Pavlo Anatoliyovych Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, made the startling announcement that both Ukraine and the former Soviet client state of Georgia, will become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).   Both countries border Russia.

According to geo-political experts, this announcement is among the worst possible developments in world affairs.  Said one State Department Official who asked to remain anonymous because his remarks run contrary to government position "It puts Russia on-notice that NATO is aggressively surrounding Russia with the obvious goal of either bringing Russia to its knees or outright conquest."  He went on to say "Russian President Putin has said publicly, if you know a fight is unavoidable, then you have to punch first.  Today's move by NATO might be read by Russia as them having to punch first."

NATO Foreign Ministers met with the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Ukraine on Tuesday (4 December 2018) to address the security situation in the Black Sea region and the Alliance’s support for both nations.

NATO has substantially increased its presence in the Black Sea region over the past few years, at sea, in the air and on the ground. The Alliance remains committed to strengthening its ties with both Georgia and Ukraine.



Worse: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now saying "In light of Russia’s repeated (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty violations and larger pattern of lawlessness, the U.S. declares it has found Russia in material breach of the treaty and will suspend our obligations as a remedy effective in 60 days, unless returns to full and verifiable compliance."  

Russia denies it is violating the Treaty and President Vladimir Putin warned that if the US leaves the INF Treaty and begins building new missiles, Russia will build new missiles too.  Russia points out that NATO broke the INF treaty when they installed missile shield in Romania and Poland first.  Thus, Russia's new middle range systems is the answer.

Now NATO points to Russia for blame, as if reality is unknown by everyone.

Russia strongly opposed to INF Treaty deconstruction; ready for dialogue without ultimatums." - Foreign Ministry

In another ominous development, "Donetsk People's Republic" spokesman Novohuilos has now announced that unmarked Ukrainian tanks arrived to Mariupol and will be likely used in false-flag operation against civilians.

Applying usual mirror: Russian proxies are going to attack.

That's a Minsk treaty violation; No heavy armor 40 km from novorussian border.

As these events took place, Ukraine also successfully launched its Neptune cruise missile which hit a sea target 280km away during drills near Odessa. Also, interestingly 8 missiles from the S-125 modernized anti-aircraft system were also fired and successfully hit+sank 8 Sea-based targets.

BREAKING as the story was in-production:  Ukrainian army senior official confirms NATO members have internally agreed naval forces will be sent to the Azov Sea. Currently the necessary paperwork is in preparation.

This means that NATO naval vessels will now stand-in for Ukrainian Navy vessels in the contested sea area.  

The trouble is that in order for NATO ships to get into the Sea of Azov, they would have to navigate beneath the Kerch Strait Bridge - which is solely and exclusively RUSSIAN TERRITORY.   Russia is already saying NATO ships "will not be allowed into the Sea of Asov."

Today Russia began telling its people war is coming:




Poroshenko 'putting world on brink of war' in pursuit of power - Russia Duma (Congress) Speaker Volodin -- via Interfax

 Army ready to defend interests of Russia, its allies - Russian Army General Gerasimov - via Interfax


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    Arthur Eveland · 23:18 12/05/2018
    I would like to add that the “Economist” magazine which is widely held as a globalist mouthpiece has come out with their year-end magazine prognostications and its all black. Every year going back decades it has had colorful and highly global forecast predictions. If that wasn’t enough, this is the 33rd edition which to those of you who understand the significance of the number 33 with global occult elitism, then there is the parallel to their 1988 magazine prediction of a new world currency in 2018 titled, “the Phoenix rising from the ashes”.
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      Smoking Loon · 23:54 12/05/2018
      Good observations. I see a lot but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to connect the dots with so damn many floating around. Or as I like to say “you can only stack so much spaghetti on a plate before you start losing some meat balls off the side” so thanks for the help. Good stuff
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    James York · 22:49 12/05/2018
    NATO's SecGen Stoltenberg said:

    "we agreed to continue working together to prepare Georgia for NATO membership"... "We recognize the significant progress that Georgia has made with it's reforms.."

    and of Ukraine..."We recognize Ukraine’s aspirations to join the Alliance. And progress has already been made on reforms.
    But challenges remain, so we encourage Ukraine to continue on this path of reform."

    This does not sound like a done deal... although a nasty, significant and unjust threat to Russia...

    Where is the info that NATO actually granted them membership?
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    George of the Jungle · 22:00 12/05/2018
    Georgia and Ukraine are joining NATO??

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    Jay · 21:50 12/05/2018
    I guess we will find out who truly has the best weapons.
    Except that we won't actually get to see it once our TV's are knocked out by EMP.
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    pokerface · 20:06 12/05/2018
    "I will see your bet and raise you the max!!" It's the most powerful play in poker. It's called the "check-raise", when you call the opponent's bet and also raise after originally passing on your play. Russia is going to 'call' NATOs bluff with a check/raise. All bluff, you will never even see NATO attempt to get a raft with the NATO insignia past the kerch strait bridge. And once NATO bluff is called, and they turn their cards over showing a pair of 2's and the poker game and NATO is over.
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    THE BEAR RAPTURE · 20:03 12/05/2018
    And strike first is exactly what the NWO wants the bear to do ... and according to a hidden prophecy of 2 Kings 2:23-25, that is exactly what will occur. This is setting up the prophecy of a pre-bear/Russian attack rapture of the born again church hinted at in 2 Kings 2.

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    John Baker · 19:46 12/05/2018
    Was that the recommended solution provided by the globalist Social Engineering computer as response to the Yellow Vest protest?

    If that computer is anything like the one the banksters use for Wall Street trading, then we should expect a "Meltdown" soon.
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    Daniel Benson · 19:45 12/05/2018
    Trump when he visited Putin offered him a deal to back down in Syria war and they would allow Ukraine and Georgia to be reabsorbed in to Russia. Apparently Putin said "Het". So now we are pushing Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. Trump is working on deal with Xi that is still up in the air, but I suspect that will go south also, things don't look good. All of this was trumps plans to stabilize the world while we deal with issues here at home. Multiple military sources are saying this Mueller investigation as well as the Uranium 1, Comey email scandal and the FISA application are all about to blow up. Govt. will sometime between now and 2020 will cease to function and the Military are in all out preparations for marital law. The intel assessment was between 2-24 months. Things are goin to get very interesting.
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    Let the war begin... · 19:35 12/05/2018
    Might as well let the war get started...tired of the endless drumbeats of war. Likely, the deep state is going to get its desire for world war and depopulation. All because there is NO "rule of law" in the land. The criminal cabal continues to walk free...it's a mockery to law and order and equal justice. So, maybe God needs to cleanse the earth of all of the evil that is done, and worse...the evil that is PERMITTED and NOT addressed!!!!!!!!! Losing faith in this administration, and so are my friends. Seems all hat and no cattle. If President Trump doesn't round up these luciferian, khazarian sickos and send them to Gitmo for military tribunals, you can be sure he lose the 2020 election, be scorned in history and the leftist will regain power and destroy everything.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Chong · 19:28 12/05/2018
    Nothing will happen...things will stay the same. Lets go drink beer there and they came come drink beer here...good time had by all.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Reginald Fischer · 18:06 12/05/2018
    I can almost hear the hoof beats of the red horse...

    "When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, 'Come!' Then another horse went out, a fiery red one, and its horseman was empowered to take peace from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another. And a large sword was given to him." - Revelation 6:3-4
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Joe Blow the Zionist · 19:04 12/05/2018
      The red horseman has been riding around, raping pillaging, and slaughtering since Constantine. Do you honestly think there was peace on earth during the Middle Ages?
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Reginald Fischer · 14:35 12/06/2018
        The red horse takes war and slaughtering to a whole other level. I mean WW III with large-scale use of nuclear weapons.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sherlock · 17:56 12/05/2018
    I did not think it possible for there to be a worse government than Obama or W-rong Bush, but I do believe Trump is going to surpass them .................. God Save America.
    Donald Trump and his christian.zionist CULT members are actually making Kim Jun Ill look honest, rational and reasonable.
    Bolton, Pence, Haley, Pompeo, the Huckabees, Ivanka & Donald Trump, Betrayers of CHRIST, Traitors of America. Get them out of Our government. Not only are they mental cases, they are STUPID.
    These C-Z cowards are all about preaching for war --- but ALL of them REFUSED TO SERVE. "Chrystyans" that want war but none of them or their children will fight or sacrifice.
    They think precipitating a war that kills Billions of humans will bring about the return of the PRINCE of PEACE ! "christian.zionism" is really just islamic.jihadism in different clothes. To claim they are going to "Build the THIRD Temple" is proof they know nothing of Christianity. To claim the Third Temple is yet to be built is to Deny Jesus Christ. Jesus "The LAMB of GOD" ---IS--- the Third Temple. The THIRD Temple (Jesus) was "raised up in three days" on Easter Morning.

    "christian.zionism" is a Death Cult and a Mental Illness, period. No one can worship a War god and a Peace God at the same time. Low self-esteem. Feelings of inferiority causing them to grovel to the past. "c.z" is the belief of small people who are easily awed and impressed by "royal" weddings and other irrelavent shows.
    How can anyone claim to believe in Jesus and the ANTI-Jesus both at the same time?
    By the way you muslum hating C-Z-morons:
    ‘These Muslims [Ishmaelim] are not in any way idolators. [Idolatry] has already been removed from their mouths and their hearts, and they unify G-d in the appropriate manner without any admixture [of idolatrous beliefs].’” Maimonides, Responsa, 448
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” "opposing," “antiparticle of,” antibody; antifreeze; antiknock, antidemocratic ........ ANTICHRIST).
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sherlock · 17:51 12/05/2018
    Georgia & Ukraine run by Jews dragging Christians of the West into war with Christians of the East ..... why does Ukraine allow ANY Jew in it's country after the Holomodor?!

    What the Jewish Rabbis think of JESUS “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
    Read that last bit again very VERY SLOWLY so the "christianzionists" can follow: "ISLAM, on the other hand, is NOT considered idolatry.” ...........

    America, the "MASTERBLASTER" from the movie "Thunderdome" a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves ........

    If Israel could provoke nuclear apocalypse between America&Russia .....and China ..... BY WAY OF DECEPTION.... Israel would be the ONLY NUCLEAR ARMED SUPERPOWER left.........
    Especially if it SNEAK nuked many of It's HATED/HISTORICAL "enemies" While they are bombing each other.(Germany, Poland, England, Egypt, Iraq, basically ALL gentiles should "bear the YOKE of Israel")Noted Israeli military historian Martin Van Creveld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Carl Goldsworthy · 17:34 12/05/2018
    So, France and Germany have agreed to continue to build the EU armies. If so, NATO is dead.
    This stupid shenanigan will excuse Russian expansion - and hasten NATO's end.
    And all hope of USA first strike capability will be lost.
    As Trump might say - "That is dumb , just so very dumb !"
    • Comment held for moderation.
      j · 19:17 12/05/2018
      First strike was eliminated under serial rapist klinton administration. This nation will sit and wait until after nukes. The shrub(w.bush), kenya commie oblama and current administration never corrected this error in tactics. All by design.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Leo Gitt · 17:15 12/05/2018
    PLEASE EVERYBODY-Pray against these warmongering spirits, Satanic powers in the heavenly places and demons of hatred, fear, aggression, insanity, war, hyper- emotionalism, delusion, murder, destruction, genocide, prevarication, theft and violence (and their human and non human slaves) seeking to ignite the fuse to World War 3 and thus kill us all! War in the Spirit against them and their evil plans. Pray, decree and declare, bind and loose that the Eternal causes them to fall into the pits they dug for Donald Trump, his supporters and indeed, all God and freedom loving peoples in every country under heaven and on and in the earth; that they are caught by their own snares, that their evil swords and flaming darts/arrows enter their own hearts, that the evil they have directed at Donald Trump, his supporters and all God and freedom loving peoples of the earth rebounds and falls with seven-fold fury upon their own heads, that their wicked teeth be shattered, that their foolish arms be broken and that every evil weapon they have formed against the Sons of Light prosper and succeed only in destroying them!!! All curses, charms, spells, blood magic, evil devices, witchcraft, fetishes, and indeed every assault weapon, tool and campaign of the enemy be returned to the sender(s) enhanced 7-fold!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      romeo 1 nine · 09:43 12/06/2018
      Indeed! Israhell needs to destroyed ASAP!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      CannonFodder · 22:58 12/05/2018
      Shouldn't we be praying that God's will be done?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      RBI · 18:51 12/05/2018
      Or, just pray that God's will be done! It isn't going to play out any other way than what is described in Revelation. We have the honor of participating in the End Times, which of course is God's plan to overthrow Satan and his minions once and for all. No need to prolong the agony and empower the evil entities. That just adds to OUR suffering. Let's roll!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      selah · 18:40 12/05/2018
      @leo.... in the name of Jesus. Amen
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Roger That · 16:49 12/05/2018
    alas! the day has come where it is possible to shoot ews and ukes for sport! Let the games begin!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jan · 16:46 12/05/2018
    Will be interesting to see the NATO vessels entering hthecazov sea. It is shallow, just over 3 metres. legally there are limitations on which vessels can enter particularly warships. Then Russia has control of Kerch strait and application has to be made to cross and with pilot. So bullshit.

    georgia, amusing. The African swine fever emanates from there, from Tblsi bio lab it is believed. Thru russia into Eastern Europe, and surprisingly down into China thence japan malaysa Korea expected. Would starve Asia. Millions would die, then maybe a human transmission. however an Iranian nuclear scientist has found a cure, and cure for any virus and this is known to,China as of the past week. And presumably Russia.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    selah · 16:45 12/05/2018
    Soon Putin will be finally fed up with the lies and aggression and he will rain down on Nato like never seen before and Iran, Syria and China will join him.
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