From all appearances, Christine Blasey-Ford, the poor victim of a teenage boy's wet kiss and a squeeze 36 years ago, is having trouble deciding whether or not to come to Washington, DC to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee about what that BOY - now Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- allegedly "did to her" 36 years ago, which she now seems to regard as some sort of sex-attack.

We want to help, and we think a lot of YOU want to help too.  So we researched Christine Blasey-Ford's home address via public databases and here is what those databases say, is her home address . . .

(Address and map below)

While most normal people would regard two drunken, horny, teenagers at a party, getting into some hot, wet kissing, as "normal" - apparently Mrs. Blasey-Ford is of the liberal/leftist (i.e mental weakling/social retard) persuasion. 

It seems that, to folks of her persuasion, "normal" isn't normal.  A wet kiss is now apparently a "sexual attack"  or - for the most strident cultural retards " an attempted rape."

And so, Mrs. Ford-Blasey allegedly wants to tell her story to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but she can't decide whether or not to actually travel to Washington, DC to do so.   

No problem; we want to help!  If Mrs. Blasey-Ford cannot come to Washington, then perhaps Washington (and a big chunk of the rest of America) can come to her?

Here's what public databases say is Christine Blasey-Ford's home address, along with a map from trusty, helpful, Google.com, to get there.  We think that folks who wish to help Mrs Blasey-Ford, may wish to turn up at her home . . . to . . . offer help.  PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT THE DATABASES COULD BE WRONG.  THEY COULD BE OUT-OF-DATE.  People do move!  So conduct yourselves properly if you choose to stop-by.




 And since this is the United States of America, where ALL Americans are free to state their opinions and express their views, perhaps folks who have something else to say about Mrs. Blasey-Ford's conduct in this affair, may also want to travel to her house to say what THEY think of her antics.  After all, our previous coverage of this topic uncovered evidence that, in high school, apparently Mrs. Blasey-Ford, who was known as "Chrissy" was part of a crew of binge-drinking, drunken, sluts, who boasted in the High School yearbook of  sexual conquests, and of their hiring male strippers to dance in g-strings (perhaps to squeeze and grind-up with them?).

It leads one to wonder if Mrs. Blasey-Ford is simply making the whole accusation up about Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh?  If some of you travel to her home, perhaps you can inquire of Mrs. Blasey-Ford about these inconvenient disclosures about her past?  If so, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now, we want to state emphatically that you should be nice to this poor woman.  According to the public database of her past home addresses, she's mostly lived in leftist-liberal communities, so apparently, she's a sort of emotional snowflake.  Here, take a look at what public databases - available to anyone in the world online -- have to say about where she has lived in the past twenty or thirty years:

We wonder, if she actually does choose to travel to Washington DC, if she may be staying at any of the former addresses shown in nearby Delaware or Maryland while she's visiting our nation's Capital?

Public Figure

It is truly an amazing thing to see what happens when a person like Mrs. Blasey-Ford chooses to hurl themselves into the public spotlight by making public accusations through United States Senator Diane Feinstein, against a potentially incoming Supreme Court Justice. 

When otherwise private citizens hurl themselves into the public spotlight, they become "Public Figures" under the law. 

"Public Figures" are subject to public criticism.  Their privacy is nowhere near the standard which applies to non-public figures.  Sort of like radio host Hal Turner who is the topic of this web site.  Everyone knows he lives at 1906 Paterson Plank Road, North Bergen, NJ  07047. Heck, he even puts a map to his house right here on this web site, under the "CONTACT" button in the very top of the page, in the black menu bar on this web site!

But Hal is a public figure and he understands that privacy basically goes out the window when one becomes a public figure. We hope Mrs. Blasey-Ford now understands that too.

After all, we just want to help!



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    Neighbor · 12:48 09/23/2018
    And wouldn't you know it, a former female classmate has a photo of Christine Blasey naked, drunk and passed out on picnic table: https://indomitus.us/christine-blasey-naked-drunk-and-passed-out-on-a-picnic-table/
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    Tim · 15:21 09/22/2018
    There are Patriots Everywhere....EVERYWHERE....Don't Mess with the US....and Texas
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    your nemisis · 15:12 09/22/2018
    Karma is a hungry bitch turner. and she's hungry. remember I said that. her or her family gets hurt now, you put her address online for all to see. you're an accessory to it now. laugh that off fool.
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    Nevada-Swede · 13:17 09/22/2018
    Lets get real...It's time to we grab our friends and family to VOTE for those who will do whats right and good. If we don't do this, it's our own fault these radicals lie, cheat, and steal our rights away!
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    Edwitness · 12:19 09/22/2018
    Trish and Karl= snowflakes. Who think it's just fine that their friends call for Trump's assassination almost daily. But, to give out one of their friends addresses is crossing the line. Turn about is fair play. But, we draw the line at calling for someone's assassination like libtards like you do for Trump. Hypocrites.
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    Guy Patterson · 12:06 09/22/2018
    I'm hoping her next address is:

    1299 S Seaside Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731

    As for the weak minded slugs posted above to help Hal in all his work and public service I thought I'd add a donation to my subscription.
    Everything he's posted is public information. The same information liberal share often to berate honest folks on a regular basis.

    From my point of view, I think Kavanaugh should file a liable suit against her and Finstein especially if she fails to show!
    If she fails to show it proves she was only slandering him and trying to destroy his reputation to stall the hearing. Same for Finstein! She could have brought this up in closed session but chose to go public in an attempt to destroy his good name.
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    Mr. Scott · 11:54 09/22/2018
    Poor little snow flakes
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    Purge Edu · 11:46 09/22/2018
    Going to buy two subscriptions to replace you.
    Don't let the door hit ya where the strippers split ya.
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      karl kapps · 13:39 09/22/2018
      don't forget to hit this guy up at the end of the month when bills are due
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    TSAZ · 11:44 09/22/2018
    I say Bravo on this Hal. A mere accusation- decades old, and now a man's entire life and livelihood are essentially in the toilet, ready to flush. Let the little tender hearts live up to their threats and go away, perhaps to find their solace at CNN/MSNBC/etc. where the fragile are coddled and emotional outrage is 'liberally' and 'progressively' cultivated into a cancerous growth. People love to get offended- can't WAIT to be offended- completely a personal choice and character flaw.
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      Trish Schild · 12:11 09/22/2018
      First of all....the piece of sewer scum that wrote this article is crazier than those liberal lunatics at CNN/MSNBC...just sayin'... And, second, it isn't about being friggin' offended. I don't offend easily...It's about saying and doing stupid shit that can cause somebody else harm. And, third, I don't believe that Mrs. Ford could foresee what the Democratic party would do with her information. They're exploiting her like they do everything else. If she's lying then that makes her a p.o.s., but if she's telling the truth, as irrelevant as the truth is in this matter, then she was doing what she felt was right. The members of the Democratic party are the ones trying to manipulate her and the situation. Do you really think she has any control over it at this point?
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        TSAZ · 14:25 09/22/2018
        She's a liberal activist, sunshine.
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        selah · 13:29 09/22/2018
        @trish...yea, it's called free will and God gave it to everyone. when your mind has been corrupted by the evil one you make poor choices consistently. make the right choice this time, get off this site that you supposedly can't stand and then repent. the Kingdom of God is near.
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        guest · 13:18 09/22/2018
        LOL!! Are we name calling now! Thought by your first post that you would be 'above' all that. Do you really believe that someone is trying to manipulate that woman??? She lost her innocence a long time ago but you know that. Be TRUTHFUL with yourself first, then call others dirt if you think that you are better than they are.
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    TSAZ · 11:38 09/22/2018
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    Eut · 10:56 09/22/2018
    I'm not much into ex feds etc. But give them hell Hal.
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    Rat Jew · 10:46 09/22/2018
    Thanks Hal we will pray for her and hope she does the right thing .We are not like the commie left that would do harm to these nuts.Pray for this sick country .
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    Tim · 10:37 09/22/2018
    My comment below is for Trish... I forgot to add it to the replies
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    Tim · 10:35 09/22/2018
    The left openly talks about assassinating President Trump... our great president... AND getting rid of conservatives...And have tried...where were your comments then???!!! OR about Killary Clinton???!!!
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    Guest and Only a Gue · 10:34 09/22/2018
    I've held back from posting on this site for years, it's typically been my internet version of the Enquirer for tin foil hat reading.

    But I must agree with Trish, this is a low blow and has no value in a civilized society. Agree or disagree with this ladies motive doesn't matter; publishing a home address is just flat out wrong, regardless which side of the politics you're on.

    No self respecting man with genuine integrity should feel good about doing something like this.
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      Marc · 16:39 09/22/2018
      You called this site " the internet version of the National Enquirer . . ."

      So does this mean you're not laughing at this site anymore?

      You called this posting a "low blow that has no value in civilized society."

      What do you call smearing a married man over nothing more than a teenage kiss 36 years after the alleged fact? What do you call describing this kiss as "attempted rape" and having thousands of left-wing drones threatening the guy and his family? Is all that OK?

      What do you call Senator Feinstein who HAD THIS INFORMATION during the confirmation hearings but deliberately failed to bring it forward until timing the disrupt the man from being seated on the court in October came into play? Is THAT not a low blow?

      Some of us call these things "low blows." Much lower than most other conduct you describe.

      The left is now, finally, getting hit back in a way they understand.

      We need MORE actions like this.

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    Trish Schild · 09:25 09/22/2018
    I'm going to preface this comment with....I use this site for entertainment purposes only...and then I find an article like this.

    The author of this article is truly sick and needs to seek professional help. Truly, what kind of mind does stupid, irresponsible shit like this?

    The bigotry from this site is enough to turn even the strongest stomachs..but, then you post vile, putrid crap that does nothing but put somebody's life in danger, but 'clever' enough to add a disclaimer so that if one of your psychopathic followers take your 'hidden advice then you think you won't be liable. Geez, you're dreaming if I'm on that jury.

    Every time I think you hit new lows you find a way to go even lower. gfy
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      rat jew · 11:21 09/22/2018
      Anyone can get the information Hal put here if they had bad intentions .Only the left wing nuts do that.It would be very stupid to hurt her and just not right.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      guest · 11:05 09/22/2018
      What is actually crap, Trish, is that a teenage girl was allowed to actually live a lifestyle like that. Where were her parents and where was the school administration? They are the ones that should be at question here. Maybe they should all be brought up on charges of child endangerment (so many years ago.)

      What is actually crap, Trish, is that a woman with that kind of background (and yes I have seen the scrap books and read the articles before Hal ever published them) would have the gall to even make complaints at this late date. She may be a truly good person now, but I doubt it after she was a willingly participated and/or initiated that type of behavior and now after all those years, wants to ruin someone elses life.

      So, are you or were you willingly participating in that type of lifestyle? Why are you so seemingly incensed?
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Homeschool +++ · 14:20 09/22/2018
        Is our nation witnessing the result of very bad parenting on national display? I think so. Some parents are indifferent about their childrens' education and displace the responsibility of parenting to some boarding school instead of owning the role of parent and training their children at home...starting with lessons on virtues, morals, mannerisms. Truth and honesty are lessons that can't be taught in textbooks, they must be instilled by the modeling of healthy parents who are present, involved and devoted to their children. This is why some parents wisely choose to homeschool their kids...it may be a sacrifice, but the payoff is a multi-generational legacy that they leave behind.
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      karl kapps · 10:58 09/22/2018
      agreed, i'll be canceling my subscription
      • Comment held for moderation.
        WT · 12:01 09/22/2018
        Trish Schill & Karl Marx Krapps

        1)Turn abouts fair play eh tards
        2)I really doubt you were ever a subscriber
        3)Hrabar is an official at the U.S. Department of Justice who, in April, led a protest at the home of Jeremy Wiley, a D.C. lobbyist with whom she and fellow members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) do not agree. How did she find out where Wiley lived? Hrabar explained to an undercover Project Veritas employee:

        “And so we ran the license plate, and it was a car registered to Jeremy Wiley, so you have his car parked outside a house that he does own. As of very recently, and someone saw him through the window, which is also…”

        At this point, the PV journalist interjected, “Also, we’re able to run license plates through?”

        Hrabar responded, “You can. We cannot do it officially.”

        In other words, Hrabar was using government resources, on government time, to track down a political opponent, invading the privacy of a private citizen.

        So are you a straight hypocrite or a moron traitor , or both.
        The fact that you find all this humorous, I'm going with moron traitor.

      • Comment held for moderation.
        guest · 11:08 09/22/2018
        And you karl, are you a parent that lets their teenage children run wild without any accountability. What is your bias?
        • Comment held for moderation.
          karl kapps · 13:20 09/22/2018
          i have standards two wrongs don't make a right, you may strongly disagree with someone but posting this stuff makes hal or who ever wrote no better than the constant bullshit done by the left.
          • Comment held for moderation.
            Neighbor · 12:50 09/23/2018
            But Karl, war has casualties, and this is war. It will go kinetic at the first Trump whistle.
          • Comment held for moderation.
            Guy Patterson · 14:00 09/22/2018
            As the Hammond's understood, sometimes it's necessary to fight fire with fire.
            Unlike the liberals who start the fire then say fire is natural...let it burn it's natural course.
            We have to fight for what's right. She should suffer the consequences of the evil act she has committed against a solid upstanding man.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      selah · 10:09 09/22/2018
      @trish, sorry honey, you liberals are the ones that have fallen prey to satan. and then your weak, corrupt, vindictive minds explode when someone strikes back. my recommendation to you is James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Pursue Peace Y'all · 14:06 09/22/2018
        Amen! I don't understand why the liberals aren't cheering this, they have been advocating giving out the private addresses of others for years? Were they not expecting others to be neighborly in kind? There is an old cliche, "What is good for the goose is good for the gander."

        There is a reason why the 'golden rule' has been a wonderful ideal--and you liberals would do well to appreciate the wisdom of it. See, in life, what goes around eventually comes around so we all better play nice and be kind--at the very least, civil.

        PEACE is the only path to pursue...hopefully the liberals learn that soon. The rest of us learned how to be civil, courteous and kind early on in life. Why the liberals missed that lesson and are so angry and attack people who do not share their viewpoint demonstrates they are psychologically stunted, bigoted, ego-centric, and social-deficient, disturbed characters.

        Liberals, time to be tolerant of others and knock off the threats and start treating others like how we would like to be treated.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Paul Lambert · 09:37 09/22/2018
      Trish: So in other words, this tactic may be effective, right?
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Anonoymous · 09:13 09/22/2018
    I love your sense of humor Hal.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Just Courious · 08:43 09/22/2018
    For more info you can search Zillow. Looks like a $3+ million neighborhood.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Sammy the jew · 15:08 09/22/2018
      Even a piece of junk house like that is big bucks location,location.Bunch of left wing nuts live in that area.
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