Below is a link to the audio archive of last night's Hal Turner Radio Show.

At PRECISELY 1h:29m:00s into the show, as soon as I mentioned "I'll be going into the Syria . . . ."  a severe electronic attack was commenced against the radio show.

Someone compromised the INTERNAL HARDWARE FIREWALL and several internal software firewalls, and gained access to multiple computers in the radio studio.   As soon as I mentioned "Syria" the audio archiving computer was attacked, shutting-down its recording of all radio show audio.

Immediately thereafter, ANOTHER COMPUTER which handles the outbound streaming audio feed to the PUBLIC Internet audio feeds to HalTurnerRadioShow.com was attacked and the outbound PUBLIC audio stream was SHUT DOWN.   

Within seconds, a THIRD COMPUTER which handles the outbound FIBER OPTIC feed to all three radio stations was attacked and the outbound PRIVATE radio station audio feeds were terminated.


I began to get text messages from several people, including the radio stations, telling me I was offline.

I began to check the feeds and saw they were not streaming, so I endeavored to turn them back on.   The software on the two outbound streaming computers was still up and available, so  I clicked "CONNECT" and the software went out to the servers, connected, and instantly disconnected.

I tried repeatedly to get the audio streams to re-connect to the streaming servers, but the connection would not establish and remain active.

This hinted at perhaps a local internet service failure, so I invoked the Cellular Back-up.   In less than a minute, the cellular back-up was up and running, with full connectivity, but efforts to restore the audio feeds to the streaming server AGAIN would not remain connected.

This pointed to a possible issue with the cloud-based streaming audio servers, so I went into the system that controls the streaming audio servers on the cloud, and they were running.  I rebooted them anyway.  When they came back up, I tried connecting the streams and again, the streams failed to remain connected.

That told me the trouble was in-house (inside the studio itself) as opposed to the Internet.  So I rebooted the computers that handle everything in-house.  That took two to three minutes.

When the computers came back up, attempts to re-establish the audio feeds WERE SUCCESSFUL . . . . for about two minutes . . . and down they went again.

At this point, I also noticed the audio archiving system had stopped recording the show, so I saved what was there, rebooted that machine and worked to bring the satellite uplink into service.  It worked.

Using the Satellite uplink restored the show to the streaming servers . . . for about 7 minutes.  Then down they went again.

Whoever perpetrated this attack, commenced it at the very moment I mentioned that I would be talking about the Syria [Russia,Israel] things.  It was the Syria subject matter that "someone" did not want going out over the public airwaves.  

Whoever this "someone" is, they have done extensive research into how the networks in the radio studio are set up, how the back-ups are set-up and how to shut it all down fast.   

Now, I ask you:  WHO IS IT that has the ability to shut down regular Internet connectivity, Fiber Optic connectivity, CELLULAR Back-up connectivity AND within minutes, satellite uplinks all on separate, segregated, networks?


Which government?  The US?  Russia? Israel?  Someone else?

We have, in our Hardware firewall, a packet sniffer.  It literally inspects each and every packet of info that ATTEMPTS TO come into, or goes out of the studio.  

The PACKET SNIFFER system is showing that four separate IP addresses were blocked by the Hardware firewall for suspicious activity during the show; "SUSPICIOUS MSSQL." Once those IP addresses were blocked, they could do nothing; couldn't even get an answer from the system.

Minutes later, however, the firewall began to be hit with packets from another IP that contained "multiple encodings WITHIN javascript-obfuscated data."

THAT is when the computers in the studio began to malfunction and the radio show literally went off the air.

The tech guys are now "drilling down" on those packets to actually look at what was in those packets and where they came from.  It is a long, tedious, arduous, process . . . but they're looking.  We WILL find out where this came from. 

I promise you that when we determine where it came from,  there will be actions taken.

Whether those actions will be peaceful / lawful or not, I haven't decided.   (And that is a decision for me and me alone; no one else has anything to say about it.)

Whether those actions will be lawful, or criminally violent, or massively destructive or not, I haven't decided yet and, it really doesn't matter to me.  (Again, this is a decision for me, and me alone; no one else has anything to say about it . . . . at least until after the fact.)

You see, I learned in prison there is only one thing that truly matters in this world: FORCE; who uses it, and who it is used against.  

Force is the one constant in the universe that every human being, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, language, culture or upbringing, truly understands.

One thing is certain,  there will be action taken.  If it is lawful action, you'll hear about it.  If it is not lawful, you won't; at least not from me.

Here is the link to the remains of the audio archive that we were able to salvage from the attack.  Everything is fine up to precisely 1h:29m:00s when I utter the word "Syria."  THAT is when things went bad.   

The archive resumes again (I cut out the dead air portion) and ends as normal.  But instead of the show being 1h:58m:30s  it is shorter than that.








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    Gifford Rodine · 12:01 10/05/2018
    Hal: Can you tell us now what you were about to say about Syria?

    I could hear the audio archive but the Syria part was missing.

    Your courage is outstanding!
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    Jim McCall · 14:19 10/04/2018
    If it is an option, Linux may not be bullet proof, but, it can be locked down much tighter and it will withstand much more than windows.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      pandora · 18:17 10/04/2018
      cant bring broadcast up on any media
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Hal Turner · 18:28 10/04/2018
        The file archive is an mp3 which can be played by LINUX or any other machines.

        The live streams for my show accommodate all modes: MP3, M3U, XSPF (LINUX), MAC OS, Apple iTuens and the like.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Chilly8 · 17:45 10/04/2018
      The trouble is that the Shoutcast software, which is what Hal needs, only runs on Windows. Shoutcast is not made MacOS or Linux machines. Internet radio stations are limited to Windows.

      When I used to run my own online radio station a few years ago, Windows was the only option for me, as Shoutcast, which I needed to stream to Live 365 and LoudCity, was only available for Windows, so I know of where I speak here.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Hal Turner · 18:28 10/04/2018
        The file archive is an mp3 which can be played by LINUX or any other machines.

        The live streams for my show accommodate all modes: MP3, M3U, XSPF (LINUX), MAC OS, Apple iTuens and the like.
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    Useless Eater · 12:39 10/04/2018
    Tried to listen last night. Got nothing. It was like you were not broadcasting. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 11:38 10/04/2018




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    Leppard One · 10:32 10/04/2018
    Consider producing key narrative segments of sensitive topics (that do not involve listener call-ins) ahead of time with non PC studio equipment such as standalone digital audio workstations that have no web access. Insert copies of the pre-produced narrative into the live audio stream instead of doing it live, with only listener call-ins being performed live. Even if someone shuts down the audio streams, copies can be made for post-broadcast distribution.

    Use write once cd or USB drive with write protect switch (Kanguru etc.) for transfer of pre-recorded audio segments to radio station system which then can be inserted into the audio stream during programming. Non write protect USB drive plugged into any infected radio station PC could infect the offline setup if plugged back into it. Write once CD or write protected USB cannot be written to by an infected machine so would not likely be corrupted by an infection at the station. SD drive write protects do not work the same ways and can be infected.

    If a master audio mix not involving use of PCs is available, why not tap off into into a legacy analog tape recorder or an offline digital recorder as an additional layer of insurance?
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    Leppard One · 09:47 10/04/2018
    That is not consistent with antifas modus oprerandi or brainpower quotient. Their approach would be to show up at Hals domicile and burn the place down or lie in wait at the radio station with clubs and fists full of rocks. Their mental ability puts them one level above cavemen/hunter gatherers (the latter for conservative targets), and the affairs in Syria are really not their concern, so antifa is not the perp.
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  • This commment is unpublished.
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    Paul Lambert · 09:06 10/04/2018
    What gets me is that I find it unlikely that someone was at a computer listening for the word "Syria" to decide suddenly to press a button to screw up the programme, but was willing to let it go if Syria were not mentioned.

    More likely, someone wanting to screw with Hal would have done so at any given moment as soon as he figured out how to do so. That the hacker pulled if off just as Hal said "Syria" might be coincidence.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jimmy Rochester n.y · 08:47 10/04/2018
    Thank you hal for the archive
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert R · 08:13 10/04/2018
    Hal glad you team was able to get everything back online.I am sure you will bring all your contacts and resources to dig up the guilty and bring them to some kind of justice.
    Having said that the missing piece on Syrian Israel and Russian news that you were unable to convey to your reader and listeners by not at least posting a full report on your website here of it is letting them win. Do not let these SOBs win that fight!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    D. Thomas · 07:58 10/04/2018
    Hal, regardless of who it was, disgruntled or organized attackers. I think it is important for you to know who it is and make that public when the timing is right.

    Regardless of our differences on other topics, your right to have an open and public forum should not be hindered, especially from organized entities.

    Your assessment of force and respect is truely universal, it's a shame our once great society has succumb to this.

    Stay safe, keep us updated.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    kellen bankos · 07:57 10/04/2018
    Hal, please tell us the information now
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TODD HATHAWAY · 07:41 10/04/2018
    Ummmm, no. This was a state-sponsored attack. Hal is working to find out which state(s) were responsible. Clearly,the information on the slow frog boil escalation in the Middle East is NOT something that a nation state with robust IT resources wants made public. Why? Because once the conflict in the Middle East reaches a critical point, the use of nuclear weapons will force ALL parties to come to the bargaining table to broker a comprehensive Middle East peace agreement. Control over all nations will be assigned to a supranational entity. Trump is most resistant to that plan, which is why South Manhattan will be nuked, months after Damascus is nuked by Israel. Israel is being boxed into a corner as we speak. Hal is trying to get the word out.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Joe Blow · 10:05 10/04/2018
      Todd it is unfortunate that you Evangelicals have perverted Daniel 9:27. The "Prince of the People" written about in Daniel 27 was none other than Titus the son of Caesar Vespasian. Titus made his legions covenant with him to besiege Jerusalem for 7 years and leave the Temple intact. He wanted to take the Temple and all it's parts to the Roman Pantheon as a trophy. However history shows that Titus lost control of his Legions. The war started in early spring of 67 AD. The sacrifices and oblations were caused to cease July 14, 70 AD. It was at this time that Titus lost control of his Legions. On August 10 70 AD (9th of Av) the Temple was set on fire. The was was over on September 8, 70 AD fulfilling the prophecy. You Evangelicals now think that Israel's Messiah is the "Antichrist". Jerry Falwell even claimed that "The Antichrist" as you say, will be a Jew. You guys are completely and hopelessly brainwashed. I have presented you facts proven by history yet you Evangelicals have been overcome with the delusion that Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. But not just you Evangelicals. ALL of Christianity are deluded concerning the identity of ISRAEL'S MOCHIACH.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        TODD HATHAWAY · 16:31 10/04/2018
        There is no mention of religion in my post...rather, a truncated summary of a straightforward analysis of the situation by a retired Army Nuclear & Counterproliferation Officer with six Masters degrees. Religion is simply a means to an end...I have no use for religion.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        John · 12:03 10/04/2018
        Tell us then Joe...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sammy · 07:39 10/04/2018
    Who gains ?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Paul Lambert · 07:23 10/04/2018
    Not to let the air out of a narrative involving a fascinating conspiracy (which I acknowledge it could be), but could this just be an attack from some Antifa punks or an attack similar to those you suffered in the old days from disgruntled detractors?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      guest · 08:40 10/04/2018
      The question then would be 'Who OWNS Antifa? or Who stands to gain from all this i.e. NON-disclosure?' Somebody owns and controls Antifa and has to be paying the bills. Regardless, whoever did this has deep pockets and access to better than good equipment. I strongly suspect that this is beyond the means and/or capability of an ordinary "Antifa punk or...disgruntled detractor."
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