The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an alert for a "choreographed mass attack on Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)" wherein thieves use fraudulent cards to steal millions from ATM's worldwide in a matter of minutes.

Banks have been warned of an imminent threat that their cash machines could be mass-hacked by cyber criminals.

In a confidential alert on Friday, FBI told international banks that criminals are plotting a concerted global malware attack on cash machines in the next few days. 

The FBI issued a warning about a highly choreographed fraud scheme known as an ATM "jackpotting", in which crooks hack a bank or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to take out millions in just a few minutes. 

UK-based banks with large international operations, such as HSBC and Barclays, are among those thought to have been made aware of the threat. 

“The FBI has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cyber criminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach,” the FBI warning said, according to Krebs on Security, which originally reported the alert.  (HT Comment: If it is an UNKNOWN breach, why today's warning??????? How can they warn of something  stemming from an UNKNOWN  . . . that is going to take place within days?????)

The method usually involves physical access to a cash machine using specialized electronics and malware to take over the system and force it to dispense cash until it is empty.

Andrew Bushby, UK director at Fidelis Cybersecurity, said: “UK banks are a likely target – and this latest ‘ATM cash-out blitz’ will no doubt send shockwaves to financial institutions."

He added: "Whilst the financial services industry is heavily regulated, it doesn’t make banks immune from being attacked by cybercriminals... UK banks need to urgently take a look at their security posture."

Smaller, independent banks are considered the most vulnerable to such attacks, according to NCC Group, a cyber-security consultancy firm.

Ollie Whitehouse, global chief technology officer at NCC, said that criminals tend to target smaller banks that issue debit cards but which may have less stringent security systems. 

"It's a symptom of organised crime becoming more capable, as they [criminals] become emboldened they are able to do these orchestrated activities," he said.

In one incident in Thailand in 2016, thieves made off in minutes with 12 million baht or about £280,000 from cash machines by targeting ATMs run by Government Savings Bank, a state-owned Thai bank based in Bangkok.

In another case in the US, criminals siphoned about $570,000 in cash from  ATMs operated by the National Bank of Blacksburg  in two separate attacks in 2016 and 2017.

Ross Brewer, a cyber security expert with LogRhythm, said: "This case may have been identified in the US, however it is a global attack and, if successful, has the potential to have widespread implications. UK banks should be concerned and need to be putting measures in place that ensure they can identify anomalous activity that could indicate the start of this attack." 

Cyber criminals typically steal credit card data to create fraudulent copies of legitimate cards on reusable magnetic strip cards, the FBI warned. At a pre-determined time, the fellow conspirators withdraw account funds from ATMs using these cards and alter bank balances to force a cash machine to dispense all of its money.


The obvious question on most folks minds upon reading this story is "If they already know, why won't they stop it?" 

Good question.  

Perhaps they don't WANT to.

Awhile back, in 2013, a strange warning was issued by certain folks derided as "Conspiracy Theorists."  Recall that many MANY things derided as "Conspiracy Theory" turn out to be true!

In October 2013, folks warned that the general public WORLDWIDE was being set up to be fleeced by our own governments because those governments are all broke. 

The warning said that a "virus" would be blamed for a Banking Crisis which would develop over the course of a week or so with widespread publicity.  As the "virus" spreads, banks will have to close to "fix" the troubles, and the closure would happen on a Friday afternoon, with the public being told "we'll have it all fixed by Monday morning."

During the weekend, no one would be able to access accounts with credit or debit cards.  No automated bill payment or wire transfers during this  "temporary" closure.  But in reality, during the weekend is when the accounts all get fleeced; the money stolen, and the public left broke.

Over the weekend, troops would be deployed  nationwide and on Monday, instead of the problem being fixed, the public would be told the banks are insolvent, their money is gone and MARTIAL LAW has been instituted.

AT THE TIME, the "Conspiracy Theorist" warning told the public that if you hear of such a "virus" and hear that Banks have to close down for a weekend to fix things, THAT IS YOUR 72 HOUR WARNING OF MARTIAL LAW. 

They told folks that they have only 72 hours to get where they plan to bug-out before such Martial law takes place, once a "Temporary" bank closure is announced.

Obviously, the alleged Conspiracy did not take place back in October, 2013 or at any time since.   

Yet here we are, in 2018, we're being blatantly told by none other than Deep State HQ itself, the FBI, that a major Banking computer attack is coming "within days" . . . . . which is what reminded me of the so-called "Conspiracy Theory" from 2013.


A video outlining the 2013 warning appears below.  Perhaps it is timely to revisit this warning?   After all, we all see the "Deep State" losing its grip on power.  President Donald Trump is breaking them and they are now desperate.

Is it possible they are undertaking a deliberate false-flag financial system "Hack" to cause widespread chaos and implement Martial Law to keep their grip on power?  Or have they realized their effort to do so is futile and so they're merely undertaking widespread DESTRUCTION of our systems to take everyone down with them?  Or is this coming banking crisis something else ????


Since last week, the world has been hearing that Turkey's currency, the Lira, is losing value hand-over-fist and that if it reached a level of 7.1 for each US Dollar, it will wipe out Turkish Banks.  This would allegedly be the result because, at 7.1 or worse, there is not enough currency in all of Turkey for loans to be repaid in the contractually required US Dollars!

Same thing for Turkish Corporations being unable to service their debts.  All totaled, if Turkey defaults, the world is looking at the largest Emerging Market Default in History, some $550 BILLION Dollars!

When the Turkish banks go insolvent, THAT will take down a number of MAJOR European Banks, and when the European Banks go under, THAT will take out a slew of US Banks.

Today, the Turkish Lira hit 7.24 for each US dollar before closing slightly better.  But the close is still above 7.1     ---  so based on actual mathematics, Turkey's Banks are now already insolvent.

Does that now translate into EU Banks also being insolvent?   And if so, does that now also mean the major US Banks are also technically insolvent?

Is this "FBI Warning" about Banks being hacked and robbed merely a ruse to cover for a worldwide Banking System collapse based on what's happening in Turkey?

Readers should pay very close attention to this alleged pending Bank Hacking/Theft and see if any effort is made to shut the banks.  If so, that may be your alert to "bug-out."  You may also wish to go to your bank and take out some cash to have in the event banks are closed "for a few days / weeks/ months" so you can SURVIVE.  Not to pay bills, but rather to SURVIVE.  If the banks go down, cash will be king.



Keep a sharp eye on this situation as it is likely to unfold at lightning speed.   Get and keep some cash for a week or two just to be safe.




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    Cory Wood · 12:03 08/16/2018
    Looks like this happened. At least against an Indian bank.

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    Sam jew · 10:59 08/15/2018
    I would be with the whites against the american mutts.
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    candice99 · 06:15 08/15/2018
    old news
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    Byron Alblas · 18:39 08/14/2018
    I would be looking at who can be hurt the most by the timing. If something like that happened in the middle of the month mostly working class people who go the every two weeks route will be hurt as the government pay types tend to get theirs at the start of the month only. Tomorrow is my payday, I have only $30 bucks US in my wallet. My bank account is non of your business, but it has been lower than I like lately so i have not got any money out in a couple weeks. Sounds like a good time to go to crypto as a wealth preservation insurance.
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    James Nash · 16:27 08/14/2018
    Just went to Huntington Bank to make a $5K withdrawal - would only give me $4K (and they hesitated even at that amount) as another customer had made a large cash withdrawal earlier today they told me, and they were running short on cash...interesting - never had that happen with them before.
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    Robert R · 15:19 08/14/2018
    Making this scenario all more real last week several media outlets were reporting Iranian Cyber attacks after the implementation of sanctions by the US has become very likely. The DEEP STATE would love this, take down the US and the world for that matter take down POTUS TRUMP and bring the world to a HOT WAR with Iran and its allies as they can blame them for the cyber attack.
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    ATM mgr. · 14:26 08/14/2018
    Good!! Bring on marital law!! I can tell my wife that her credit cards are no longer good! She will not be able to spend any more of my $$$ on foolish things.
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    Lilly · 14:12 08/14/2018
    On True Pundit
    Journalist found dead in hotel yesterday after investigating Bill Clinton rape of boy. Lots of stuff going on. Just wanted to post this
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    Gino DiSimone · 12:59 08/14/2018
    My 2cents: While it is ALWAYS brilliant to be prepared (Boy Scout motto), this (I should say 'these' ) issuance is part of a psyop. You know the story about the boy who cried wolf? After a few times nobody listens. That is what is going on here. After a few warnings, no one really cares because nothing happens.... until the wolf really shows up and kills the boy. In my opinion, we are still in the cry stage yet no wolf. Once the people are numb and complacent (the populist movement stalls...not necessarily ends, just plateaus... in math it would be the second derivative or no more acceleration/growth in the movement), then expect the wolf at any time. I suspect this will happen after T. T is so bullish and does not care about anything or anyone except MAGA (including you and I or he would have brought the hammer down on big Pharma and Tech giants for censorship), the movement craves his next moves. We all love this guy because America has been run by the worst of cockroaches for nearly 30yrs and have taken us into the mire of swine. T is expressly egotistical and completely done with that. He views America as an extension of his personal business and hates losing in business. It is not so much about us as it is about him. But so what. He is clearly doing the Lords bidding while all the kings that have drunken with us in the past begin to hate us and wish to burn America with fire. For now, I seriously doubt anything will happen with this banking warning from the FBI. Irrespective, the Boy Scout motto rules!
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    Raptor · 12:43 08/14/2018
    Great work Hal. This information is priceless. We are all indebted to you.
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 11:38 08/14/2018
    OT, but I just wanted to say something. I appreciate the free speech that Hal gives us. I bring it up because I seem to be effectively shadowbanned from 4chan again, and I think it's because of the exact same kind of false spam report filing that we had a problem with here. I see that Google's captcha becomes impossible to solve after I point out shilling/disinfo on /biz/. The astroturfers must be filing false reports of spam because they know that the system will just temporarily block posters if enough reports are accumulated, again as happened here.

    RIP, 4chan. You can't even meme there anymore because organized advertising groups find it inconvenient for their bottom line.
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      Patriot1776 · 14:01 08/14/2018
      Why are you going to halfchan anyway? 8chan is way better and you actually have freedom of speech there.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Rabbi Bitberg · 18:07 08/14/2018
        /biz/. I use it to help me gauge market perceptions, and to parse crypto-related information without needing to spend huge amounts of time on social media. To me, sitting on Facebook or Twitter for hours feels like sitting in a cubicle listening to people stapling things.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 12:47 08/14/2018
      FYI there is no system in this comment feature that allows for "reports" of SPAM to result in any type of auto-ban or shadow ban.

      Subscribers comments get posted instantly.

      Non-Subscriber's postings are held for moderation, and I am the one and only moderator.

      Just thought you should know.
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    Lord Bogdanoff · 10:44 08/14/2018
    >load ze Korea Foud
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    James Nash · 10:28 08/14/2018
    Just read this early this morning and my son was visiting who works for a company that services bank equipment (Including ATM's)...he is a regional bank equipment service tech. I asked him if this was even possible and he told me he was in one of his bank accounts las Friday with their Head of IT when the guy received the FBI message and said "oh crap" my son asked him what he just received and it foots with this post - so this is Very Likely Very Real. Being one who works on bank equipment and AMT's he verified he felt it is possible to do a mass hack and empty AMT's, not that the draining of ATM's which in and of itself cause a banking collapse, but its the actual "Bank Run" the following business day that would cause a massive crash.
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    Matthew DeGumbia · 09:59 08/14/2018
    I just got off the phone with ally bank customer service. They are aware of the FBI notice. So this is for real if a random customer service rep. is aware of it. Thanks for the heads-up Hal! I will definitely keep my subscriptions active and send a little something now and then.

    I asked about temporarily shutting off ATM card use. ally has no way to do that from their end, but told me to download the ally mobile banking app from google play store and use it to temporarily disable the ATM card. Other readers may want to take your advice and also temporarily shut off their ATM cards.
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    Robert R · 09:32 08/14/2018
    Hal you mentioned in your story the FBI put out that bulletin last FRIDAY and the FBI stated in the coming days. In your opinion and from what data you have collected do you think the FBI was implying this FRIDAY 17th August 2018, because that would fit into the coming days scenario. Or does the FBI tend to use a generic term like that but really it means coming days and or weeks?

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Robert R · 09:27 08/14/2018
    Things that are fact Erdogan's country is on the cliff of being broke and Erdogan's Government and President Trumps Administration are definitely not getting along in any meaningful way. Thus there will be no assistance from President Trump on Turkeys financial meltdown. DOJ in recent weeks sent one of their 757s down to Little Rock To collect numerous evidence boxes(unprecedented move and ground zero) for Clinton demonic den. November elections getting closer with every passing week making the Democrats and globalist pigs even more desparate as they realize they will not regain control. This banking holiday has been on the DEEP STATES agenda for years. This might be the time they hit the BIG RED button. August especially in the EU is typically the summer getaway for many many people. So they are away from work away from their homes away from their familiar. No better way to sow panic and chaos when millions upon millions of Europeans, Americans and Canadians are on holidays unable to get home get to their banks get to their familiar and their comfort.
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    candice99 · 07:41 08/14/2018
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    candice99 · 03:09 08/14/2018
    hal, take it easy and have some days of holiday
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    candice99 · 03:08 08/14/2018
    hal, take it easy , and have some daya of holiday
  • Comment held for moderation.
    candice99 · 03:06 08/14/2018
    Hal keep calm and have some day of holiday
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      hal, keep calm and h · 14:37 08/14/2018
      hal, take it calm and have some holiday.
      hal, take it calm and have some holiday.
      hal, take it easy and get some holiday.
      hal, take it easy and have some holiday.
      hal, keep calm and have some holiday.
      hal, keep calm and have some holiday.

      Everybody together now ... hal, keep calm and have some holiday.
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        candice99 · 16:53 08/16/2018
        msg was sent more times becouse the answer was : not received.

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    Julia S · 01:54 08/14/2018
    So what they're saying is that Turkey is creating a contagion leading to a global financial collapse and people are about to rush to the ATM's to withdraw cash, and the bankers don't want them to? Instead they want the populus to fear hackers and stay away from ATM's while they stuff the briefcases with our money and sail off to private islands?

    Got it!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Gifford Rodine · 09:57 08/14/2018
      Thanks Julia! They, deep staters and elites, have tried to get President Trump into war in Syria (thank mccain) and other venues, and they have failed. So they say to themselves, "lets try financial collapse." Trump is smart enough to fail that attempt also.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    whatthehuh? · 23:28 08/13/2018
    really??? funny how these same scenarios keep popping up and then fade away. this exact same model and forcast was broadcast a year or two ago. sources have been calling for a financial collapse Oct/Nov timeframe for 3-4 years in a row.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      tchigas · 09:29 08/14/2018
      Yeah airhead, but enough times advertised, and eventually the FBI WILL launch a banking false flag theft on us like w/ Cyprus in 2013. Call it a [hacker lolol] BAIL IN & Blame it on Drumpf's russian JEWISH mafia oligarchs and all hell breaks loose. And "Drumpf's allies to blame."
    • Comment held for moderation.
      candice99 · 03:12 08/14/2018
      hal, take it easy, and have some days of holiday
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 23:26 08/13/2018
    Reminder that if your funds were in Bitcoin form, they would be in your possession on an open-source network and in your control, as long as you have the private key. That's one of the beauties of crypto... banks do not control it. I wonder if this possible financial event, whatever the cause, could have some connection to crypto. There are an awful lot of people looking to cash out right now, in particular the theorized criminal 10% of Bitcoin transactions[1]

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