Russia sent a sudden and sharp reminder to the United States and NATO today that Russia remains a very capable nuclear super-power.

A "Snap Drill" was ordered by President Vladimir Putin and during the exercises, LIVE NUCLEAR BOMBS were loaded onto Russian strategic Bombers which then took off!









More:  Submarine missile launches also took place - showing multiple launches from at least TWO Russian missile submarines in different parts of the world.




Russia is engaging in these exercises because the US, UK, France and other "allies" have been causing havoc inside Syria and persist to this very day with trying to destroy that country through the use of Proxies who are actually members of Al-Qsida (Al-Nusra) and ISIS.

Moreover, NATO has been moving extraordinary amounts of heavy armor into Finland and into the Baltic States, very close to the Russia Border.  In addition, activity by the US and UK inside Ukraine is more than upsetting to Russia as they see NATO overtly overthrowing the Ukraine Government under the Obama regime, and now loading up the new pro-western regime in Kiev with all sorts of weaponry.

It appears to casual observers, that the US and NATO are doing anything and everything they can to either intimidate Russia or to cause an all-out war.

The American people, and those in European nations, are being kept quietly in the dark about these developments.  If war actually breaks out, it would come like a lightning bolt from the blue as far as the general public is concerned; which seems to be exactly what western governments want.

When a population is stunned and frightened, they do as they're told.

Thankfully, with knowledge from media outlets like the Hal Turner Radio Show, the public is no longer being kept in the dark abut what our government is doing that may get a lot of us killed.










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    Velociraptor · 13:44 10/12/2018
    RT is running your story today with some of the exact same footage. How are you able to scoop RT?
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    Denton · 21:52 10/11/2018
    Not at all surprising. We do it, too. It is to see how fast units can follow nuclear protocols while retrieving the items from secured facilities, mounting them to the aircraft and the aircraft launching, all the while maintaining chain of custody. Very strict protocol.
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      Onno · 05:34 10/12/2018
      All the same addition of true madness, yes.

      These logical moral morons/killer robots belong in some type of closed facility, locked away from normal human kind.
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    Alan · 20:34 10/11/2018
    Over the last 5 years, roughly, Russia has done 2 things of note:

    1) They have amassed a huge stockpile of actual physical gold in bars. They are now the third largest holder of actual gold in the world.

    2) They have sold ALL of their US treasury holdings. The last of it very recently. They did it gradually so as not to lower the price they get for selling them, but went ahead and accelerated their sales of the last of it this year anyway.

    Russians are good Preppers. It seems that they expect investments based on the US Dollar to be a bad idea soon, for some reason. They also think that the Rubble may need to be backed by actual gold reserves, if needed.

    During the election of 2016, Putin actually stated that if Hillary won, there would probably be war. Wow! What a statement! Is that election interference do you suppose, or a real warning? What do they know?

    It's about Ukraine. They want it back. Any cost. Just saying...
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    Arizona · 18:43 10/11/2018
    Steve Quayle put up a cute video today,ALL about mass drones,used to attack in mass,HOW church pastors will be in charge of hundreds of these little flying KILLERBOTS,the video came from Justice News Network.com,you guys might want to watch it,the military fully intends to use them on YOU...and foreign governments I'am sure.....
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      ray · 18:52 10/11/2018
      i say bring it i know who wins...
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        wref · 20:07 10/11/2018
        Russia has deliberately supplied syrian S300s with slightly non-optimal missiles so that their ability to really stop an IDF air attack is NIL. This is all a stupid game for the rabble.
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    Anonymous · 18:31 10/11/2018
    Where would the missiles go after they are launched, provided that if a war ever occurs? Which country? Or, maybe both the countries? The U.S. or/and Israel?

    If it is just a war between the U.S. and Russia only, then Putin and Trump should be both accused for misleading and deceiving the commoners into hurting each other, while Israel is overlooked and subtly protected. So, we, as the commoners, need to be ready and prepared to study and catch the lies made by the pro-Israel elites.

    Trump helping Americans to get on feet? That is great, except if Trump preparing a pro-Israel war (without any regard about America's life) for Americans.

    Trump really needs to think twice. He can't play a game with Internet-armed Americans, especially when it comes to the Middle East affair. Since almost all of military personnel in the world are the commoners, so the American commoners have an unrealized advantage to fight to overtake their elite-controlled government. The world should watch them and be on their side.

    Then, the world will be better off, with the Rothschild-led species and Israel going extinct.
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    Sammy · 17:44 10/11/2018
    I would suggest New York and the city of London.And Israel
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      Onno · 18:47 10/11/2018
      This is tempting, but there probably will be a few non-deviants there.
      These few are very, very important and costly to God, so it would be foolish.
      Also there would be a chain-reaction that cannot be contained.

      Wide scale testing on psychopathy is more realistic and surgically directed at the real culprits. To begin with all who are (or crave for positions) in government.
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    Onno · 17:15 10/11/2018
    Well, since the psychopathic USUK deep state got away until now (and still ongoing) with "Dresden", it has become the new (un)military "normal" for all psychopathocracies, to direct these kind of abject contraptions of deeply perverted logical brains not to military objects or -personnel distincted by their resp. uniforms etc. but (unthinkable for normal military men) undiscriminate to large cities filled or overfilled with civilians.

    Does it prevent war? No, since psychopaths are already dead inside and don't care what happens to YOU.

    The only thing that prevents war, is to apply a modern psychopathy test and take those 4-8% moral moron addition of true madness OUT.

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    Bankers' Wars · 16:46 10/11/2018
    The bankers have amassed tremendous debt amongst the nations and the only way they can walk away without the blame is to foment world war. Unfortunately, the bankers hold all of the cards and positions of power/influence.
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