The widow of a New Zealand politician has blown the whistle on her late husband claiming he was part of a massive pedophile ring that went to the "the highest heights you can imagine."

Anihera Zhou Black has bravely come forward saying that her late husband was involved in an elite pedophile ring that went "deep and wide."

"These people aren't just laborers and workers at fast food restaurants," Black says."These people are in suits, they are people in power," she added.  

It is believed by many that such satanic pedophiles also infest the political class in the United States, and there are signs that mass arrests are coming soon.

Awanui Black died aged 48 in 2016 after drinking himself to death. Black was a regional councilor, Maori Party political aspirant, a commissioner at the Maori Language Commission, and also a lecturer at Te Wananga o Raukawa and Treaty of Waitangi negotiator for Ngati Pukenga.

According to Zhou Black's stomach-churning, Facebook live broadcast, her husband was also a pedophile involved at the very highest levels of government.

Zhou Black, 49 said her difficult decision to expose her late husband as a satanic elite pedophile was intended to give victims of abuse strength to come forward.

Black also revealed that she believed her late husband used their marriage as a 'disguise' to mask his pedophilia and horrific child abuse.

The couple met young, both 15 and were in a steady relationship by 18.

He went on to become a highly regarded pillar of the Bay of Plenty community and someone with the charisma to stand on the national stage.

"Our relationship is one where I never had a voice through our marriage. I had been conditioned, groomed, to be the quiet wife."


According to Her Facebook Live post - based on partial admissions from Black and disclosures from others - came after 26 years of silence.

The truth, as she now believes it to be, had to fight against his "grooming" of her to play a role which covered who he really was.

"I had painted a picture of who he was and along with everybody else, it was a picture he wanted us to see."I had held onto that with everything I had, supported everything he did and let him go off and do kaupapa and I looked after our children and looked after our household and just did what I had to do to support him."

Now, she believed he had used their marriage as a mask for his "private life" - one that included affairs with consenting adults, abuse against children and large amounts of alcohol.

"He did admit to me that he thought he was rangatira and he thought he was entitled to have women wherever he slept for the night. That might have rolled a few hundred years ago but it's not what I signed up for."He was never ever faithful. Prostitutes, orgies, group sex - all of it."

And there were children, she said.The youngest victim to have emerged was someone who had said they were aged 8 when sexually abused by Awanui Black.

Zhou Black said the couple separated in 2012, during which time he admitted affairs and using pre-teen pornography.

There was a reconciliation a year later but the time away gave Zhou Black a voice she felt she never had and the reunion never worked.

In 2014, they separated again and stayed apart.

Zhou Black said during these time she would yearn for him to tell her the truth.

Her sister said it was an impossible request because, once a string of marital infidelities was swept aside, the truth was much darker and far worse.

"The sad thing with Awa is that he knew if he told her the truth, there was no going back from that. He knew what the outcome of that was."

Anihera Zhou Black said in the time which followed there came disclosures, and events which occurred that answered questions in her mind from her years married to Awanui Black.

It had led her to believe there was a "ring" of people who - with her former husband - had preyed on children.

She said she would be speaking with police but believed an independent investigation could be necessary as one of those she believed was involved had been a police officer.

"We don't know where the cover-up will begin. There are compromised police here in Tauranga that are part of that ring. I know of one."

She would also not name a number of suspected victims, again because it could jeopardize the police inquiry.

"It's an unknown figure, to be honest. I have knowledge of some but whoever else is out there, we've just had so many people come through our lives."

Zhou Black said Black had been abused as a child and the experience had warped his actions.

She said she believed his actions as a predator drove his alcohol abuse.

His cause of death was officially listed as "organ failure", which she said was caused by alcohol abuse.

"He killed himself. It was suicide by alcohol. He did that deliberately. He couldn't live with everything that was going to be exposed. It was just a matter of time."

She had confronted him and he had denied the claims.

"He was very defensive. And he became quite violent with that defensiveness."

She believed her insistence meant that he knew the questions would soon be asked publicly.

"It wasn't something I could condone or keep quiet about. This was a while ago. It's taken me a number of years to get to where I got to yesterday.

"What he knew was that everything was crumbling. The facade he had carefully manicured over the years was coming down and he would be exposed. That's what he knew. That's why he took himself out."

In the days after her former husband's death, Zhou Black had a number of shocks, including childhood friends of her husband's telling her of abuse he had suffered as a boy.There was also physical evidence left on his mobile phone, which had been passed to her. On it was a photograph of a naked teenage girl - sent by the girl at his encouragement. Tiakitai-Turi said: "They were communicating and he was grooming her at that stage."

There had already been disclosures which led to this point and overnight had come more."Things are tumbling out all over the place. Revelations, and people talking about things. In my mind, retrospectively, you can start to see a pattern."

Prior to his death, there was a genuine fear among victims of stepping forward."People were really afraid to talk. Some still are."

Tiakitai-Turi said his mana and standing in the community silenced victims who doubted they would be believed.

"With particular victims, there were things he could do that made those victims not ever want to speak. And part of that was his status. Who would you believe? That (victim) or the guy with the status."

Tiakitai-Turi said many of those who were close to Awanui Black who had expressed anger were struggling with questions over their own friendship and judgment.

She said they would be asking themselves, "How could I get it so wrong?"

But she said everyone - herself included - had made the same mistake.

There are now growing calls from Bay of Plenty community leaders for police to investigate the claims.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council chairman Doug Leeder said the allegations were extremely serious in nature.

"I think it is only appropriate that the respective authorities look into what has been alleged, which I am in no doubt they will do," he said.

A police spokesperson said they were aware of the video and would be seeking further information about the allegations.

Hal Turner Commentary

The problem of Pedophilia is not limited to New Zealand.  It exists in every country and, sadly, is believed by many to be a widespread and severe problem here in the United States.

For years there have been widely circulated rumors that the problem is particularly severe in the political class; with folks saying such sexual monsters are often backed as political candidates because "they can be controlled." 

When those backing a particular candidate know they can control his every move by holding his satanic Pedophilia over his head, then those who know the secret actually control the government as opposed to those who the American people elect.

Many also believe the problem is so widespread, infecting virtually EVERY department of government, that these activities are able to flourish because those who enforce the law are also compromised.  While this belief makes sense, it has only been tangentially supported.

For instance, in May, 2014, Two police officers, a rabbi, a registered nurse, a nanny and a Boy Scout den leader were among 70 men and one woman arrested on charges of trading child pornography in what federal officials said was one of the largest-ever roundups in the New York City area.

The arrests included a woman charged with producing and distributing child pornography involving her own child and a man who used hidden cameras to secretly film his naked stepdaughter.

Still another defendant was already on bail following his arrest in 2013 on charges that he used the Internet to direct women to record sex acts with young children. Court papers alleged he "indicated the last video he had downloaded and viewed depicted a mother sexually abusing her 3- or 4-year-old child."

One had been convicted and sentenced for raping someone younger than 11 years old.

The arrests were part of a federal investigation that resulted in the seizure of nearly 600 desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations said in a press release at the time. Some of those possessed libraries with thousands of sexually explicit images and videos of children.

A poster board displayed photos, names and occupations of five men arrested as part of the operation: Brian Fanelli, a former police chief; Samuel Waldman, a rabbi; Yong Wu, a police officer; Jonathan Silber, a Boy Scout leader and Little League baseball coach;and Aaron Young, a paramedic.


At a press conference, James Hayes, the head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations New York office at the time, said officials are certain there will be more charges against the 71 people arrested and possibly more arrests.

"These defendants came from all walks of life," Hayes said. "Many of these defendants are well-educated and successful."

None of the victims in the images found on the computers has been identified, Hayes said.

That was back in 2014.  What has happened since?  

Donald J. Trump - political OUTSIDER - was elected President of the United States.

During Trump's first year as President, a strange thing began to happen: A very significant number of long time members of the US Congress, began announcing they would NOT be seeking re-election.

That is a very peculiar thing given that about 98% of such politicians are always re-elected.  People began wondering aloud WHY so many of these political elite were choosing to leave?  Some folks openly asked if these politicians somehow found out "the jig is up" for them?  Are some of them Pedophiles who have been told they're under criminal Indictment and to quietly leave before their arrest takes place?

Could a situation exist right now in the United States where so many elected officials at both the federal and state levels are under SEALED Indictment, that Trump was actually FORCED to wait on arresting them, for fear the government would collapse?

If that is the case, then it would seem prudent to wait until the country is much closer to election time, to effect such mass arrests.  

The American people would be shattered if many dozens of their trusted officials were found to be satanic pedophiles, but if that information was held back until close to election time, the country could withstand such a revelation and mass arrests for the month or two before the election, knowing the problem would be cleaned out when Ballots were cast in just a few short weeks.

In my personal opinion, I believe this is the case.

I know as a matter of established fact, there are presently some 40,000+ SEALED CASES on the Dockets of all 94 federal Districts Courts throughout the entire United States.  That is an astonishing and unprecedented number of sealed cases.

There are many reason for a case to be sealed on a docket: If one company is suing another over trade secrets, sealing the case protects such trade secrets.  If a minor child is facing criminal charges, cases may also be sealed to protect the future of a youthful offender, with hope they can be turned around and put back into a productive life.  Of course, if a case is criminal in nature, and contains an Indictment, such cases would remain sealed until authorities could locate and assure the arrest of Defendants.  The sealing of those Indictments prevents the Accused from fleeing.

But in all the history of the United States, the largest number of sealed cases in any single year . . . was 1099 back in the year 2010.   No other year had more than 1099 sealed cases on federal Dockets; until the Trump Administration came in. 

In its first year, the Trump Administration filed some 18,000+ Sealed cases. Lo and behold, that just happened to coincide with a slew of Congressional members telling the public they would not be seeking re-election.   HMMMMMMMMM

Moreover, the opposition in Congress to Trump's election mandate to "BUILD A WALL" on America's southern border was astonishing.  Many Americans wondered why so many in Congress would oppose securing our border.  But what if the real reason for such opposition was that securing the border would CUT OFF the supply of "fresh meat" for Congressional Pedophiles? Could THAT be the case? HMMMMMMMM.

As the Trump Administration entered its second year, the number of Sealed cases rose to over 40,000.  As these sealed cases continued to appear on Dockets all over the country, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was hiring another THREE HUNDRED Assistant US Attorneys.   HMMMMMMM.

To those of us who are able to track such things, it appears that something gigantic is in the works within federal law enforcement.  Perhaps something even HISTORIC.

Wouldn't it be something if President Trump made good on his promise to "Drain the Swamp" by prosecuting thousands of satanic pedophiles and cleaning them out of government?  That would be a very good thing.

Stay tuned.


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    Rex Reptilius · 19:37 07/29/2018
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    MaryAnne B. Phillips · 12:30 07/29/2018
    Most of Americans know that this and other crimes are committed by those in office who only seek power, not service. They are the Clintons and the rest of the democrat party and the Department of Justice refuses to glance in their direction but will investigate President Trump for nothing because he is not a politician and not a member of their criminal cult. The majority of Americans voted for President Trump and not Hillary and she and other democrats have spent every breath denying, lying and inventing reasons to undue a legitimate election.
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