I am 56 years old and at night when I'm sleeping, I dream once in awhile like anyone else. 

I am not given to particular recurring Themes/Topics/Subjects in dreams and rarely do I even recall having a dream.  This, I remember.  Vividly.

It was terrifying.

I was in a vehicle.  I don't know what kind, but it had windows on the side where I was, and my face was pressed against the glass trying to see outside.  It was daylight, but the air itself was darkish as if from a fog or smoke. It was very difficult to see.

The glass window I was seeing out of was wet, as if from drenching spring or summer rain, and it was smeared with a dark gray/blackish soot or something, making it much, much harder to see outside.

Objects in the glass were blurred by the filthy water on the glass and it was hard to discern what I was seeing.

As I looked along whatever "road" we were traveling, I could see light wooden-colored things along both sides of the road.

Farther behind them were gently rolling hills for as far as my eye could see, but with no grass or foliage or trees.  The ground was brown like dried out winter grass, and everywhere there were these thin black sticks.   

I initially thought had been a horrible forest fire leaving only shriveled tree trunks for miles and miles.  Thousands and thousands of them!

There was smoke smoldering up from small fires that were still burning almost everywhere along all those hills, as if a great forest fire had consumed the trees for miles and was finally burning itself out.

As I struggled to discern what I was seeing, trying to understand this vast image, I looked at the light-colored objects closest to the road.  Something in my head said "Appian Way."

I said to myself Appian Way?   Wait a minute, I'd heard that name before.  Appian Way, what is that place?  I know that name.  It's . . . it's . . . and I gasped in horror at the memory . . . 

I looked very closely through the  glass and suddenly I knew what the blurred images were that I was seeing through the filthy wet glass: Crosses. 

The kind they used to CRUCIFY people on!   

Terror struck my heart as I found a tiny clear spot in the window.  The "forest" that had covered the rolling hills for as far as my eye could see, but had burned in a forest fire,  . . . wasn't a forest.  What I was seeing were BURNED CROSSES. 

Hundreds, . . . no . . . thousands, . . . .no, tens of . . . . no, hundreds-of-thousands of them.  Burned into nothing more than thin sticks.

There were burned, shriveled people on them all.  

The light, wood-colored ones nearest the road were new, they weren't used . . . yet.  Weren't burned . . . yet.

I was horrified.  I did not feel in danger, but rather that I was there to bear witness to what had happened.

Then, I woke up; gasping for breath and in a terrible sweat.

The dream/vision is etched clearly in my mind.  This is not the way things are when I dream.  Usually, I may recall a few bits and pieces of a dream, but this . . . this I recall in vivid detail.

I have told you folks  before that I am not a "Bible thumper" or a devoutly religious person.  I absolutely, positively believe in one, true Almighty God, whom I was taught is named YHVH, pronounced "Yahweh"  or "Ye Ho Vah" (Jehovah)

I know that Jesus, whom I was was taught was actually named Y'Shua, was of God and after he was Crucified, he suffered, died and was buried.  On the third day He WAS raised from the Dead by Almighty God in fulfillment of the Scriptures.

I believe he was the Son of God and died so that I, a sinner, can have a chance at Redemption and Salvation.  I have prayed to God and accepted Jesus into my life.

This is stuff I've known since childhood, from going to Catholic Church.

I don't think about it much.  I don't read the Bible often, but I HAVE read much of it.

There is nothing in particular going on in my life right now that has me thinking of God or Jesus or religion; certainly nothing that would lead me to think of Appian Way or Crucifixions !!  

I haven't read the Bible lately,or read any other books of any religious topic.  

I haven't seen any videos or movies that would even hint at any of these things.

I've never been to Italy and have no plans to go.

I cannot point to anything going on in my life right now that would even remotely set in motion this type of train of thought.  I am completely bewildered at having experienced this.

This is very strange for me.  And even stranger, I feel compelled to share this with you. 

Of course, a slew of you are now going to think I'm off my rocker and ready for the men in the white coats. You may be right.

But this is the dream/vision I had and it has shaken me to my core.

Utterly shaken me to my core.  What I saw was death on a scale I never imagined possible, and the death was by Crucifixion and being burned on those Crosses.

Of this I am certain: It was NOT "Hell" that I was in.  It was here, on earth.  Very clearly here.  The rolling hills could have been anyplace; heck they reminded me of Pennsylvania.  

In any case, the whole thing was Terrifying to me.  Utterly terrifying.

I don't know why I dreamed this - or why I remember it so vividly, but there you have it.


 UPDATE 3:19 AM EDT --

I went on Google and did an image search for "hillsides of burned crosses" and found a couple images that give you an idea - but not the vastness- of what I saw:

It was kind of like this - the ground color is right, but not nearly enough crosses. 

 A thousand times more crosses over a much MUCH larger area - MILES AND MILES -- would be more accurate.

 And the sky in my dream was more like this color:

With smoke, sort of like this, EVERYWHERE:

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    James · 03:44 08/11/2018
    Wow,...........................reminds me of the part from the movie 300 where bodies were strung on trees, but yours is definitely gruesome.

    I had 3 dreams of the islands cracking open and falling into the sea all the while the volcano, erupting, fire everywhere, the ocean pounding, sizzling boiling water everywhere.

    I had my back against the mountain watching everything waiting for all of it to consume me, when it did I awoke.

    This was in the late 1970's way before the movies 2012, san andeas, etc.
    I don't know how i could picture dream these events.

    I was about 14 or 16 yrs old.
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    Barb Kateusz · 10:03 08/08/2018
    WOW! Definitely from God. And you are absolutely right in your assessment of it, Hal. Those pictures really brought the dream to life. When I looked at them, my gut feeling was that the crosses represent the persecution of Christians, specifically in the United States and that the United States will be destroyed by fire. You mentioned in a previous post that maybe God should send Jesus back to execute His judgement.... Well, hang in there, because.... Jesus is coming.... and boy, is He pissed!! He is coming to kick ass and take names. And when it is all said and done, EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that HE IS LORD!! (Philippians 2:9-11). Even Satan will bow and confess before his sorry ass is kicked into the lake of fire. So, confessing Jesus as Lord now, is what will put you on the right side of His reckoning. If you wait until then, it will be too late.
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    monica coke · 21:54 08/07/2018
    If GOD gave you this dream then ask HIM what it means.
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      Hal Turner · 22:58 08/07/2018
      I never said God gave it to me and I never asked anyone what it means.

      I shared it. Period.

      I did so because I already KNOW what it means; there's horrific trouble coming - beyond anything most of us have imagined.

      God __is__ going to take care of business because so much utter EVIL is headed our way, He's the only one who CAN take care of it.

      I am terrified of being on the wrong end of His reckoning!
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    Ben S. · 18:27 08/07/2018
    Mr Hal,

    No one can simply give you the answer to your dream. If your request is sincere, there are instructors who can help you obtain the answer for yourself. And that in itself is very personal and not for public view . It’s only with pure motivation that the road can unfold for you with it’s meaning.

    The right instructors/people will never ask for any monetary compensation. Helping others obtain happiness, to them, is the most important and just reward.

    We suggest you begin your search at gnosticsquare.com.

    Kindest Regards

    Ben S .
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      Hal Turner · 23:00 08/07/2018
      Thanks but I didn't ask anyone for an answer about my dream. I shared it because I already KNOW what it means.

      Big trouble ahead. The kind that only God Himself can take care of; and He will.

      I fear being on the wrong side of His reckoning.
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        Bob Richards · 15:19 08/13/2018
        Did you happen to fall asleep with the TV on? I've had dreams about what I was watching just before sleeping. I did not realize that during the dream,. but I put it together the next day.
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    Susan · 17:55 08/07/2018
    I take the devastation of Christians and their land along the Appian Way refers directly to the destruction and desolation of Europe. It is inevitable given the current invasion that had previously been held back for centuries. Now it's just the women and girls being picked off. The invaders, as their numbers increase and the populations are beaten into deeper silence and submission, will become further emboldened.
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    Hal Turner · 17:18 08/07/2018
    OK, if that's the way you want it. Signing-on with different user names from the same IP address -- -- with the prior hop from Seattle via IP -- responding to your own posts so you can make it look as though many other people think like you . . .

    Your postings are now unpublished. I can see them, but no one else can.

    Just remember when things go very badly for you -- it was YOU who wanted this.
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      Rabbi Bitberg · 18:06 08/07/2018
      Are my postings also shadow-unpublished? I've been wondering...
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        Hal Turner · 23:02 08/07/2018
        Non-subscriber posts will now be held, unpublished, for moderation. Right now, there are only two people whose participation here is no longer welcome, and one of those may still get through if he submits meaningful comments instead of unbridled hatred. The other, despite IP bans, keeps coming back. Now, he can't.
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    fabian moran · 17:15 08/07/2018
    you had a premonitory dream of what will come to humanity ... it is the cycle that we must fulfill in this flesh ... it is the galactic cycle that the aliens bring us ... I talk to them
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      Heather · 17:52 08/12/2018
      Aliens are demons. Rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ. They're not your friends.
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    Dubba · 17:11 08/07/2018
    You're great, Hal. In ancient times the Appian Way was the main road to Rome. After Spartacus was defeated by Crassus, Crassus lined the Appian Way with the crucified captives from Spartacus' slave army. Hence the symbolism in your dream: more captives to be sacrificed to be added to those already killed and burned. But who are those people? I don't have a clue. Think. The answer may lie within you.
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    Sammy jew pig · 16:58 08/07/2018
    Jews taking down Alex Jones .maybe Hal works for them .
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    Gifford Rodine · 16:55 08/07/2018
    Read the novel, "No Country For Old Men" It is happening.
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    Sammy the Jew bastar · 15:10 08/07/2018
    US senators are quietly paving the way for a military aid to Israel that exceeds $3.8 billion.

    The number would amount to $23,000 per year for every family in Israel, according to a Friday report by Minnesota-based news website MintPress News, released amid a media blackout.

    American senators passed a bill titled the “United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018,” on Wednesday, paving the way for its likely approval by the US House of Representatives within the week.
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      Sam the jew PIG · 15:39 08/07/2018
      Send your idiot sons to die for the Jews,over 1 million now hospitalized from the Iraq war .say the veteran administration.
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    Sammy the jew bastar · 14:51 08/07/2018
    THINK OF a world with No jews .No wars these last hundred years .No degenerates on our streets or in our governments .No porn slavery ,baby killing,almost like heaven.No drugs or poison in our food..A race of swine.
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    Hal now using religi · 14:20 08/07/2018
    "It's a little before 2:00 Am EDT on
    August 8, Just awoke from a horrible dream/vision."
    Now how did you accomplish that feat you
    fucking fraud?
    You posted this article on 7 August, it's still 7 August across America for many hours, but you just woke from a dream
    on 8 August.
    Oh, I get it, you're a time traveling
    douche now.
    Shut the fuck up, you scamming shitbag
    and snitch working for the fbi.
    You really need to have a new asshole
    stamped between your eyes.
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      Hal Turner · 14:49 08/07/2018
      You know, you COULD have simply said "Hey Hal, you got the date wrong." or something like "Hal, you must have really been upset by what happened, you got the date wrong." But no.

      YOU had to impute some nefarious motive conjured-up in that sick little mind of yours.

      You come here every time I unlock the comments area to hurl abuse at me, and seem to think it's all ok. It's not.

      I have friends. In places with abilities.

      Do you know what a National Security Letter is? It's a way to get customer information from _any_ business without a Subpoena.

      Information like name, address, GPS coordinates overnight and such.

      How long did you think you were going to be able to come here and attack me before I made use of my former colleague's abilities?

      In less than 15 minutes today, here's what I got about you:

      Your Sprint PCS phone was located in Hartford, CT when you wrote this tripe. Specifically, between Albany Ave on the north and Asylum Ave on the south. And between Scarborough St. on the west and Woodland St on the east. Right in the area of St. Francis Hospital near I-84.

      Would you like the GPS coordinates of the place(s) you slept in for the past week? Two weeks? Month? Want the exact street address? Want the NAME associated with the payment method used for that Sprint PCS phone?

      Want me to show up one day without warning and give it all to you in-person? I can if you like.

      You come here and shoot your mouth off as if you're a tough guy, but you're a coward.

      My home address is listed on this site and has been given out over my radio show every few weeks for years. Yet, do you come to see me to be a tough guy in person? No.

      Instead, you practice being a keyboard commando because that's all you've got. You're a loser and a coward.

      Want a piece of me? Come and get it!
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    Jon · 13:59 08/07/2018
    Hal, my friend Julie Whedbee received a dream/vision last year that substantiates the one you just received - in which she saw open crucifixions of Christians in the streets of America.
    It's time to make sure our hearts are right with Yahweh!

    In the early morning hours of February 17, 2017, I had a powerful night vision/ dream. All of my physical senses and emotions were very acute, as I experienced what it will be like towards the very end of the great tribulation, after the remnant church has been taken. (I am not commenting here on the timing of the church being transformed.)

    I found myself suddenly running with a group of other believers who had come to know Yahushua but only after the remnant was removed. We were living underground in hiding in a large but dark abandoned building of some sort. There was no electricity, and there had not been for some time. I saw oil lamps and candles everywhere, and it was the only light we had. We all were dressed in oversized clothing with head wraps doing our best to stay as inconspicuous as possible. There were times we had to go out for needed items, such as salt and oil and would barter using things we had found and collected for this reason. Food was scarce to say the least. Water was also something we were having to look for constantly and was most important for survival.

    As we traveled, we would do so only in the early pre-dawn hours or at sunset, doing our best to avoid being targeted and taken away to be killed. I was told by Father this was the United States after many of the judgments had happened, and He let me understand that millions had already died. The streets were very empty. There were only a few small businesses open and everything was run by the NWO (New World Order). Martial law kept everyone in check, and as we traveled, we were watched and controlled at gunpoint. There were certain paths that had to be taken, and if we were found traveling on any other path, we were shot instantly. We never spoke while we were outside of our building.

    There were open crucifixions in the streets, a gruesome and horrible sight of anyone who publicly confessed Christianity. The bodies were then left where they hung after the individuals had died. Christianity was long gone in this country. Our group did the best we could to go at night and take these precious souls' bodies back to where we were hiding, although we had no way to properly bury them. I saw rows of them on a far wall of our hiding place wrapped in sheets and blankets, as this was all we had. I remember discussing with others what we were going to do with these bodies, these martyrs.

    It was a terrifying vision, one I will never forget as these prophetic encounters were more than real. I felt tangible fear and smelled and saw more acutely than we do now.

    When it was over, Father's exact words were: "Tell My people, tribulation will come to the United States."

    That was all I heard in direct words. This message is yet another warning for all those who continually reject Yahushua's sacrifice in the here and now and have not taken seriously the future they face if not born again. Of course many will die in disasters and judgments, yes, but what if you are one of the ones who lives???

    Father wants you to know, this could be your fate. Please take this message very seriously if you are lukewarm, or have not accepted Yahushua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) as your personal Savior and King. This is so very real and this will come to pass, just as all His words have. Time is not on your side.

    For those of you who do read these words, who do follow Yahushua and have accepted Him, do not be afraid to send this to family and friends. You have nothing to lose, as those who follow Yahushua have counted all as lost anyway. The earth is not our home. Pass this along to everyone as a warning. One day, it will be too late....

    Love and shalom,


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    Ariel Bergesma · 13:48 08/07/2018
    Prophetic Spiritual America Awakening - You saw the Persecution of Christians in America. It will come from the left, the right, even from within the Institutional Churches...
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    Sammy jew pig · 13:15 08/07/2018
    Jews Suck amen
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      Doc · 14:56 08/07/2018
      "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you."

      Not extremely intelligent to curse yourself...
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    Lori · 12:59 08/07/2018
    Persecution (crucifixion) and refinement (fire) is coming. God likely gave this to you so that you would put it on your web site so that people could be warned. The smoke/dirty water indicates that this persecution will saturate the land.
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    jo · 12:30 08/07/2018
    What happened Hall? Did peace and love break out in your dream, an awfull nightmare indeed
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 12:14 08/07/2018
    I am not an accredited psychoanalyst, and my only credible qualification to practice psychiatry as a folk art is that I'm Jewish. With that said, my best guess would be that it is part of the repressed fear I think most people can sense in the so-called collective unconsciousness. This is the Boomer fear. You can tell how much of a Boomer you are by how likely it feels the Baby Boomerang is going to catch up with you. Deep down, I think most Westerners know in their hearts that life cannot possibly go on like the endless garden party the post-WW2 West has been. Human beings in the West have a higher standard of living than any previous people in known human history. The money crept in, dissolving values and bonds. And the Boomers are left wondering if they will make it off this world in time, to have enjoyed the tremendous life experience available in this part of the world in this era, before it all collapses. I think that is probably the basis of your dream - you are afraid that the bottom is going to fall out in your lifetime. You aren't going to make it out in time. At 56, maybe there aren't many things left you are too young for, but I think that's one of them... so you are left with that anxiety of waiting for the kind of societal upheaval you just can't get a cathartic release from. Also you should probably watch Evangelion, or at least the movie End of Evangelion... I am pretty sure it's Alex Jones' favourite anime.
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    Beach · 11:54 08/07/2018
    WOW ....I am astounded by the wusdom in the comments.....a good number are RIGHT ON......It was refreshing to see that I am NOT alone.....wow...Joeblow....Jerry D.....others actually KNOW ! ! !
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    The Realest Bill · 11:26 08/07/2018
    "What has to happen to you? How long is it going to take all of you to understand that if we all stood up together and said, 'No! Uh-uh. You can't fool us any longer. We know what the law is. We know who you are. We know what you're trying to do. We know that you are in subversion, executing treason... and it's over.' And ladies and gentlemen, what would it take to make you understand that if we all did that in concert, it would really be over? And no one would be injured... not even with a tiny scratch. [...] But you see, I know that won't happen. I know human nature, and I have studied history well. [...]

    Ladies and gentlemen, all I want, all I have ever wanted you to be is honest, committed, caring, loving and understanding that there are those in this world who cannot love themselves, much less love you, and therefore will try to hurt you, and me, and our children, and our world, and those people we must oppose and fight. You cannot have peace, love and understanding with those kinds of people, because to do it would mean your destruction."
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    Lucinda Dionysius · 11:24 08/07/2018
    Thank you so much for all your informative and amazing posts! I just want to tell you the most important thing anyone needs to know: Yahweh, Moses' bloodthirsty angry demigod of the Old Testament, is not the same as our True Creator. Read Numbers 31:13-18 wherein Yahweh orders Moses to kill hundreds of thousands of defenseless men women and children. The soldiers spare the little girls which angers Moses. But he relents and says keep the little girls for yourselves. Throughout the OT, Yahweh orders Moses' armies to slaughter innocent people and destroy their cities. He used the undefeatable Ark Stone demiurge to annihilate his "enemies". Yeshua is the son of our true creator. He and wife Mary Magdalene are attached to the Star of Bethlehem demiurge, which is the Holy Grail. Trump is a descendant of the Bloodline of the Holy Grail. The Bible is vastly corrupted by the dark.. We need only to deny consent to Yahweh's jurisdiction over us and turn to the Holy Grail. We are not sinners. We are gods and goddesses who were trapped against our freewill in a holographic matrix and used to feed the dark overloads. I have posted much about this during my life's mission to save children from torture and ritual sacrifice which occurs in the millions yearly. Most leaders of the world are satanists. Seach my name Lucinda Dionysius for more.
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      Jon · 14:26 08/07/2018
      Lucinda, Yahweh commanded Israel to completely destroy the Canaanites because their bloodlines had become corrupted - they had procreated with the Fallen Angels, the Nephilim - and were thus no longer human.
      As the Canaanites were not fully human, they were not redeemable by the blood of Jesus/ Yahshua, and wiping them out was truly an act of mercy to prevent any further non-human offspring.

      Satan (like modern liberals) would love to project his own character (angry, hateful, and happy to slaughter innocent men, women, and children) on Yahweh.

      There is actually a term for this, it is called Psychological projection.

      We certainly all are sinners - all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.

      We are certainly not gods and goddesses - this is easily seen as a lie originating from the Father of lies- the one who believed himself to be a god above his own Creator.
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        Lucinda Dionysius · 19:56 08/07/2018
        I do not agree with anything you wrote. We are immortal gods and goddesses--without sins and needing no forgiveness--trapped in satanic hologram matrix controlled by Yahweh and reincarnated endlessly. Read the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yahweh commanded his people to boil and cannibalize their own children. It is responsible for all the suffering of humanity. As long as people continue to worship this psychopathic monster, children will continue to be sacrificed to it. The good news is the Holy Grail is here to lead the way into the higher dimensions shortly before Contellation Genesis (Nibiru) arrives. All us human gods and goddesses will be free forever from the matrix...no more reincarnation, no more suffering. And we will regain our god powers. And Yahweh's evil nonhuman parasites will be destroyed forever. (Nonhumans look like us but are parasitic. They do not have the "Spark of Immortality" and survive off our bio emissions. They know they are nonhuman and spawns of Satan-Yahweh. They are high ranking controllers, like Soros, Rothschilds)
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          Bob Richards · 15:36 08/13/2018
          It must be nice to have it all figured out. Amazing job of putting so many oddball ideas together. Matrix, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Nibiru all mixed together after telling us that we are God's. Interesting handle. Goddesses can do whatever they want, so what do you do with your power. Can't you just wave a hands and make them disappear?
          Why did God need help to kill people? Mohammed believed God told him to kill people. That's what Psychopaths do. There are many in the Bible. The condition was not recognized in Biblical times for what it really was. Voices in your head are not from God.

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    TSAZ · 10:57 08/07/2018
    Hal: Acts 2:17:
    "In the last days,' God says, 'I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams."

    Perhaps He is calling you out Hal. You got about 6 years on me, but I know that He does things...many would scoff at. I'm not going dogmatic on you, but it sure sounds like a call to draw you closer was put forth. If real, it will be irresistible- no one can resist His calling, it is not "free-will". The Lord cannot lose anyone and cannot fail at anything.

    "And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day."
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    Bill Melnyk · 10:15 08/07/2018
    I'm pretty sure that your dream indicates that a nuclear attack on our country, the USA, is near; as well as, WWIII. Time has run out. Our Lady of Fatima warned of this back in 1917. The Vatican is still concealing the "text" of the 3rd secret which warns about WWIII and the wiping out of many nations. It's at the door. All of us must make sure that we are right with God and in a state of "sanctifying grace". I would recommend a good and sincere "sacramental confession" in the Catholic church for all of us.
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      Jerry W Davis · 11:41 08/07/2018
      Bill M. - you poor dead soul. The "catholic" or Universal church is the Mystery Babylon, having blasphemed Yahuah from the very beginning, incorporating every pagan religion unto itself, worshiping idols and wrapping the worship of Nimrod in the trappings of following the Christ. Removing the command of Yahuah to never have images of Him or idols from the Commands. Damn the "catholic ('catholic' means 'universal' or 'world') church" to hell. With the MASSIVE proof available to ANY who seek it, any person who still participates in catholicism is a burned-in property of Satan, denying the Truth and dead to Yahuah.

      You "would recommend..." Wow, the arrogance. You follow witches and devils, having no understanding, no wisdom and no heart for Yahuah. At this point in the acceleration of knowledge, to believe as you do clearly makes you the enemy of Truth. Repent, reject satan and embrace the one called Jesus in the West.

      I hate to come down so hard on you, but to cling to the utterly false teachings of the universal church at this point in time is willful hatred of the truth, and believe this - I am restraining myself only by the Holy Spirit. I am capable of much more forceful truth to any who believe as you do. Yet Yahuah calls on His people to be merciful, to love, to forgive. He also commands us to arm ourselves. It will be catholic drones like you who hang those believers on the crosses.
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        Bill Melnyk · 15:55 08/07/2018
        Whatever. FYI. You cannot be "saved" outside the Catholic (Universal) Church.
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          selah · 15:21 08/10/2018
          sorry Bill but you have been deceived. the catholic church is the church of satan.
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    Tim · 09:27 08/07/2018
    Ask God for the interpretation
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    Buckwheat · 09:24 08/07/2018
    I too have had visions. There is a verse in the bible that says something to the effect of: in the last days ordinary men will have visions.

    They were so real and of things/cities that I had never been to before. I have traveled a lot - so it is hard to deliberately take me to places I have not been. At one point, I was in a car and very felt safe while witnessing unspeakable horror. There are two small details that people over look that I see mentioned a lot in faith based visions: 1) could you see his face? (I could not, but I knew who I was dealing with) 2) how did you communicate (it was more like telepathy - the questions were answered no sooner had I asked).

    I have subsequently found those cities and 3 of the 5 events have already come to pass.

    I tried to tell anyone that would listen - only to be mocked and ridiculed - "Christians" included. There was a point a couple of years ago that I would not like to be around children because I was terrified of recognizing a child's face from a vision. I felt like it helped no one except myself and family in that it propelled my resolve to prepare for what is coming. My point is that this vision can be a burden that you will carry with you. You will truly understand why God told Noah to build the boat...

    You should also know that the Appian way did have massive crucifixions. I found this without much effort - see the part about Spartacus's revolt http://www.rome.us/ancient-rome/the-appian-way.html/
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jim · 08:56 08/07/2018
    Mr. Turner, way back in '96/97 the things you have described (with some exceptions) I also have seen.

    I did not see any crosses. The country ( The U.S. ) had been burnt. smoke and fire were seen across the rolling hill like country. The sky was dark, cloudy, smoke filled. The ground was black. there were people walking across this expanse following a well worn path all going in the same direction. The direction I could not tell you as there was nothing to get a bearing on to indicate a direction. The location of this ? I have no clue.

    As far as this being created by Gog/Magog, I can not say. As far as this having taken place in what many call Babylon or etc., I again can not say.

    I will address that point from my understanding of the Bible......there is no place in the book that gives a definite description of the place or places that "people" have come to understand as being either Russia or any other set country that go about creating this destruction. In general terms, possibly. The Bible does not talk in general terms. WE understand in general terms.

    These things are coming to the world and yes, to the U.S.

    People do not wish to think in terms that the U.S. may or will be attacked or marked for destruction. It is coming and soon !
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Brenda Weltner · 08:33 08/07/2018
    Thanks for sharing. I, too, have had visions and dreams about the end. I'm assuming your dream is a warning about the things soon to come. Here's my understanding about what you have shared from what I believe the Bible says about this time. Soon Satan will attempt to destroy true believers and he will use organized religion to do that deed. Once any remaining believers are driven under-ground or dead, Satan and the Beast will then destroy organized religion (Mystery Babylon) so that there is only one religion left, namely that of the Beast and the Dragon. "Mystery Babylon", as a religious system embracing millions of people, is destroyed by fire in a single day. (Revelation 17:15-18; chapter 18 and Revelation 9:15-23). One third of the earth perishes. The crosses represent both true believers in Christ who will be martyred and the compromised religious system which will be abruptly done away with, by fire, in a single day.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Kaleb · 07:48 08/07/2018
    Check out the description of The Tribulation or The Great Tribulation. See if that doesn't fit.

    Most of us read the Bible as the Rapture occurring and the Trib beginning very close afterwards. The AntiChrist (AC) will bring in or revive a 7 year covenant between Israel and their neighbors which kicks off the excitement. You don't want to be here for that particular drama.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Joe Blow · 07:14 08/07/2018
    This could have been nothing more than just another dream....except the "Appian Way" makes it different. Now be warned, just because you received a vision, that doesn't make you special. Now let the words of the Prophets interpret your vision. Very shortly there will be millions of Lost Israelites receiving visions. (Joel 2:28-29, Ezekiel 39:29). The event in Joel 2 and Ezekiel 38-39 is the same. What triggers this event? Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog war and Joel 2:20 invasion by the northern army. What does that have to do with the "Appian Way"? There is something hidden in Ezekiel 39 which I will now show you. Whole land masses will be set on fire at two locations as a result of the wrath of Yehovah. Ezekiel 39:6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the COASTLANDS: and they shall know that I am YEHOVAH.
    1. Magog which is north of Israel.
    2. Dwell without care in the Coastlands? Coastlands of what? Coastlands of the Mediterranean Sea. Now get yourself a map of the Med Sea and what do you see smack dab in the middle of the Med Sea? The Boot. The Appian Way. ROME.
    Matthew 3:11 He (Yehoshua Messiah) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with FIRE! : 12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat (All the tribes of Israel Hebrews 8:8-12)) into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff (Magog and the Coastlands of the Sea aka The Appian Way) with unquenchable fire. Now my next statement is going to make most of you very angry. Magog (Russia and Allies) represent the Greek Orthodox religion and The Appian way represents the Catholic and Protestant religions of Western civilization. What will happen to all those Israelites living in Russia and the Appian way? Isaiah 43:1 But now thus saith Yehovah that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O ISRAEL, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; THOU ART MINE.

    2When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: WHEN THOU WALKEST THROUGH THE FIRE, THOU SHALT NOT; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. Hal Turner. I told you that you were of the very Jews you so despised. I even showed you the names of the many of the TURNERS who were gassed and burned during the Holocaust. What did you do? You kicked me off! But you see, that changes nothing. Europe and Russia will be set on fire for what they did to our people the Jews over the course of 2 millenia. Nothing in Heaven or on earth shall stop it. All the tribes of Israel shall be regathered. Nothing in heaven or on earth shall stop it.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 10:06 08/07/2018
      I remember you; a real pain in the ...

      Welcome back!
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Joe Blow · 11:05 08/07/2018
        I shall be a pain to all who hate Israel. Now that you have changed your heart concerning Israel, I see that Sammy, Frank and the others are now labeling you with all the same wonderful names they have labeled Jewry since 67 AD. Welcome to the Hebrew club Hal.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    David Owens · 06:23 08/07/2018
    God has been forewarning for years of coming destruction to this hypocritical, God forsaking nation and of coming persecution to His people, followers of Jesus. We are the ones now that are accused of hate speech b/c we don't agree with more and more of what society does; and it will get worse. We believe the Bible and follow it; most don't go that far. In John 12:48 He says "the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day"; meaning the Word of God and if you allowed Him to change you and follow Jesus with all you are. Easy? No, b/c most don't, but you can't "claim" it and not "adhere" to Him with your whole heart and make it to heaven with Him. He's trying to get your attention for a deeper, fuller, commitment, not just a "I believe but don't do the religious thing". That crowd is nothing more that lukewarm fence straddlers; it's one way or the other. God is also showing you, (as He has me), and has forewarned, that horrible persecution and death is coming to this fallen nation. Christ is love, but now we are deemed "hate mongers". It only gets worse from here. Prepare your heart now with a full commitment to Jesus and dust off the Bible and read it. Because remember what He said in Matthew 7:21-23, that not everyone who professes Him knows Him, and therefore doesn't come in to the kingdom of heaven. It's verse 24 where He says those who hear Him and do; as in follow Him and obey all He has said.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Joe Blow · 07:18 08/07/2018
      This nation? What on earth is wrong with you? The coming trial by fire is upon EVERY NATIONS WHOSE LANDS ARE FILLED WITH THE SHED BLOOD OF THE JEWS.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        lilly · 09:27 08/07/2018
        So I guess God will burn up people on His Son's Holy Symbol, the Cross? Sounds more like the shedding of the blood of Christians....
        • Comment held for moderation.
          Joe Blow · 11:19 08/07/2018
          Your cross is the Symbol (mark) of the Beast (The Appian Way). You put that symbol on your foreheads on Ash Wodensday exactly as John predicted. You make that same sign with your right hand as John predicted. You exchanged the true Gospel of Hebrews 8:8-12 and the true Gospel of Romans 11:25-27 for a false gospel just as Paul predicted you would in Galatians 1:6-9, and in 2 Corinthians 11: 3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Messiah. 4 If someone came and preached to you a different Yehoshua, whom we the Apostles have not preached, or if another spirit came along, which ye have not received before, or a false gospel, which ye have not accepted before, ye might readily accept him. Paul was so ACCURATE! THIS PERSON PAUL SPOKE OF WAS NONE OTHER THAN CONSTANTINE AND HIS FALSE GOSPEL, AND HIS FALSE SYMBOL.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          JerryW Davis · 11:16 08/07/2018
          The "cross" is not the "holy symbol" of the Messiah. The cross was and is a device used to cause slow, painful death. It's a primitive killing machine. The Menorah is closer to a holy symbol, seeing that Yahuah defined it Himself.

          Revelation 12:17 - "And the dragon was enraged over the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, those keeping the commandments of God, and having the testimony of Jesus Christ. "

          Keeping the commands of Yahuah - obedient to His Word in letter and truth. Torah defines the walk.

          Testimony of Jesus (Yahusha) - salvation. Jesus (Yahusha) saves.

          The "Way", which Paul was arrested for being a part of, is exactly Rev 12:17. So we who walk in the Way will be target #1 of Satan.

          The violent persecution of the believers is what Hal saw. Extreme, satanic, demon-driven madness to exterminate the faithful.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        guest · 08:57 08/07/2018
        Actually the shed blood of the innocent in a lot of translations. And there is no clear, spelled out gaurantee of pre-trib rapture; only a gaurantee of Jesus returning one time to end the war and carry out the judgement. If all the remenant were taken and the Holy Spirit were removed, there would not be anyone here to witness to the others.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Dan Lawrence · 05:42 08/07/2018
    Are you fucking kidding me? You put this bullshit on you website? My once shaky respect for you is crumbling.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jerry W Davis · 11:43 08/07/2018
      So Dan, I take it you firmly reject the offer of Salvation through Yahusha, the only begotten Son of Yahuah?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Yvonne · 10:25 08/07/2018
      Good! Let it crumble!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      guest · 08:59 08/07/2018
      What's the matter? Can't tollerate an opinion that doesn't agree with your mind set?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Chris · 04:55 08/07/2018
    Do you know the nightmares of the second generation who's father survived (unbelievable) the centre of Dresden?

    Perhaps God gave you a little warning, that he does not like the USA (and GB) still trying to glibly sneak away with this unthinkable disgusting warcrime/abomination, misusing the power of government.

    Be warned!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    $600_Silver · 04:22 08/07/2018
    .... The Appian Way, of course, is an important and famous road to Rome. It symbolizes Western civilization by virtue of its durable and outstanding construction. The West was the best until November 22, 1963 Dallas, Tx when things began to change for the worse, culminating with the installation of Obama.

    The word in the Qanon community has been that Obama's bff Jorge Bergoglio is soon going to be exposed and exiled away from Rome. Probably after the August 7 primary elections in US. Depending on what is exposed this could substantially rock the Catholic Church, which is the last vestiage of Roman culture and the longest surviving Western institution of any.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Carlg · 04:06 08/07/2018
    Hal ,it can be very disturbing when HE touches you ,however lightly ,and you will be called upon to fulfil a roll
    Centre yourself and make ready ...it begins .
    God bless you and keep you
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jeff Smathers · 03:21 08/07/2018
    Awake. The armor stands in the corner and our bread is on the table. We will have to choose soon. Hunger for freedom or act for the labor of liberty.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jerry W Davis · 03:17 08/07/2018
    Sorry, Hal. Perhaps that is a vision. I had one once. It was a flaming scimitar swinging toward the earth. Yahuah spoke to me, saying "I am coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous."

    I had that vision while awake at mid-day, and I had it three times in rapid succession.

    There is a war underway now. It will escalate, and people will die. Perhaps many, many people. Deep State is pulling out all the stops in a "now or never" attempt to regain control. But the patriots will not lay down, choosing instead to fight.

    You will remember your dream, and it will change your life. You are now aware of the cost of losing. Brother will betray brother, even unto death, and when the power of the Holy people is finally broken, then the end will come.

    Jesus said one, and Daniel the other. Therefore, it will be.

    Unspeakable violence and hatred will rule the day, and evil will prevail right up to the return of the Messiah. He will come, separating His people from those who follow Satan. Yahusha (Jesus) will come, but around 2,000,000,000 people will die, an incomprehensible number.

    Just like your dream.
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