The leaders of Great Britain and Australia telephoned President Donald Trump on Thursday and essentially pleaded with him to REDACT all reference to THEIR ROLES in spying on him and his campaign for the Obama regime.

On Monday,, the American people found out that President Trump ORDERED the Department of Justice and FBI to Declassify and un-redact, all text messages from key FBI people in the so-called "Russia Collusion" investigation fiasco, as well as certain parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Warrant Applications against then-Trump-Campaign official Carter Page.

According to well placed sources, the British are fearful that if the American people get to see that paperwork, they will find out it was BRITISH INTELLIGENCE that not only meddled in an American Election, but actively surveiled and wiretapped the Trump Campaign, that Americans will not embrace favorable trade agreements when the British proceed with "Brexit."

Let's not forget the most important part: It was former British Spy, Christopher Steele, who authored the now debunked "Dossier" which fraudulently claimed Donald Trump engaged in activities in Moscow, thus setting the stage for America to tear itself apart politically for two years and counting.

 Australia Too!

Australia is also pleading with Trump to CONCEAL their role in setting up meetings with Trump campaign officials, with the intent of setting them up into non-existent "Russia Collusion."

The simple fact is, these two countries DID those things. Great Britain and Australia did more to meddle in our 2016 Presidential Election than Russia ever did.  

Now, they have to accept the consequences of their actions by being held up to ridicule in front of the American people.

Hal Turner Analysis

The President is asked to treat Britain and Australia as US "allies."   But are they?

If one truly assesses the state of the EU today, particularly the UK, I submit that some of our most “trusted allies” are in fact, the greatest threats to Western Civilization and the freedoms we all hold dear, of any enemy we’ve ever faced before. 

To have once supposedly democratic societies now wholesale welcoming Muslim jihadis into their populations, arresting their own citizens when they protest same when those “immigrants” rape or kill their friends and family, and actively quelling speech or traditional Western religions in favor of an ideology that is wholly antithetical to all we hold dear is a clear reflection of their blatant depravity.

The EU and especially the UK show a depravity that is worse than any outright Middle Eastern, Russian or Chinese aggression because it is cloaked within the “freedoms,” laws and policies of our own nations - promoted by (compromised) lawmakers that have the power of an enforcement arm to subvert at will.

Lawmakers that are actively now subjugating their own citizens as I type this, and a depraved system of corruption that has absolutely influenced our own lawmakers to implement many of the same policies that are now killing theirs.

In fact, the EU is rapidly devolving into a massive police state that if allowed to continue will represent the most comprehensive, technically advanced enemy any freedom loving person has ever witnessed in the history of the planet. 

Think about it. Practically every single socialist/Marxist clusterfuck experienced in this country over the last 100 years originated over there first, then California, then on to the rest of the country.

So, when Trump finally starts slapping these countries around in earnest, remember the above, and know that not all friends are what they seem. 

If you live in one of those countries, also realize that we Americans stand with you if you wish to reclaim your own cultures and freely live in peace, but make no mistake, we despise many of your leaders (for what they’ve done to you and us), and will hold them to account very soon.

So, when America is finally painted as the enemy of your country by your propagandist media as we begin to do what’s necessary, just know that it’s all for your own good (and ours).

What the Brits and Aussies MUST Do:

If Britain and Australia want to be kept out of the spotlight, they must turn over the individuals who participated in these acts, for prosecution and imprisonment in the US, on charges of Conspiracy to defraud the United States of its lawfully elected President, money laundering and illegal wiretapping. 

The British must specifically admit that it was former President Barack Obama who PERSONALLY wrote to British Intelligence, asking them to conduct spying on Trump and his campaign, and who PERSONALLY authorized the British Intelligence apparatus to do so from the NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade, MD.

The individuals they turn over to the US must plead guilty in open court, name Hillary Clinton, her political campaign, Barack Obama, the Democrat National Committee and the people inside the US government who aided and abetted this endeavor.  (Likely James Brennan of CIA and James Clapper, DNI and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch). 

The people turned over must admit to receiving money laundered through the law firm of Perkins Coie in New York City to accomplish this conspiracy, in violation of campaign finance laws and money laundering statutes, and also admit that FusionGPS was central to carrying out the crimes. 

Finally, they must admit in open court that the ENTIRE "Russia-Collusion" story was a deliberate lie, fabricated by the individuals and entities previously named, and carried out with the intent to force Trump from office based on deliberate falsehoods.

Unless the Brits and the Aussies turn over the people involved, and those people admit the things mentioned above in open court,  there is no reason whatsoever to do them any favors at all.  There is no reason to protect them from scrutiny or criticism and no reason to conceal wheat they did.



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    Rat Jew · 20:24 09/21/2018
    Who gave Obama his marching orders .Not the English slaves.or French slaves or american slaves.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Mikki Anon · 20:12 09/21/2018
    How many nukes in the EU? How many "friendly" AWAC codes are they aware of?
    How compromised is NATO?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    OccamsRazor · 17:33 09/21/2018
    Just like Satan was cast out of the heavens for slandering his brothers, I don't think there is any place left in this country for the DNC seeing that they perpetrated this evil slander and lies without conscious. Time to cast them out and all who supported them. As Bush himself said, we make no distinction between a terrorist and those who harbor them. Guilty by association.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    lilly · 17:26 09/21/2018
    Don't forget Crooked Hillary ! None of this could have happened without her orchestration
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sherlock · 17:22 09/21/2018
    Filthy British "royals" murdered 100s of Millions --- Irish, East&American Indians, Africans, Chinese, Europeans, The list is endless and they should be exterminated. Not cheered and groveled over by moronic Women and Effeminate men.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Ron · 16:42 09/21/2018
    The problem here is also, the CIA, Pentagon and FBI hid these docs from the light of day.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gary · 16:35 09/21/2018
    As an Aussie, you can put any involvement down to our left leaning Prime Minister,Malcolm Turnbull (Turncoat) . The good news is he got his just desserts a few weeks ago when his colleagues unceremoniously dumped him. If you want to catch up with him he is currently in New York crying and putting on a tantrum.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Jo · 19:31 09/23/2018
      Also think Alexander Downer....high commissioner to the uk. His name has popped up frequently in Q
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Robyne Pascoe · 10:03 09/22/2018
      That's why turnbull moved to the US.... to cause more trouble, the spiteful mongrel....
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Tony Bradford · 05:40 09/22/2018
      Turnbull is corrupt to the core. He has done so much damage to Australia put us in so much debt sold off most of our infrastructure I t will take many years to recover
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Nevada-Swede · 15:43 09/21/2018
    So...When are you going to write your US Congressmen and Senators to let them know how you feel? Let's Get Er Done!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Dusty Rhoades · 14:35 09/21/2018
    US military intelligence ? That's a contradiction in terms lol.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gifford Rodine · 13:20 09/21/2018
    Can you ever trust the brits or french military after this, let alone their intelligence apparatus?
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