The two most powerful men in the world have met in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the G20 meeting.

The brief encounter happened before the "family photo." 

President Trump had just arrived after his surprise absence to retirement, the private appointment of permanent members of the forum. 

They talked for at least a minute and a half, and there was laughter. His face to face did not go unnoticed, the other presidents noticed. 

The original bilateral was scheduled for today, Trump and Putin had planned to talk 20 minutes at the property of Costa Salguero. They were going to address the US exit from the nuclear disarmament treaty signed in 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan.

What actually took place is not known.  What actually was said, is not (yet) known.




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    Gregg W · 01:17 12/02/2018
    As far as this all being a staged, planned WW3 with Trump and Putin playing along...What still bothers me was O'bummer. Why did he tell Medvedeev to "tell Vladimir, I just need a little more time"?? (not an exact quote) We all KNEW barry was dirty and in cahoots with Vlad somehow. Did that really change? Is Putin now a good guy? We are sure being shown a lot of evidence that he is a good, strong, Christian leader of a country of white people. Maybe the game never ended. Maybe whatever barry needed more time for (and he couldn't accomplish) still needs to be completed.

    We know a LOT of people fell for the "Trump is a Christian" story. That won over a big chunk of evangelicals despite how he acts and what he says. I remember back when ole "W" got elected, they convince us that he was a good old Christian guy and was on our side. Then we get attacked by those angry, nasty, barbaric muslim guys and off we go to war!!

    Now every media source and government worker wants us to believe Russia is the new "boogie man" (again), along with China. Is sure does feel like we are STILL being played for fools again. Not much we can do. They have the deck stacked against us. Meanwhile...God sits in heaven and sees all of their plans. He will allow some of it in order to bring judgment on America and many other nations. In a way it's funny. They think they are soooooo clever fooling us and playing us to war and death. But they don't even see that THEY are being played (as in satan himself) by God Almighty. No matter what happens to this country, or to our mortal bodies, God wins! He can and will save ALL who turn to him in humility and repentance. We just have to do that before these rats mow us down. Either way, fasten your seat belts kiddies! We are in for a ride!
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    James Trueman · 12:50 12/01/2018
    Most powerful Men? Trump bends over to the Deep State and the Neocons, while his inner circle is getting Fucked by Muller.Trump threw Flyn to the Wolves.
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    Joe Blow the Zionist · 11:09 12/01/2018
    A minute and a half is NOT a meeting.
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      anastasia · 19:40 12/02/2018
      Putin already had his meeting with Pence. This "no-meeting" summit is Act 2.
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      geo · 04:39 12/02/2018
      Trump: - Ukraine?
      Putin: - I don't go there, relax.
      Trump: - Syria?
      Putin: - Leave it to me, Israel will be safe.
      Trump: - I have to give sanctions...
      Putin: - There's a bigger market with China, India.. all Asian countries to me.
      Trump: - What about EU?
      Putin: - They harm themselves more than anybody would have believed. We must help them not to implode.
      Trump: - Climate?
      Putin: - You know is politics, no science behind this pagan ideology.
      Trump: - Migrants?
      Putin: - Invasion.
      Trump: - See you soon!
      Putin: - All the best to you and to the American people!
      You read it in 30 seconds...
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    Frank Brady · 09:35 12/01/2018
    Hal, at least on my laptop the "sponsored" links on the right side of the page are covering the right side of your text.
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    Jeffrey Spinner · 09:29 12/01/2018
    The more Trump tries to make tough guy faces, the larger Putin's smile gets on his face. Notice the left hand on Trump's right arm, as a brace if Trump tries to pull him towards him?

    I've had some a'hole business guys try to do that to me a couple times. I immediately showed them I'd pull them down to the floor as I took a knee, potentially having their chins strike my upper forehead on the way down. Insta-cures.

    I'm still not convinced, Trump is real, Putin is real, and we are not being played for a global war for easy population destruction. Democide on a grand scale.

    I'm approaching a conclusion Trump is deep state, my only real ambiguity now, given Putin's behavior when he has leverage, is whether or not, this really is all a show. I have a 95% probability Trump is deep state, but only 65% that Putin is playing along, but that also means he isn't producing enough evidence he's NOT playing along either.

    Imagine the thrill it would be for any pleb to not just watch the shadows on the wall but actually see what's going on in the room? Given that being the case, we are being played one way or the other (sic).
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      anastasia · 19:52 12/02/2018
      This is what we know. It should be pretty obvious to all that the media and the hidden powers consider Trump to be dangerous, and that they either want him controlled or run out of office, as great efforts in both respects are being made and they are clearly in earnest . The question is "why?" He is not doing anything different than the last four Presidents - his foreign policy is the same (even worse, you could easily say); his immigration policy is the same; his budget is bigger than any Democrat and Planned Parenthood has been fully funded; Obama care is still here; the Wall has not been built; we did not get out of NATO; he is a sycophant to Israel - exactly like all the rest. So why are they so worried about him that they have Mueller rifling through his life, holding a Damocles sword over his head; and why is all of Congress and the media making noise about running him out of office? The media is in a lather about him. Every night he is cursed on television. Why? Nothing different going on in this administration. Nothing different at all. There is something about him that they fear. What is it?
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    Onno · 08:43 12/01/2018
    I would rather have a christian Emperor with a normal human mindset (!) ruling the West.

    These kind of more or less disgusting narcissistic individuals (in hidden fact) driven by greed/selfishness, bubbling up from the populous are not talented by God to rule. Yet psychopaths think they are.....but they simply *do not see* the true essentials due to their horrific aberration/lack of IQ and phenomenal lack of EQ. They tend (in pure evil common collusion) to make a mockery or travestie out of it all.

    Well, God is not a democrat!
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