The United States has been in a bit of a dispute with Turkey for about two years. That dispute is now resulting in an almost total collapse of Turkish currency, signalling credit DEFAULT for Turkish companies, and now, may drag into Bankruptcy, certain European Banks which lent Billions to Turkey.   The matter is quickly becoming a major financial disaster, and the US will not stop what it's doing to Turkey (Deliberately causing these troubles) until Turkey releases an American citizen they've been holding for almost two years.

The issue has to do with the Turks demanding the US turn over some Turkish guy from Pennsylvania, whom the Turks believe had something to do with the failed Coup against Turkish President Recypt Erdogan.

The US asked Turkey to provide EVIDENCE that the man in Pennsylvania had anything at all to do with it, and Turkey FAILED to provide evidence.  So the US won't turn him over.

In response, Turkey arrested a US Pastor on bogus "terrorism" charges and has been holding that Pastor in jail.  The US wants our citizen released and Turkey says no.  Sooooo, the US imposed economic sanctions upon Turkey.  But the Turks are stiff-necked, they wouldn't release our citizen.

The sanctions began having a very significant impact upon Turkey, especially on the value of Turkish money, called Lira.  The value of the Lira has been steadily dropping for months because countries are not doing business with the Turks on account of US Sanctions.

Last week, things suddenly started going very bad for Turkey.   Companies in Turkey who have loans, are required to repay those loans in US Dollars.  But with the value of the Turkish Lira falling so much, companies don't have enough Lira to buy enough Dollars to repay their loans.  Some of those companies -- major companies in Turkey -- are now facing the very real prospect of LOAN DEFAULT.

As of 9:35 a.m. EST, today, Friday, Turkey's currency has fallen 16.6%.   That's 16.6% TODAY!

This now has potential to bring down many banks that have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars to Turkey. Those banks have required that their loans be repaid in US Dollars, not the Turkish lira. Since their lira is falling apart, they cannot purchase those US dollars and will default on all those loans. This has the potential to bring down the entire European economy!

Turkish President Erdogan told his people "They have dollars, but we have Allah."   The man sees his country's economy is being utterly smashed by economic sanctions, his people will start to go hungry because of what Erdogan is doing, and he tells them ". . . we have Allah?"  Is he nuts?

This morning, having been briefed on the ongoing collapse of Turkish currency due to US Sanctions, President Trump moved-in for the "kill."  He DOUBLED US Tariffs on Turkish Steel and Aluminum:

The message is simple: Give us our citizen back or we will totally collapse your country.  

President Trump is finally using America's economic might to defend Americans.  Something prior Administrations didn't have the mental toughness to do.

And by doubling-down on Tariffs as Turkey heads into collapse, Trump is also telling Europe something as well: Don't screw with America.  Do what we want or you're next.  (Think Iran Sanctions).

The world is finally feeling the actual might of the United States . . . because we finally have a real leader who knows what he's doing, knows how to leverage American might, and is determined to protect AMERICA over other countries.  God Bless Donald J. Trump.


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    James · 03:16 08/11/2018
    this is almost where turkey, iran, and other minor countries go after israel.

    russia is hesitant and even wants not part of it therefore the hooks in their jaws turning them towards the war.
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    joseph · 23:32 08/10/2018
    someone should remind the united states that they dont own the world im sorry for the pastor but when we go into another country we obey its rules .
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      oldbat · 11:58 08/11/2018
      who said he wasn't? these countries arrest for nothing.
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    RAY JONES · 21:33 08/10/2018
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    RAY JONES · 21:31 08/10/2018
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 20:48 08/10/2018
    We are on the eve of the altpocalypse. A great flood is coming to the crypto world. All hell is going to break loose when the BTC market cap falls to 100bn USD and sharply declines from there. Those who have faith in Satoshi-sama will be saved, for Satoshi's domain is the kingdom of gains where everyone makes it (maybe 2019-2020, though...), and those nocoiners who sin against the will of eternal providence will be cast into the flaming pink pits to suffer and scream and cry and burn until the end of money.
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    DDrake · 19:25 08/10/2018
    God Bless and Protect Donald Trump. Death to the New World Globalist pedophile satanist Order/Vatican and their Rothschild and Brussels FRONTS.
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    Thomas · 17:32 08/10/2018
    Are there still US nukes at the NATO airbase?
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    Ranger · 16:35 08/10/2018
    Rothschild Banking Cartel Crashing Turkish Lira For Leaving The Reservation

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    EMPD · 15:24 08/10/2018
    You'd better check into the info available on the Turkish guy (Gulen) from PA... rumor has it he is a CIA cutout and is getting billions of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to establish Islam-promoting schools all across the US.
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    Dolmal · 13:52 08/10/2018
    Sooner than later America’s chickens will be coming home to roost. China is ignoring JewASS sanctions on Iran and continues to buy their oil. Isn’t that something new?
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      Chaim Crime · 16:31 08/10/2018
      Trojan Horse Drumpf did NOTHING to defend or protect the SYRIAN Xtians. You actually believe he gives a shit about one pastor in Turkey? Lolol

      This 'pastor issue'' is a handy and cheap excuse to regime change Turks for their refusal to continue to assist ISIS for NATO-EU-USrael, and for their defiance of Eretz Israel; next phase. Now that Turner is censoring opposition opinión, you wont hear these al views and he'll be full fledged pimp for zionists
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        guest · 18:15 08/10/2018
        You've been brainwashed by fake news CNN.
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          Pulsa Denura · 09:35 08/14/2018
          No dildo, I just read ARABIC news, have many Syrian friends and have been to SYRIAN Xtian churches myself in last 3 years on fact finding trips. Esp Damascus where the Xtians are HQ'd. Drumpf and western zionist Pharisee-groupies have done NOTHING to assist middle east Christians. They'd throw Jesus himself into the dumpster if it pandered to the fake Khazar Pharisees. John Haggee is exhibit A, along w/ Pat Robertson. These freemason freaks work for SATAN, not Christ. Better get wise
    • This commment is unpublished.
      shawneboy · 15:31 08/10/2018
      Your comment serves as a striking illustration of the logic-free, wild-eyed, finger-pointing, all-bitterness mess that is anti-Semitism.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Reality bites · 09:38 08/14/2018
        The gravy train of stopping any discussion over zionist crimes by using the antisemite race smear is OVER dude, it has NO hold over me. Read what your own Gospels say about Pharisees. Cherry picking to satisfy Rothschild's Schofield Masonic 'bible' aint cutting it anymore.
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    Northman · 12:52 08/10/2018
    Bigger problem (yep, much bigger than money ) for Eu is the refugees.... Over 3 500 000 persons officially in Turkey under the giant Eu-deal..... .... And the big flow probably just started again.....
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    Ranger · 11:33 08/10/2018
    "Turkey joining BRICS could be ‘serious shock’ for US & EU, analyst tells RT"
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