The US Navy Destroyer USS Ross has arrived on-station in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria. 

Speculation that the US/UK and France are building forces in preparation to attack Syria is rampant, but several new twists to this story have taken place.

For instance, today, Turkish troops and heavy armor began entering Idlib Province, Syria.  This is the first time the Turkish Army has entered that area and their decision to do so is raising all sorts of questions.  

Another troubling twist is that the USS Ross seems to be . . . alone.  Facing-off against 17+ Russian fleet vessels also in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria.  Speculation is now saying the USS Ross may have been sent to be intentionally "sacrificed" to the Russian fleet as a pretext to go to war!

We begin from three days ago:  Russia says that its diplomats in Washington formally reached out to US officials and have briefed them on an impending plan by al-Qaeda insurgents in Idlib to stage a false flag chemical attack in order to provoke a Western military attack on Damascus. 

This week Moscow has claimed to be in possession of firm intelligence that it says shows armed groups in Idlib are transporting chemicals to area sites, in preparation for the coming major Syrian Army and Russian offensive on the contested province in northwest Syria. 

According to RT News, it appears that the State Department confirmed that the rare meeting did take place:

Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador in Washington, confirmed to the media on Wednesday that he had met with the US special representative to Syria, James Jeffrey, and David M. Satterfield, acting assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs.

The attendees of the rare meeting and the fact that it had taken place earlier this week was revealed by US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert during a daily briefing.

The meeting was reportedly held this past Monday, according to Russian Ambassador Antonov, who told RT it was "constructive and professional". 

Pentagon and US officials have continued pushing the gambit on Syria, with multiple statements last week and this week which appear to be setting the stage to play the "Assad is gassing his own people" card should so much as an inkling of an allegation emerge.

With the dominant al-Qaeda group in control of Idlib, Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), (Formely al-Nusra Front)  facing imminent defeat in what is likely to be a lengthy, grinding final showdown, they have every incentive to claim Syrian government forces are using sarin or another internationally banned substance. 

RT News continues:

At the meeting, Russia officially conveyed its concerns over reports that Washington together with France and the UK is gearing up for another set of airstrikes in Syria under the pretext of a chemical attack, that would immediately be blamed on the Syrian government. Moscow has asked Washington to "provide the facts without delay"to substantiate the new allegations that Damascus uses chemical weapons against its own people.

Russia's ambassador to the US also reportedly identified the White Helmets as among the actors on the ground assisting in organizing such a potential provocation. 

Concerning the specifics of what was shared with the State Department officials at the meeting, RT reports:

Intelligence that Russia has gathered has been shared with the US, and the diplomats were told "in detail" about the provocation against civilians being prepared by Al-Nusra Front (now known as Tahrir al-Sham) in the northwestern province of Idlib.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported earlier that Tahrir al-Sham was plotting a chemical attack that would then be misrepresented as another "atrocity" by the "Syrian regime." Eight canisters of chlorine have been delivered to a village near Jisr al-Shughur city, and a specially trained group of militants, prepped by the British security company Olive, also arrived in the area to imitate a rescue operation to save the civilian "victims." Militants plan to use child hostages in the staged incident, according to Antonov.

Such a scenario sounds similar to what Russia alleges happened in April 2017 in Idlib, where there was never so much as an on-the-ground investigation to collect evidence to back the Khan Sheikhoun claimed "sarin attack" incident, which resulted in the Trump White House bombing Syria on mere "rebel" claims and YouTube videos, before waiting for any confirmed scientific proof to back the claims.  

To this day the international chemical investigative body and watchdog, the OPCW, has yet to visit the site due to its being controlled by al-Qaeda forces

Meanwhile, a former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, told RT that if a major publicized chemical attack claim is made and is quickly echoed in the media, the "burden of proof" won't matter as Washington and its allies will use it as leverage anyway.

“If history is any precedent, they won’t bother. They did not investigate the last episode before they launched a missile attack into Syria and there’s no reason to suspect that they will this time either,” Maloof said. 

“The whole idea is to embarrass Moscow and to intimidate Damascus,” he said.

It appears that Russia is exhausting every diplomatic channel to prevent such a scenario from unfolding; however, mainstream US pundits are already accusing Russia of paving the way for a Syrian regime chemical attack via preliminary propaganda.

However, its difficult to understand what Moscow and Damascus would stand to gain from doing the one thing that ensures greater Western military intervention at the very moment Assad stands with the clear momentum of victory on this side. 

Considering allegations have been hurled at Assad and the Syrian Army before the Idlib assault has even begun, the past week's war of words signals an unprecedented level of telegraphing intentions for leverage on the battlefield

Starting last week with John Bolton's promise that the US "will respond very strongly," American officials' threats have gotten progressively more specific, with the State Department spokesperson this week saying "we will respond to any verified chemical weapons use in Idlib or elsewhere in Syria ... in a swift and appropriate manner" while also vowing to "hold Assad responsible".

But it appears Monday's meeting constitutes a back-channel attempt to calm the fast intensifying situation


Today, Thursday August 30, troops and tanks from the Turkish Army began entering Idlib.  This is unprecedented and unexplained.  

The photos below show the convoys entering Idlib:


In past years, Turkey has SUPPORTED the terrorist groups in Syria, namely ISIS and al-Qaida.  So why are they now moving heavy armor and troops into the final area controlled by terrorists in Syria, on the eve of a major Syrian Army offensive to clean-out those terrorists?  Whose side are they on?

(HT Remark: This has betrayal written all over it.)

US Builds-up for Missile Attack

The US is increasing the number of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East to attack Syrian government forces, to be activated after the planned staging (hoaxing or false-flagging) of alleged chemical weapons in jihadist-held Idlib province, the official representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Monday, Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

“The United States continues to increase the number of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East in connection to the preparations in Idlib province for yet another provocation with the alleged ‘use of chemical weapons,'” said the representative of the Russian entity.

According to the Major General, the American destroyer equipped with 28 Tomahawk missiles that recently entered the waters of the Mediterranean Sea could attack any part of Syria.

“On Aug. 25, the US Navy’s Ross destroyer, armed with 28 Tomahawk missiles, entered the Mediterranean Sea. Its range of action allows for attacks on the entire territory of Syria,” he said.

In addition, formerly another US destroyer, the 56-unit USS The Sullivans arrived in the Persian Gulf, while a B-1B bomber with 24 cruise missiles was moved to the US military base in Qatar.

Konashenkov detailed that the “preparations are a further confirmation of US intentions to take advantage of the staging organized by combatants of the [Al-Qaeda affiliated] Tahrir al-Sham [formerly the Al-Nusra Front], with the active involvement of the British secret services in Idlib province, with alleged ‘use of chemical weapons’ by Syrian forces.” Here he refers chiefly to the British MI6.

Yesterday, Igor Konashenkov reported that the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria has information according to which foreign experts would have arrived at the de-escalation zone at Idlib to stage a “chemical attack”.

This comes as the Syrian Army, spearheaded by their 4th Mechanized Units, Tiger Forces and Republican Guards, make final preparations to liberate the jihadist-held province. The operation against Idlib is expected to begin imminently.

Observers point out that the USS Ross seems to be the only US Navy Destroyer in the Med off the Syria coast.  If that vessel launches missiles against Syria, it could conceivably come under attack from Russian naval forces which vastly outnumber and outgun the Destroyer.  The ship would likely be sunk.

Is that what the US is hoping for?  How would the US public react to the sinking of a US Navy Destroyer by the Russian fleet?  . . . . War.

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  • Comment held for moderation.
    railroader8442 · 08:47 09/01/2018
    Sounds like the US Liberty could happen again.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Harry Belafondle · 14:00 08/31/2018
    The way of peace they know not. So, the long-awaited and dreaded World War III is coming.

    Peace will come when the Messiah returns. He knows "the way" to peace.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Arizona · 11:05 08/31/2018
    WELL there you have it,THE RUSSIAN MILITARY telling you whats going to happen,MAYBE you think their kidding,THEY AREN'T,I've talked to the Russians at walmart,I've talked to the Russians at walsenburg,co.and their preparing FOR THE ARRIVAL of the Nibiru mini solar system,AFTER the entire USA has been looted,After the entire USA,has been bombed into submission,and they will be...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    SAM · 10:38 08/31/2018
    Your article is actually very rightful but Turkey never supported isis or alqaida but supported al nusra

    till 2 years ago which is also supporetd by usa till usa decided to support pkk-ypg kurdish seperatist 2 years ago and Turkey saw the game and started to send troops tu syria and killed more than 3000 daish devils and a couple of thousand pkk terorists who were attacking turkish cities by rockets from syrian border towns.That is way now turkish troops are going to idlib because of any us or russian bombing there would be 1 million refugees coming to Turkey...
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Slow mo · 08:19 08/31/2018
    You can't have it both ways, i.e., the USS Ross is all by itself as a sacrifice, and the US is building up forces in the area.

    The Russians could do to the firing ship(s), what they did to the USS Donald (DUCK!) Cook and shut if off with their EW weapons. It worked on the Donald Cook in two different years in two different seas. One with windows 95 (sic) and one with windows 10. BSOD, both times.

    You don't have to kill something, to kill something.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Patriot Biker · 06:38 08/31/2018
    SHAMEFUL!!! I've never used foul language or posted anything bad, but yet I am being banned from posting. SHAME ON YOU HAL!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Russian mil · 04:51 08/31/2018
    As military I say, you will get burned in case of war. As a human I say, you should eliminate all corrupted politicians that don't give a shit on what you really want.

    I really do not understand you, you saw what communists did to us. Do you understand that those commies killed millions of us?
    Why would you embrace socialism? It is astonishing stupid to embrace socialism or communism, considering you know how much evil was in Russia from them.


    When pushing a button for an ICBM is not simple. Is like a war against God. Actually you could hear millions screaming in deadly fire. Unimaginable.

    After killing millions none could say "we win".

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Russian mil · 04:42 08/31/2018
    These are pure speculations. If we consider a full war with US, we will not sink that pore destroyer alone and then waiting for your move. We rather execute a full EMF attack, satellites attack and nuclear attack on your homeland. In first hour you will have over 150 millions people dead because we consider to deliver over 1000 nuclear warheads, probably 1200-1300, in the first wave. In the second wave we consider using less like 200-300 nuclear blasts to take down anything that is still moving there.

    Of course we will wait for you to fire, we will do the best to take down most of your minute man.
    But a never seen attack on US soil should be done ferocious to short this war.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      NordicConspiracy.com · 17:21 08/31/2018
      Believe nothing that any government tells you. Russia has absolutely no weapons that can ever harm America.

      1) The United States government would never have allowed those traitors to give "nuclear weapon secrets" to the Russians all those years ago if that technology was any type of threat. The United States DOES NOT allow ANYONE to have weaponry that they do not know how to defeat. It. Will. Not. Happen. Ever.

      "Nuclear weapons" are geometric devices and are a primitive, obsolete technology only useful to scare the rubes. They are based on extracting energy from hyperspace / space time / earth grid and only function during pre-calculated windows of "opportunity". These windows are known in advance by those that know how to perform the calculations. The US knows. Russia might know. China and Korea probably don't.

      2) None of those antiques could scratch a US City or Military Base Protected by a TESLA SHIELD.

      Here are images of Tesla Shields being tested over American cities.

      Google images "Radar Rings"



      Please believe a former US Navy Radar Tech. Those images are IMPOSSIBLE the way a radar normally works.

      But they display exactly how a Tesla Shield works.

      Explained: A slow moving scalar wave is fired from an omnidirectional antenna.

      Another scalar wave is fired from a nearby omni-directional antenna, this one moving a little faster.

      When the faster wave overtakes the slow wave, they "pair-couple" and "give off energy" That energy forms a "dome" or shield around that area.

      Tesla created this system nearly 100 years ago.

      It is called "Tesla Anti-war shield"

      Get it? Anti-war. It makes war OBSOLETE.

      Go google images "Tesla Anti War Shield" and understand a TINY bit of the technology that the US really has.

      And please stop listening to morons. There are other things to worry about.

  • Comment held for moderation.
    Patriot Biker · 04:04 08/31/2018
    Got a notice about my previous comment: "This Commment (Sic) is unpublished"
  • Comment held for moderation.
    TODD HATHAWAY · 21:33 08/30/2018
    How much is still needed through tomorrow to make ends meet?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sammy jew bastard · 21:04 08/30/2018
    There is always a large fleet of US ships in the Gulf .
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Frank · 21:15 08/30/2018
      Not even close to what's out there right now in regards to Russian ships.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    sammy jew · 20:59 08/30/2018
    I hope Russia sinks that damn ship and they die.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gregg W · 20:35 08/30/2018
    The Turkish moves seem pretty strange. They might be getting in place to strike Israel if they attack Assad/Iran/Hezbollah. They could be there to help the terrorists and go against Russia but I thought they were smarter than that. Thanks for all the info Hal. This is a crazy mess, but I don't trust hardly any of the players. In the real world game of Risk, players are making some big moves and it only takes one spark to set the whole thing burning.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    TTeller. · 20:03 08/30/2018
    All of this after McCain passed. He'd be in heaven, if he could have watched this unfold. Sadly, there are more than just one war monger besides McCain in our Government.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Occams Razor · 19:39 08/30/2018
    I wonder if the AT&T Outage is Related to all this action in the middle east? Maybe the Russians know how to disrupt cellular communications -- at least with AT&T stuff. Total Chaos coming soon if so. Maps will be flying off shelves.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Scott · 18:57 08/30/2018
    Read Isaiah Chapter 17 again.
    Whoever turns Damascus into a ruinous heap where it is no longer inhabited will be rebuked by God as if going through a tornado and it will all be over in one night.
    Trump is insane to try and pull something here.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      backwoods Joo · 20:32 08/30/2018
      Says who? According to Zechariah 9:1, the Burden of the word of Yehovah shall bear down upon Damascus. This is the work of the Almighty. When this happens then all the eyes of men and all the eyes of Israel shall see their maker.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        no · 00:21 08/31/2018
        Meaning they'll die and go to judgement? What?
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