Campaign groups and trade unions have organised a schedule of protests to follow Donald Trump on his visit to the UK next week, including a six meter angry baby balloon that will fly over Westminster from Parliament Square.  How long it will fly is not known as some British Trump supporters say they are planning on shooting it down!

Demonstrations begin next Thursday evening at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, and in Regent’s Park, London, near to where the protesters believe the president will have dinner, and then at the US ambassador’s residence, where they believe he will stay the night.

The “Trump baby” balloon is due to fly on the Friday morning, after campaigners raised £16,000 to pay for it and the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave permission for it to fly. “The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms,” a spokesman for Khan said.

Leo Murray, an environmental campaigner behind the balloon stunt, said the protest was intended to play on Trump’s psychology. “He’s a deeply insecure man, and that is the only leverage we have over him. If we want his attention, we have to do something that humiliates him.”

But others in Britain have a different view . . .


"We are planning to use either BB or Pellet guns, and perhaps even a laser, to shoot it down" said "Devin*" who lives outside London.  

These imbeciles and their balloon are about to get a very public rebuke, he continued.  

Others who are working with "Devin" added "We think certain hand-held lasers might be able to either melt the plastic or outright set it ablaze" said "Evan.*"

The men say they are embarrassed by the bad behavior of Londoners over President Trump's visit.  They also say it is essential the UK have good relations with the USA as Brexit takes place, in order that trade between the two countries offsets any trade losses with the EU.

The men and their associates say that the same way some Londoners are speaking their minds by flying the balloon, other Londoners are speaking their mind by downing the balloon.  Free expression, they say,  works both ways.


* - Pseudonym for real name; Identity protected as confidential sources under New York State Journalist Shield Law.



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