12:31 PM

HAMAS Reveals Photos of R160 Rockets in Gaza set for launch; Can hit Haifa! ! 

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Yesterday, Wednesday August 7, beginning at about noon eastern US time, Arabs in the Gaza Strip began firing Rockets and Mortars into Israel.  Over 150 Rockets and dozens of Mortars were launched, damaging homes, businesses and landing near school playgrounds in Israel. The attacks continued all day, into the night, and OVERNIGHT!  All parties to any ceasefire agreement, told the UN and Egypt the ceasefire is over.  There is now talk of "war."

Video from Israel showed small school kids panicking as they ran toward school bomb shelters on the playground; shelters which were already full with other terrified children, leaving kids around age 5 or 7, outside and exposed to the deafening blasts.

This round of rockets brought new horror: Blast Fragmentation Warheads, designed to hurl shrapnel on impact.  For the first time, Israelis began seeing cars and homes penetrated by shrapnel, not just damaged or set on fire by such rockets.  

Several Israelis have been wounded.  At least two Pregnant women went into fear-induced Labor.  Homes and cars have been set on fire by flaming kites and Molotov balloons.

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops came under repeated Sniper fire and overt gunfire.  

The IDF and the Israeli Air Force (IAF) were directed by the government to respond in defense of Israel.  Heavy air strikes against targets in northern, western and southern Gaza hit numerous targets, sending giant plumes of flame and debris into the air with deafening booms heard for miles.  

Still the fanatics in Gaza did not stop.  Overnight, more barrages of rocket attacks took place.   Red Alert warning sirens blared repeatedly inside Israel, warning frightened citizens of incoming rockets - giving some only 15 seconds to get to shelter before the rockets struck.

The Totals as of 10:30 PM EDT last night:

- Over 150 rockets fired from Gaza
- 2 Rockets strike Sderot homes
- 1 injured
- 25 Rockets intercepted
- Long range missiles being used
- Thousands of Israeli families sleeping in shelters
- IAF bombs over 100 Gaza targets
- At least 3 dead
- 20 injured


All off the items above were reported as they took place yesterday, by the Hal Turner Radio Show, HERE.  NOT ONE "mass-media" outlet in the US covered these developments!  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, UPI, New York Times, Washington Post . . . . seemed totally devoid of even a mention!   

Even this morning (Thursday) it seems as though only CNN gave these events any coverage at all, with a tiny snippet "Israel and Hamas exchange fire in sudden Gaza escalation."  The ONLY place the general public is getting any coverage of substance, is right here at HalTurnerRadioShow.com and on my International High-Frequency radio show last night.


Live updates to yesterday's coverage ended at 12:15 AM this morning.  (I __had__ to sleep)  Since that time, here is what took place overnight:

12:45 AM EDT -- In the coming hours additional IDF forces are being mobilized to Southern Israel 

1:00 AM EDT -- 

IDF analysts : the relative calm right now is an illusion. IDF will likely resume counter-strikes soon and then new rocket fire will likely follow 


1:45 AM EDT - 





Here's a listing of just SOME of the targets struck by Israel in response to Gaza Rocket attacks:

- The headquarters of the Hamas battalion in Jabalya which contained dozens of terrorist targets.

- A military compound used by the commander of the Northern Gaza City Division, which includes a marine tunnel.

- A military post of Hamas used by the Al Jabalya Central Battalion, where combat training is carried out in built-up areas as well as training of divers of the Hamas naval force.
- A military compound of the Zaytun Battalion, which is used to store rocket weapons and to dig tunnels.

- A military compound of the East Jabalya battalion, which is used for training and fighting in a built-up area, where a shaft leading to the terrorist tunnels complex had been dug

- A Hamas base in the northern Gaza Strip, which is used for training operatives in a built-up area and which contains a launching system.

- A training compound for fighting in a built-up area in central Gaza

- A battalion compound of the Jabalya battalion, where training and meetings of senior members of the battalion are held.

- A military compound used by the Hamas terrorist organization to store weapons and explosives. In the past, it served as a site for the digging of firing shafts.

- A Hamas military compound used by the Dir al-Balah battalion, where tunnels are being dug.

2:40 AM EDT -- 


The security cabinet meeting scheduled for today has been reclassified as an emergency meeting, and sources say evacuation of some towns near Gaza will be discussed, ahead of a major operation by the IDF.

4:00 AM EDT -- Egypt informs Israel that Hamas has officially declined the ceasefire agreement forged in Egypt.

4:30 AM EDT --

My former colleagues (in other countries) from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in the Intel Community are reporting to me as follows:  "Lots of logistics building up, ground forces in the south, some northern units moving south."





 *** BULLETIN ***

Israel informed Egypt YESTERDAY that it had until 16:00 local time to restore the ceasefire in Gaza.  That time deadline is 13 minutes from now east coast time ! ! ! ! ! ! 


BBC headline describing the fighting:


How's THAT for grossly biased and grossly inaccurate reporting?     Want truthful coverage?  Want the facts?  You get them here.


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  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sherlock · 08:41 08/10/2018
    The Palestinians have been fighting the "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" for 70 years.
    ALL Palestinians should dress in the "right" striped clothes and hats for CONCENTRATION CAMP inmates ..... at the very LEAST They should replicate the Auschwitz gate sign and mount it everywhere. They should sew yellow badges on their chests.
    The Jews engaged in genocidal terrorism from as soon as they got to Palestine. Look it up, I won't write a book here ..... Deir Yassin was ONE of hundreds of villages genocided by them
    The Jews HATE that the Palestinians have fought the ALAMO and the WARSAW Ghetto battles for SEVENTY YEARS ..... while the Jews just meekly climbed into the cattle cars . ..... The Palestinians put the most IMMORAL army on Earth to SHAME.
    LIVE FREE or DIE --- Palestinians put so-called American "patriots" to SHAME --- Palestinians LIVE those words.
    Palestinians would rather their children die than live as slaves ..
    "BETTER to DIE on YOUR FEET THAN LIVE on YOUR KNEES" Hey you American -patriots, ever hear those words before?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Sharon · 14:31 08/11/2018
      This is what the LORD says: "As for all my wicked neighbors who seize the inheritance I gave my people Israel, I will uproot them from their lands and I will uproot the people of Judah from among them.
  • Comment held for moderation.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Margaret · 00:02 08/10/2018
    Hi Hal, Have you considered also using Patreon? I realize most of the content there is video, but one of the creators I follow there mostly publishes text. Also, you could publish an occasional sensitive radio show on that platform. It is very straightforward for your followers to subscribe to you there and they would be signing up a monthly $ amount, deducted from a credit card automatically. I currently follow 4 creators there and have had no issues. Blessings, Margaret
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gregg W · 21:23 08/09/2018
    Amazing to me how many people have fallen for that lie about the Kazars! The people living in the country called Israel came from all over the world. They are Jews by either birth or religion (other than those of other faiths). There is always someone saying, "the Holocaust never happened" or "the Jews are kazars" or other crap.

    The fact that there is even a country called Israel in the location of the Promised Land of the Bible is due to the hand of the only Real God - the God of the Bible, Yehovah of Hosts, the Holy One of Israel. He has been behind everything since 1917 (and probably before). It is all part of Him keeping promises He made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to Moses. He keeps His promises. He keeps covenant.

    Even when "His people" don't follow His ways or keep His commandments, or even believe in Him. Why? Only He knows. They will at some point be forced to cry out to God to save them from their enemies.
    The main "enemy" is Satan/Lucifer/the devil. He is behind all the lies like the stupid kazar thing. Even if a part of that was true, it does not account for the thousands of actual Jews who have left their home countries and moved to the Promised Land.

    Yehovah picked them and the location for His purposes. He told them over and over it wasn't because "they were special" or smarter or anything. It was only because He loved Abraham and decided to bless his descendants. God wanted to tell a story and it's a nail biter! It will get pretty exciting in the days/months to come, but the divine Author knows all the plot twists and what the climax will be.

    Even the fact that SO MANY people in this messed up world just HATE THE HELL out of the Jews is proof of God being behind it. The enemy hates God and His people. You can join the devil in hating if you want. We all know where he ends up. Go for it if you want.

    The smarter thing would be to actually Read the Bible for yourself. Start with the beginning and believe it. It's real and it's God's story for and about mankind.

    For the record, the Jews in Israel are mostly following one or another sect of Judaism - most which follow the rabbis teachings which have either "Added to - or Taken away from" the Torah of Moses. The Torah is God's instruction book on how to worship Him and how to treat our fellow man. The others over there (if not Messianic Christians or Karaites) are secular and don't even seem to care who God is.

    But, guess what? When you are the Author of the Book, you get to write yourself in and you decide the ending. He will have the final word. He has a LAW - the Torah (written only) - which must be followed. Israel in large pot is unaware of this Truth. Like so many of the World's religions, the "religious leaders" tell the masses what to think and what to believe.

    I am not Jewish. I am a Christian and was born again in 1982. I have seen God move in my life all these years and He has never let me down. In about 2006, I had my eyes opened to the Torah and the Feasts of the LORD. I found out I had been LIED TO by religious teachers who told me the LAW was done away with. When I read it for myself, (in the same King James Bible I'd been reading for years) I learned the Truth. Once again, the enemy had told a huge lie, and it came down from the Roman Catholic church, to the Protestant churches and most don't even realize it.

    Just like God is working to bring Israel back into the Land, God is revealing the Torah to thousands around the world. He has revealed His Feast Days, His Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and on top of that, His Holy Name: Yehovah.

    One might wonder why? Have you noticed the signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars we've had over the past few years? 1) Blood Moons on Jewish Feast days (2 per year) in 2014 and 2015. A major total Solar Eclipse across America in Aug. 2017, and the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens Sept. 2017. Then, add the lunar eclipse/blood moon over the middle East with Mars close by - occurring just recently. Things are heating up. God is doing it and it is all to WARN YOU and WAKE YOU up.

    Turn to God by repenting and asking God to forgive you by the blood of His Son Jesus (Yeshua) that was shed on the cross 2000 years ago. There may not be much more time. It's not a joke and it's not religion. It's connecting with the REAL God who created you. He is waiting patiently, but His Book has an ending. YHVH bless.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Nevada-Swede · 21:02 08/09/2018
    Hi Hal, Feedback and a suggestion: All I see at the end for the article's is a fluorescent PREMIUM CONTENT green box with a message, why not change this message for those who are logged in to a smaller nice color box saying THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME. That way we quickly are able to realize if were logged in.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jeff Nunnally · 20:09 08/09/2018
    Calm with calm. That means restock/reload.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Harry Belafondle · 16:59 08/09/2018
    I would say the Palestinians have DECLARED war on you without WARNING by this latest physical attack.

    You, therefore, have the right to ANNIHILATE them and SOLVE the problem.

    If you don't I don't want to hear any more about what happens to you.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    TSAZ · 16:41 08/09/2018
    Unprecedented coverage- as usual.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gino DiSimone · 15:21 08/09/2018
    Hello Hal,

    I have a suggestion to augment your revenue model. Check your email. Thanks
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sidney Levin · 14:54 08/09/2018
    Time for strategic warfare. The time for tactical warfare has passed.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gifford Rodine · 14:36 08/09/2018
    "Hamas leadership has fled to underground fearing assassinations by the IDF" I would imagine the IDF has penetrator warheads. They will most likely use them judicially. As the old saying goes, they probably have names on them.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Lucinda Dionysius · 14:22 08/09/2018
    I am so grateful to you for bringing us the truth when all other news outlets are derelict in their duty to the point of treason. Once again you are the first to report the most critical of news.

    I want to offer one insight: I believe strongly that Netanyahu is in collaboration with the Deep State to bomb his own country thereby having the excuse to annihilate the Palestinians which will trigger WWIII. I know for certain that he is a high ranking satanists within the Deep State. This may anger some readers, but Netanyahu is not who he pretends to be. And why do the Palestinians need kites, rocks and balloons to fight IDF if Hamas has missile launchers? I am no fan of Hamas--where did they get the WMDs? Not from Iran. You'll see. Hopefully a weapons expert will report back with the truth about the source of the missiles. CHRISTOS
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Golmal · 14:12 08/09/2018
    Me so glad BBC finally broadcasting one sided anti-fakeJew story. Poor khazarian kids finally pissing in their pants because of their ancestor's karma coming back. Wait until a real army enters Israhell to send those khazarian scumbags to a hotter place where they truly belong. I appreciate Hal trying to stay neutral in this matter. But his emotional attachment toward those pesky wannabe Jew masters of deceit is quite disturbing. What kind of a goyim will wish for his master's prosperity? A self-defeating one may be.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    NoffyK · 13:23 08/09/2018
    Is there information past the premium notice? I’m logged in but there is no more info that I’m aware of. Didn’t know if you could check my account again? Thanks!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    DDrake · 13:22 08/09/2018
    Thank GOD ... somebody with brains enough to have their own COMMENT Forum that nobody else can shut down willyNilly. DISQUS and the rest need to be shut, by creating a BLOCK CHAIN based type system, which can not be over-ridden, tampered with, CENSORED or Shadow-banned, etc. Kim Dotcom needs to address this, as he says he will create a new system that will put the others out of business. You may have the connections to suggest this, to REPLACE the Hybrid NAZI/COMMIE Globalist Controlled System in place now.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Rabbi Bitberg · 15:06 08/09/2018
      Preach it, fam.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 13:53 08/09/2018
      Yes, and thanks for noticing. I formerly used DisQus but when the Europeans enacted their new law, DisQus made certain information UNAVAILABLE to people like me who RUN web sites. I felt their decision was a bit high-handed; they never asked for input from us, they just did it. So I researched compatible comment add-ons, found one, bought it and installed it. I think it works well.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Arizona · 12:43 08/09/2018
    HAL I made a twenty dollar donation to you,I support ISRAEL 100%,OUR FATHER LOVES THEM,and america hates everyone,they regret this ,IN the mean time GET YOUR ASS OFF THE EAST COAST,our LORD is going to send a TIDAL WAVE 1500 ft.high on them,and its coming anyday now,so get packed up and out of there...take care my friend...
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Rabbi Bitberg · 15:05 08/09/2018
      Dude, what? It sounds like you are entirely too cozy in America's incubated interior heartlands. Is this what happens when people are completely numbed by comfortable, secure and predictable first world life? They have fantasies about everyone else being destroyed while they are safe? I would guess it be a lot likelier that disaster would strike in California. 'Arizona Bay'.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    M Thatcher · 10:56 08/09/2018
    Hal, I've tried to donate to you several times but there seems to be some problem w/ the donation setup?? Paypal or something. Why not offer a donation via major Credit cards, not just paypal? and/or give a mailing address for Money Orders?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    HJ Richards · 10:44 08/09/2018
    How long before your website is targeted ?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 14:00 08/09/2018
      Do you mean like Alex Jones? I have become concerned about such potential problems and have already begun discussions with my technical people about contingency plans for this web site.

      It's a big deal to have a fail-over for a cloud-based site like this. At any given moment, there is 300 Mbps traffic in/out of this site. That's a lot of connectivity but it gets handled smoothly because the cloud-based system routes hits through 19 different data centers. There have been times when traffic in/out has exceeded 1 Gbps.

      If this site were to be silenced, creating a back-up with that kind of connectivity is not easy. But there are discussions taking place.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Henry Ford · 10:32 08/09/2018
    Oh how TERRIBLE! Little joo kids scared (not injured?) by Fragmenting bombs! OH NO! I'm sure the joo bombs and missles they fire at Palestine don't do THAT! /Sarc. JUST What do you all think a bomb or missle is supposed to do, throw Pansies?? LOL. So terrible when someone hurts a joo whose been murdering children and starving families for years, but not so much when the worm turns on the murderers eh? Getting sick of the one-sided "joo good, everyone else Bad!" meme Hal. These people are Kazars, NOT Israelites! Read "The 13th Tribe" , Jewish author tells you this in first chapter! Wake up people.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Sharon · 14:37 08/11/2018
      14: This is what the LORD says: "As for all my wicked neighbors who seize the inheritance I gave my people Israel, I will uproot them from their lands and I will uproot the people of Judah from among them.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    wendy · 10:31 08/09/2018
    thank you for your hard work Hal
  • Comment held for moderation.
    jo · 09:31 08/09/2018
    Hal, Israel must return to divine law................God sees no man above another despite what Biby says.................Israel must return the land taken and forswear any continuing violation of gods laws..................It refuses and will hit a karmic iceberg of gigantic proportions..............

    Bless you Hal may you also return to god and forswear judgement of others due to their skin colour or origin.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Guest · 11:53 08/09/2018
      "...despite what the Bible says"? First of all, just a heads up, when you say things like despite what the Bible says, everything else you have said or will say is automatically thrown out the window. Point #2, grab your Bible AND READ IT!!! Like Acts 10:34 Or try Romans 2:11-16. Although I do agree until the nation known as Israel goes back to the Torah and put away they're filthy 'talmud', they should not be thought of as "Gods people".
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Guest · 09:28 08/09/2018
    Well i have tried may times to donate seems have use paypal i dont have and plans to get ti
  • Comment held for moderation.
    youneedJesus · 09:26 08/09/2018
    looks like your radio show on SW just might be getting jammed from now on
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Joe Blow · 08:05 08/09/2018
    If you wonder why the coming of the Son of Man will be as a thief in the night, you need to look no further than the princes of darkness at the MSM. Thanks to the MSM, the world will never see it coming until it's too late. Parable of the five wise and five foolish in Matthew 25:1-13? It's very simple. The foolish believe the MSM, and the wise believe the words of the Prophets in Ezekiel 38-39, Joel 2;28-32 , Joel 3, Zechariah 9, Isaiah 24, Isaiah 34, Matthew 24:29, 2 Peter 3:10, and Revelation 6:12-17.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    tom · 08:05 08/09/2018
    good , lend them nukes
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