    Both Kim and Trump are being set up to be the fall guys for an epic false flag and WW3....

    It's A Trap!!

    My son, the trap is being set. All the players are moving into place. Just as Amnon set the trap to rape Tamar, the king of America is setting a trap. The North Korean leader is also setting a trap which will lead to the kick-off event. While the king of America looks to fool the leader of North Korea, the leader of North Korea has men in hiding that will attempt to kill the king. The king of America survives; however, the world is now thrown into war. These words are true, and this event is the kick-off to much bloodshed.

    There will be a nuclear bomb explode in the king's city that will be said to be North Korean, but that is a lie. The bomb will be Russian; however, the nation will not know that. Men in high places do know, but nothing is done about it.

    Israel will be attacked from all sides and is forced to destroy Damascus with nuclear weapons because the rockets that rain down are chemical, and many of My people perish. Israel will defeat her enemies at great cost to life, but she will enlarge her borders and will declare peace and safety. The world is inflamed with hatred for Israel, including America.

    My son, warn My people, the remnant, to not be so anchored in this world. I am coming soon - get ready! Tell My remnant to stay in prayer and to listen to My voice. Turn off the electronics and listen to My voice. I am speaking to all of you, but you must have your spiritual ears tuned in. Do not listen to the lying Hananiah prophets, for they will only cause you doubt. Do not fear, for now is the time to walk in GREAT FAITH. Trust Me, saith the Lord, for I am with you always. I tell you this because I love you, and I want you to be ready.

    Messiah Jesus

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    Realist · 14:10 06/11/2018
    Or they came to an agreement months ago and the meeting is just for show?
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    Chris · 14:02 06/11/2018
    One thing is for sure: You can't argue or bargain (let alone socialize) with a psychopath.

    You (as a human being) may think you can (and have even), but then you are conned/manipulated in thinking so.

    And it is so totally convincing....
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    GetReally · 13:46 06/11/2018
    When Kim starting talking McDonalds and Trump Towers, that put our President in a VERY bad spot, imo...
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    Mountain Man · 13:22 06/11/2018
    The dirty little secret is Iran is NK and NK is Iran.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Matt · 14:07 06/11/2018
      YEP! Makes me wonder if Kim is singing like a bird on the nuke testing being Irans tech... I wonder.
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