Weeks ago, I purchased and installed a Discussion Forum for this web site.  It has been a tremendous problem to get it working, but most of the bugs are fixed. 

As of today, July 11, 2018, *most* of it is now working.  Some items are still giving me real trouble.  For instance, a user being able to upload an avatar. . . I can do it as an administrator from the back-end, but not as a user from the front end.  And it's not a "permissions" issue, the screen to do it simply isn't appearing for users.  It's been a big pain in my . . . 

So while I will continue to work to resolve these little bugs, the rest of the Forum seems ready to go for your use.  To access the main page of the new forum, click the FORUM button in the main menu bar above the main news section.  Here's a quick, direct link:


The general public will be able to read all  postings but ONLY SUBSCRIBERS to this web site will be able to MAKE postings.

The rule for the forum is simple: Do not break any laws of the United States or of the state you reside in.  There; that's easy, right?

So go ahead and begin using the Forum.  Start your own topics, reply to others and enjoy.  




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    Jill Hart · 11:20 07/13/2018
    Is any one (who is a subscriber) able to see the menu for the forum? Even though I am logged in the forum want let me see the dropdown menu. Both the top n bottom menus just jump around the page without opening.
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 13:10 07/11/2018

    '...and THE RABBI spoketh to Hal and sayeth,
    Sojourn in the house of website development, and dwell there until you can roll out an imageboard, that posters may multiply on the face of the site, for the shitposters shall inherit the Earth'
  • This commment is unpublished.
    BillyBob · 09:06 07/11/2018