Today, Thursday November 22, 2018, is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. Our entire country takes this day to give thanks to Almighty God for the food and good things in life He has given us.

The holiday has its origins long before the actual creation of our country; and is rooted in what took place beginning in the year 1620, when a group of Pilgrims sailed from England on a ship called "The Mayflower" and arrived in Massachusetts.

History records that the Pilgrims tried to implement a system of self-governance along a "communal" outline . . . and that system killed a lot of them via starvation, and caused resentment on such a scale, it failed.  Here we are, centuries later, we realize that the system the Pilgrims tried is now known as Communism.

When we point out that neither Socialism nor Communism has ever worked, their supporters simply smile indulgently and say, “Well, that’s just because the right people haven’t tried it yet.” 

On that count, they are just plain wrong. Communism had its purest test in the earliest days of American history and was an abysmal, abject, utter failure. And it was tried by a small group of people who were committed to each other, devoted to God, and were hard-working and industrious. If this crew couldn’t make it work, nobody’s ever going to make it work. 

Our Pilgrim forefathers landed near Plymouth Rock in the fall of 1620. They had left England aiming for the Virginia colony, but were blown off course and landed in Massachusetts instead. Left on their own, they established their own form of government and their own economy. 

The form of government they established is enshrined in the Mayflower Compact, which was the first constitution in America established by the consent of the governed. It thus became the model for our federal Constitution and for the constitutions of the individual 50 states. 

Here’s how the Mayflower Compact began (language modernized, emphasis mine throughout): 

In the name of God, Amen. We whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereign Lord, King James...having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia... 

In the presence of God, and one of another, covenant & combine our selves together into a civil body politic...to enact...just & equal laws...as shall be thought most meet & convenient for the general good of the Colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience... 

In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod the 11th of November, 1620 A.D. 

It’s worth observing, as data points in the conversation about whether the United States was founded as a Christian nation, the frequent references to God and the explicit reference to the ultimate purpose of the colony being to promote and to advance the Christian faith in parts unknown. God’s calling on America (a column for another day) is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ, “to make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). The Plymouth Colony was committed to doing its part setting this noble goal for all settlers who were to follow them to our shores. 

Not only did they establish their own form of government - essentially a constitutional republic - but their own economy as well. As a “company” colony, Plymouth Plantation operated under bylaws established by the Virginia Company of London. 

These bylaws set up a communal system for the Pilgrims, in which all capital and all profits for the first seven years were to remain in “the common stock.” There was no such thing as private property; all property and all business activities belonged to the collective with none of it belonging to individuals or individual families. 

During these seven years, “all profits & benefits that are got by trade, traffic, trucking, working, fishing, or any other means of any person or persons remain still in the common stock.” Everyone was “to have their meat, drink, apparel, and all provision of the common stock and goods.” 

Then, in this utopian scheme, at the end of seven years “the capital & profits, viz. the houses, lands, goods and chattels, be equally divided betwixt the adventurers and the planters.” 

It sounded, just as communism does today, ideal and noble and, well, Christian. It would be share and share alike, everyone putting aside his own aspirations for the accumulation of wealth and property in order to selflessly devote all his energies and talents to the common good. 

But it wasn’t ideal or noble, or even Christian. It was Marxism before Marx, and like all socialistic and communistic systems, due for an agonizing and spirit-crushing collapse. 

Governor William Bradford, in Of Plymouth Plantation, did not hesitate to describe the experiment as a “failure.” And he made it clear that the failure was not in the people but in the system. "The failure of that experiment of communal service, which was tried for several years, and by good and honest men, proves the emptiness of the theory of Plato and other ancients, applauded by some of later times,- that the taking away of private property, and the possession of it in community, by a commonwealth, would make a state happy and flourishing; as if they were wiser than God...” 

Communism, in other words, was a display of arrogance and human conceit, for it was predicated on the silly belief that man knows better than God. The result was predictable. Said Bradford: 

...[C]ommunity of property was found to breed much confusion and discontent; andretard much employment which would have been to the general benefit... 

For the young men who were most able and fit for service objected to being forced to spend their time and strength in working for other men's wives and children, without any recompense... 

"The strong man or the resourceful man had no more share of food, clothes, etc., than the weak man who was not able to do a quarter the other could. This was thoughtinjustice. 

The aged and graver men, who were ranked and equalized in labor, food, clothes, etc., with the humbler and younger ones, thought it some indignity and disrespect to them. 

As for men's wives who were obliged to do service for other men, such as cooking, washing their clothes, etc., they considered it a kind of slavery, and many husbands would not brook it... 

Hmm. Except for the “confusion, discontent, injustice, indignity, disrespect, (and slavery” that communism produced, it was paradise on earth. 

Bradford hastened to explain that if you were looking for the “right people” to implement communism, these were the right people: 

If all were to share alike, and all were to do alike, then all were on an equality throughout, and one was as good as another; and so, if it did not actually abolish those very relations which God himself has set among men, it did at least greatly diminish the mutual respect that is so important should be preserved amongst them. 

Let none argue that this is due to human failing, rather than to this communistic plan of life in itself..." 

So, if the “communistic plan of life” was an abysmal failure, what would replace it? Bradford explained that the Pilgrims discovered that capitalism was the answer. 

God in His wisdom saw that another plan of life was fitter for them... 

So they began to consider how to raise more corn, and obtain a better crop than they had done, so that they might not continue to endure the misery of want... 

At length after much debate, the Governor, with the advice of the chief among them,allowed each man to plant corn for his own household... 

So every family was assigned a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number... 

...This was very successful. It made all hands very industrious, so that much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could devise, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better satisfaction. 

The women now went willing into the field, and took their little ones with them to plant corn, while before they would allege weakness and inability, and to have compelled them would have been thought great tyranny and oppression." 

The “communistic plan of life” inevitably requires a more and more powerful state to enforce it, since it runs counter to the very grain of our God-given humanity. Soon, an all-powerful state replaces an all-powerful God as the object of a society’s worship and veneration, and the horrors of a totalitarian state unleavened by the purity of the gospel soon manifest themselves. 

We have just passed the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Communists to power in Russia. Similar forms of oppressive, godless states sprang up in China, Vietnam, and in North Korea where a little tin-pot dictator threatens the peace and stability of the entire world. Even in Germany, Hitler replaced pictures of Jesus with pictures of himself and drew his power from the occult rather than from Christ. 

The human cost has been enormous. There is one thing that all godless, totalitarian states share in common, and that is dead bodies. Historians estimate that over 100 million lives have been sacrificed over the last century to the idolatrous god of communism. 

So on this Thanksgiving, let’s include a word of gratitude for our Pilgrim forefathers, who saw “beyond the years...alabaster cities gleam(ing), undimmed by human tears.” 

And let’s join in prayer on this Thanksgiving Day that God will once against shed his grace on us, and crown our good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

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    Robair Victor · 10:18 11/23/2018
    ~Most of us are indeed 'thankful' for Hal'Turner's patriotism, -of which this enlightening article is another good example. Sadly however, on this day of Thanksgiving, many are also solemnly aware that greed-driven atheistic Zionist terrorists are employing taxpayer-funded DEW/Directed Energy Weaponry (-see many revealing videos on YouTube)-technology against defenceless civilians; --the first known event of which was their murderous attack on 911-NY/TwinTowers, --and they were so $uccessfully embolded by that heinous-act of sabotage that they are now targeting land-grabbing primarily in California, where countless thousands have lost their homes, and hundreds of lives as well. These forces of evil are known to be a fringe element within the Military-Industrial Complex; --whistle-blowers are invited to expose what they can..!
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    TL Spurlen · 22:15 11/22/2018
    You people are so full of shit your eyes float.
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    William Barcus · 18:03 11/22/2018
    To John Robert Mallernee and all the John Robert Mallernees out there. Sir, your postings have deeply touched my heart. May our Heavenly Father bless you and yours this Thanksgiving Day, 2018. While I am not of the Mormon faith, I am, non-the-less, a Celtic brother who too shares in the physical pain you described.

    Based upon your post I believe we are of the same generation, while I have about a year on you. November 22nd, 1963 found me at 18 and in love with the girl of my dreams and later the mother of our two sons. That time in life began the many adventurous journeys that brought me to such a time as this. Like you, I too am alone this Thanksgiving Day, and like you I refuse to be bitter about it.

    I don't have a neighbor lady to bring me fresh baked bread today, and like you I do have an elk steak in the freezer, but my physical pain level is such that it will allow me to prepare and cook it. Yet, even though your pain level will barely allow you to stick a hot dog in the microwave and possibly enjoy a cold Pepsi-cola, I know - in spite of your difficulties - you will pray and thank our God for the countless blessings in your life.

    And that my friend is what sets you and folks like you apart from all the ungrateful and thankless bastards that moan and bitch about what a raw deal life threw at them.

    May Jahweh/Jahshua bless you and our fellow Christian brothers and sisters this Thanksgiving Day.

    WB - from the Inland Pacific Northwest state of Montana

    Isaiah 43:1-7

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    Sherlock · 15:21 11/22/2018
    Since today is also denigrate and deride White Christianity Day:
    SIBERIAN/MONGOLIAN immigrants ..... not "native"
    SIBERIAN Immigrants of MONGOLIAN ( you recall the sophisticated, charming, Mongols?) stock who were busy sticking stone spears into one another and living on the primitive Tribal level. Of course many in Central America graduated to ritualized Human Sacrifice the Northern Sacrifices remained fireside brutalities.
    The Okunev people are seen as the Siberian ethnic grouping most closely related to Native Americans. In other words, it was ancestors of the Okunevs who populated America, evidently using primitive boats to venture to the ice-covered Beringia land bridge some 12,600 years ago.
    There was a war in the mid-1600s you've never heard of, ending in the near-extermination of the Erie by the Iroquois and others. Captives were sold into slavery and thus disbursed from the Cherokees in the Carolinas to the Senecas in Canada. All that remains of the Erie are place names—a lake, a city, a canal and so forth—and fugitive traces for linguists and historians to puzzle out.
    some important info:
    1) Cash payments (welfare) for the Indians was delayed by the US Civil War. The payments arrived, albeit late, but hostilities had already started in 1862.
    2) Yes, the Sioux may have lost millions of acres, but their total population was under 20,000 people. (For example, Montana is about 94,000,000 acres. Today, we consider it sparsely populated with over 1,000,000 people!)
    3) Even with this incredible ratio of multiple acres per person, the Sioux often faced starvation. They were primitive hunter gatherers. They had knowledge of agriculture, but were not forward-thinking enough to develop mass-farming on their rich lands, even when they were starving to death!
    4) The Sioux were ruthless and brutal, more so than the US Army. Please study their inhumane slaughter of their natural enemies, the Ojibwa. The Sioux were feared by neighboring tribes due to their violence, ruthlessness, and cruelty.
    5) The Sioux routinely massacred, enslaved, and robbed peaceful travelers passing through SIoux territory. Today, this would be called "crimes against humanity."
    6) The war crimes of the Sioux warriors against the settlers in the Minnesota uprising included bashing-in the brains of non-combatant women and children, ritual torture and corpse mutilation, cannibalism, enslavement, and even cutting living babies from the womb and nailing them to trees. This was the NORMAL treatment Sioux gave to all their enemies, mostly other native Americans.
    7) The Sioux were highly sexist, forcing the Sioux women to do most of the hard work while the men loafed around, hunted, and made war. Sioux women were forced to walk long distances while carrying heavy loads while the men road horseback.
    8) There are about ten times more Sioux alive today than there were in 1862, thanks to the evil white man's agriculture, antibiotics, food storage, refrigeration, germ theory, sanitation, etc. In the long term, the Sioux BENEFITED from their defeat!
    9) Many angry Americans at the time demanded THOUSANDS of Sioux to pay with their lives for the destruction caused in the 1862 uprising. The fact that only 38 warriors were hung shows not a brutal, vengeful American character, but a forgiving, tolerant attitude.
    10) If the Sioux had won, I can promise you they would have burned the US soldiers and farmers alive, bashed-in the brains of the children, and enslaved the white women.
    Please spare us the "innocent native" narrative and "concentration camp" imagery. The Sioux had to go.
    In his epic work France and England in North America, the great American historian Francis Parkman describes the early 17th-century recreational and culinary habits of the Iroquois Indians (also known as the Five Nations, from whom, some will have it, the United States derived elements of its Constitution). He tells that the Iroquois, along with other tribes of northeastern United States and Canada, “were undergoing that process of extermination, absorption, or expatriation, which, as there is reason to believe, had for many generations formed the gloomy and meaningless history of the greater part of this continent.” Parkman describes an attack by the Iroquois on an Algonquin hunting party, late in the autumn of 1641, and the Iroquois’ treatment of their prisoners and victims:
    They bound the prisoners hand and foot, rekindled the fire, slung the kettles, cut the bodies of the slain to pieces, and boiled and devoured them before the eyes of the wretched survivors. “In a word,” says the narrator [that is, the Algonquin woman who escaped to tell the tale], “they ate men with as much appetite and more pleasure than hunters eat a boar or a stag …”
    The conquerors feasted in the lodge till nearly daybreak … then began their march homeward with their prisoners. Among these were three women, of whom the narrator was one, who had each a child of a few weeks or months old. At the first halt, their captors took the infants from them, tied them to wooden spits, placed them to die slowly before a fire, and feasted on them before the eyes of the agonized mothers, whose shrieks, supplications, and frantic efforts to break the cords that bound them were met with mockery and laughter …
    The Iroquois arrived at their village with their prisoners, whose torture was designed to cause all possible suffering without touching life. It consisted in blows with sticks and cudgels, gashing their limbs with knives, cutting off their fingers with clam-shells, scorching them with firebrands, and other indescribable torments. The women were stripped naked, and forced to dance to the singing of the male prisoners, amid the applause and laughter of the crowd …
    On the following morning, they were placed on a large scaffold, in sight of the whole population. It was a gala-day. Young and old were gathered from far and near. Some mounted the scaffold, and scorched them with torches and firebrands; while the children, standing beneath the bark platform, applied fire to the feet of the prisoners between the crevices … The stoicism of one of the warriors enraged his captors beyond measure … they fell upon him with redoubled fury, till their knives and firebrands left in him no semblance of humanity. He was defiant to the last, and when death came to his relief, they tore out his heart and devoured it; then hacked him in pieces, and made their feast of triumph on his mangled limbs.
    All the men and all the old women of the party were put to death in a similar manner, though but few displayed the same amazing fortitude. The younger women, of whom there were about thirty, after passing their ordeal of torture, were permitted to live; and, disfigured as they were, were distributed among the several villages, as concubines or slaves to the Iroquois warriors. Of this number were the narrator and her companion, who … escaped at night into the forest …
    Of the above account, Parkman writes: “Revolting as it is, it is necessary to recount it. Suffice it to say, that it is sustained by the whole body of contemporary evidence in regard to the practices of the Iroquois and some of the neighboring tribes.”
    The “large scaffold” on which the prisoners were placed, is elsewhere in his narrative referred to by Parkman as the Indians’ “torture-scaffolds of bark,” the Indian equivalent of the European theatrical stage, while the tortures performed by the Indians on their neighbors – and on the odd missionary who happened to fall their way – were the noble savages’ equivalent of the European stage play.
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    Robair Victor · 14:55 11/22/2018
    ~Most of us are indeed 'thankful' for Hal'Turner's enlightening patriotism, -of which this is another good example. Sadly however, on this day of Thanksgiving, many are also solemnly aware that greed-driven atheist Jew-zionist terrorists are employing taxpayer-funded DEW/Directed Energy Weaponry (-see many revealing videos on YouTube)-technology against peaceful civilians; --the first known event of which was their murderous attack on 911-NY/TwinTowers, --and they were so successfully embolded by that heinous-act of sabotage that they are now targeting land-grabbing primarily in California, where countless thousands have lost their homes, and lives as well. These forces of evil are known to be a fringe element within the Military-Industrial Complex; --whistle-blowers are invited to expose what they can...
    ~R.vH in SanDiego
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    Candace Hathaway · 14:53 11/22/2018
    My aunt and uncle did years worth of research and found out one of our family members came over on the Mayflower and was a part of the first Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    John Robert Mallernee · 14:35 11/22/2018
  • Comment held for moderation.
    John Robert Mallernee · 14:04 11/22/2018
    Where were you and what were you doing fifty-five years ago on this date?
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      John Robert Mallernee · 14:16 11/22/2018
      On Friday 22 November 1963, I was seventeen years old, and was locked up in the smoke-filled dayroom of a maximum security unit for the criminally insane at the state mental institution in Raleigh, North Carolina, watching the news on a black and white television set.

      At that point in my life, I had no hope that I would ever be a free man and able to live a normal life.

      Thus, you can see why I am so grateful for even the most insignificant of blessings!

      And, no matter how bad a situation may be, there is always some ray of hope, however dim or seemingly impossible.
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        John Robert Mallernee · 02:14 11/23/2018
        When I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, my wife and I visited Dealey Plaza and the Kennedy Museum and Theater at the Texas School Book Depository Building in downtown Dallas, Texas.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 13:30 11/22/2018


    Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

    My most memorable and inspiring Thanksgiving Day was in November 1971, when as a young soldier serving with the famed 101st Airborne Division in the old Republic of Viet Nam, I flew to Sydney, Australia on R&R (i.e., Rest and Recuperation leave).

    As the Pan American jetliner was taking off from Da Nang, I remarked to the guy in the seat next to me how much I was looking forward to seeing Anglo-Celtic white women and enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.

    He replied that I would be disappointed, because Thanksgiving Day was an AMERICAN holiday, and not observed in Australia.


    I had forgotten all about that!

    When I arrived at the R&R Center in Sydney, heeding the advice of Church leaders, instead of going to a hotel, I called the bishop of a local ward in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "Mormon" church).

    He arranged for me to stay in the home of a couple who had immigrated from England, and whose son was away at sea serving aboard a submarine in the Royal Australian Navy.

    In turn, they arranged for me, along with the full-time missionaries, to share in a traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner in the home of an American family residing in Sydney.

    Thus, I shall always remember that Thanksgiving Day is both a patriotic national holiday as well as a solemn religious observance.

    I had also privately resolved that because it was a patriotic occasion, that it was appropriate for military veterans to wear their finest Sunday-go-to-meetin' suit and tie, with their decorations properly arranged on their coat.

    Of course, in a crowded and boisterous celebratory home environment with lots of grease, gravy, and cranberry sauce, that's not always practical, is it?

    Machts nichts.

    (i.e., a phrase you'll hear from American G.I.s who were stationed in Germany)

    Because of my physical debilitation, I can't accept anyone's invitation to share their Thanksgiving Day observance tomorrow.

    Maybe, if I can endure the pain, I might microwave a hot dog, and enjoy a nice, cold bottle of Pepsi-Cola.

    There's elk meat in the freezer that was given to me, but there's no one to cook it for me, and I am in too much pain to be able to cook it for myself.

    I am simply going to express my profound gratitude to our Heavenly Father that I am still alive, that I haven't been locked up somewhere, and I still enjoy the inalienable right to possess firearms.

    In fact, I am actually VERY well off, living comfortably in this apartment, surrounded and immersed in pleasant memories of my youthful adventurous days a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee, Esquire, KB3KWS
    Disabled War Veteran, United States Army
    Ashley Valley Shadows
    Vernal, Utah 84078

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood for something, sometime in your life."

    Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

    WARNING ! ! !

    Please remember that EVERY message on the Internet, is routinely being intercepted and analyzed by the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, and the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, and because you are reading THIS particular message, they are now watching YOU ! ! !

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    John Robert Mallernee · 13:25 11/22/2018
    The FIRST Thanksgiving observance was in Virginia, on 04 December 1619, and was a day of solemn prayer, not feasting.

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    Shalawam · 12:52 11/22/2018
    I could have sworn a bunch of Europeans came here and killed my ancestors
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      John Robert Mallernee · 13:43 11/22/2018
      Why should there be any apology for establishing an advanced civilization and enlightenment in an untamed land of primitive blood-thirsty savages?
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        Shalawam · 21:02 11/22/2018
        I'd kill a bunch of people I'd never seen before coming en masse into land that I'VE already established. You have no right to somehow randonly find the American continent and decide to kill whoever was here as if you're entitled to make everything right in your eyes and continue that practice since 1776. These "Blood thirsty savages" built Pyriamds you crackers have yet to even try to recreate because you have no idea how they're made, proving that not everything Europeans do is innovative.
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          John Robert Mallernee · 15:07 11/23/2018
          Every group of people who ever lived, including American Indians, engaged in exploration and conquest, for that is how all nations are established and prosper.

          Violent conquest is the way of all the Earth, and has been since the beginning of time.

          Today, as a result of conquest by those hated Northern European explorers, the American Indians and the Negroes enjoy longer lives and much higher standards of living - - - , when they aren't murdering each other.
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      John Robert Mallernee · 13:39 11/22/2018
      Who repeatedly massacred the new settlers and each other.
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    ramjet · 10:54 11/22/2018
    Happy Thanksgiving Day USA! From a friend in Canada.
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    John Grissom · 10:29 11/22/2018
    You suppose to give thanks every day not just today.
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    Oscar · 09:37 11/22/2018
    God bless the USA. God forgive us and help us reject our sinful nature. Heal our land of deceitful and greedy and unjust officials. Help the needy and encourage them to help themselves.
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    Jimmy Macedon Ny · 09:34 11/22/2018
    Happy Thanksgiving you all

    stay safe plz
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    James Calvert · 08:06 11/22/2018
    Excellent analysis of the Plymouth Rock experiment. It illustrates the fact that even voluntary communism doesn't work. There's no incentive to work hard and get ahead when everything is evenly divided. As Margaret Thatcher once said: "The problem with socialism is that you always run out of other people's money." Neither is everything evenly divided under socialism. As Orwell put it in Animal Farm: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
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    END TIMES: DARKNESS · 07:37 11/22/2018
    The beauty of America right there. Well done article by Hal. Some who may have read of America's history and it's ingrained belief by those of yesteryear that God himself was responsible for establishing this great land as a beacon to the world may think it quaint but nothing more. But in reality (and possibly to one's own shock and amazement to his/her God-given higher power senses), it can be demonstrated that God did indeed have his hand upon the establishing of this nation for a peculiar and specific purpose shared by no other nation on Earth. If one has the time, it is highly recommended on this day of Thanksgiving that one take a look at this most profound evidence and solidify in their mind that America is indeed a nation of providence by watching a six-part video series done by Bill Cloud called "AMERICA: GOD'S END TIME VINEYARD." There are some quite amazing and demonstratable evidences presented in this series that show God's fingerprints on this nation's history and it's founding. One will be in utter amazement if you are a true American history fan. These are evidences that probably not even the biggest skeptic could deny. This series is available on my youtube channel, but I also have this series of videos embedded in my "Megalopolis" blog article for those who have not seen it yet. Just skip on down to the section of the article titled "AMERICA’S TRUE AND GLORIOUS IDENTIFICATION IN BIBLE PROPHECY" and listen to this series. The evidence is quite stunning. The case is quite formidable to any skeptic that America is strongly alluded to in Christ's parable of the "vineyard" in Matthew 21:33-43. Cape Cod is where it all began and that is where some amazing evidence can be seen, especially considering that there is well-known island off the coast of Cape Cod called "Martha's Vineyard." The shape of Cape Cod is most interesting as well ... a major fingerprint of God if you will. Any patriot who truly loves America or anyone who may be just a bit curious ought to do themselves a favor and check out this evidence and you will have a very good working knowledge of America's true history and, ultimately, it's true purpose.
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    MR. TRUTH! · 07:30 11/22/2018
    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
    (Except Democrats who don't believe in God and Hate America)
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