With protesters planning to converge in the Elysee Palace in Paris on Saturday, French authorities are preparing to deploy 8,000 additional officers in Paris and 89,000 nationwide.

While Emmanuel Macron’s government has abandoned a controversial fuel tax hike, thousands of protesters are still planning on marching on the presidential residence on Saturday. Calls have been made to attack parliamentarians and police forces, French media report.

“Saturday will be the final outcome,”  Yellow Vest spokesman Eric Drouet said on Thursday. “Saturday is the Elysee, we all would like to go to the Elysee.”

With government officials reportedly fearing a “coup attempt,” OR OUTRIGHT OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT, the state has dramatically expanded police presence, hoping to avoid a repeat of the violence and destruction that rocked the capital last weekend. Over 130 people were injured and more than 400 arrested on December 1. Four people, including an elderly woman, died as rioters clashed with battalions of riot police.

As the interior ministry warned of an emboldened extremist fringe, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe promised that this weekend’s upcoming riots would be handled with “exceptional means.”

"We are facing people who are not here to protest, but to smash and we want to have the means to not give them a free rein," Philippe told TF1's evening news show on Tueday.

On the street, that means that more than 75 police units will be deployed in Paris, compared to the 50 sent out last weekend. Officers have also been instructed to directly engage with protesters, prompting fears of violence above and beyond that of last weekend.

Video purportedly filmed last Saturday showed officers chasing down and beating one protester to a pulp, after rioters had pelted officers with rocks and fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe earlier that day.



 Police attacked:


According to French media, Philippe will also deploy ten armored vehicles to the streets of Paris. Such a deployment has not occurred since riots broke out in Paris' suburbs in 2005.

Unconfirmed images from social media also appear to show the French army moving vehicles – some of them armored – towards Paris.

Paris police have urged shopkeepers along the Champs-Elysees to close on Saturday, and dozens of museums and cultural sites will also be shut for the weekend, including the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Against the backdrop of rising violence, President Macron’s approval rating has fallen to a new low of 23 percent, according to a poll taken last week. Another poll taken this week found that 66 percent of French agree with the protesters. At least three left-wing parties have agreed to discuss a no-confidence vote against Macron’s government on Monday.

While the protests were sparked by the planned fuel tax hike, they have since evolved into a wider movement against his Europhile policies and economic reforms, which include tax breaks for businesses coupled with cuts to pensioners’ benefits.

“The revolt is not just about the gas prices,” French political commentator Jean Bricmont says. “It’s a general revolt against the policy of the government.”


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    Jeanne Rostant · 10:30 12/08/2018
    16.20 on Saturday 8 December here in France. Latest update: 1000 people arrested nationwide (615 in Paris). 30 people injured, including 3 from law enforcement. The core supporters of the 'yellow vest' movement are demonstrating peacefully, but in some cases have been infiltrated/hijacked by people bent on causing trouble. Tension evident in major cities (Lyon, Nantes). A huge rift between the political leaders and the ordinary people who, when they voted for Macron/Micron, didn't realise they were voting for huge taxes. Source: C News (watching as I write).
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    John Baker · 22:51 12/07/2018
    Bwuahahaha... The United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica is a project setup by Maurice Strong and Robert Mueller on a "hot spot" of planet Earth. Strong setup more NGO's then Soros, of the type now being revolted against worldwide. They setup camp on many hot spots, Strong bought up those properties and setup "Sustainable Communities". There's that word again, "sustainable", it's a key word signaling the scam. It's the word causing the "Carbon Tax", the original pretext for the Yellow Vest protest.

    Mueller ran the "University for Peace" for a while and Strong spent a great deal of time there. Why? Because it's a hot spot.


    Mysticism has come to surround the land – with New Zealand geomancists, who conduct divinations by means of geographic features, claiming it emits powerful magnetic forces; historians saying it is near where three-time Costa Rican President José (Don Pepe) Figueres decided to abolish the Costa Rican army; and Muller calling it the home of the indigenous legend of Rasur. In the legend, recorded by Costa Rican poet Roberto Brenes (1874-1947), the children of the village of Quizur were lured underground by a melodic voice. They began a long journey and learned about the secrets of harmony with nature, as their parents followed their laughter and singing from above ground. At the end of the journey, the god Rasur appeared as a white light and said a civilization of peace would emerge from the area (TT, Sept. 25, 1992).

    Then there is the Master Hot Spot in Colorado at the Baca Grande Ranch. Anyone who wants to understand the current world predicament needs to research this ranch, "The place where all thought originates". Native Americans would not go near it because being there caused insanity. The New World Order has setup their Vatican City on he spot. Vail Co. where the "World Forums" were held until Strong died is just north of his Baca Grande Ranch. Why has the world gone insane? Bwuahahaha...


    Because they keep spreading the insanity...
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    John Baker · 17:43 12/07/2018
    1981, The Lodge at Vail, Maurice Strongs ultra exclusive "World Forum", a round table seating 300 of the most powerful people in the world. Maurice Strong, a UN VP, wrote the book on sustainable development, he set the global population to 500 million. In 1992 he organized the Rio Earth Summit where his Agenda 21 came into being.

    2018, France is in flames.

    Thank-You and rest in peace Mr. Strong. Your GAIA project is failing, your corrupt organized crime ring at the UN is deteriorating. Your two partners Mueller & Gore have been thoroughly proved to be frauds. Your NGO's and co-conspirator, Soros has been exposed. The connections to all this with The Royals and Rothschild is no secret either.
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      John Baker · 18:03 12/07/2018
      It was always a mystery why each of those 300 place settings at the table required a box of wooden stick matches with "World Forum" printed on the outside. Now that mystery is revealed.
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    R.C. · 11:52 12/07/2018
    ...coming to a town near you; the police/military are there to protect the state. Any questions


    ...just a side note, on groupon "an evening with the clintons" is advertised; groupon is great, and this is bottom fishing and a sign of desperation; anyone remember the song about the "L" on their forehead??
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    William Raywalt · 10:33 12/07/2018
    Wouldn't it be just frickin' cool if the French gave Mr. Macaroni the boot, installed Le Pen, and did an immediate FREXIT - telling the EU globalists to get stuffed...?
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      Jeanne Rostant · 10:15 12/08/2018
      From your lips to God's ears! France needs to get rid of this jumped-up little Napoleon wannabe!
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    Steve · 09:56 12/07/2018
    PPS: Simply put; The Wheat and the Tares have reached full maturity. It is clearly seen now. Fully ripe and ready for the harvest. Where once we grew and played together (while growing up in this last harvest of this last generation) Little was noticed. As we laughed and cried. Went to school together. Played and stayed in each others homes and for some, even; Places if worship. We did not know till now a non healing divide (By Gods Hand and purpose (s)) was setting some of us apart. Maybe forever; Because there are no more 'fence Sitters' Each man and woman who has reached the age of accountability is and pretty much now made up his or her choice as to who it is they shall serve. Whether it be God (hopefully) or the devil.. If there are any reading who might still be undecided? (or fence sitting?) I pray you choose Lord Jesus. God the Righteous. Now. For there nay be no tomorrow for any in this once great but fallen nation.. Think and pray about it while you still can..
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    James Calvert · 08:01 12/07/2018
    The French have had enough of massive immigration and the ever increasing taxes needed to support the immigrants. Europe in general is getting sick of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to mongrelize Europe through massive Third World immigration. If only it could happen here in the U.S.
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      Jeanne Rostant · 10:17 12/08/2018
      Spot on, thank you. The French have their faults (as do we all), but when they're royally pissed off they aren't afraid to show it!
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      James Calvert · 08:03 12/07/2018
      I mean the revolt, not the mongrelization.
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    Onno · 06:41 12/07/2018
    France is a (psycho)pathocracy just like all other nations *taken over* by psychopathic 100% narcissistic moral morons/murdering robots.

    If no modern psychopathy test is applied the following happens as if it were a sound natural phenomenon:

    "In any society in this world, psychopathic individuals and some of the other deviant types create a ponerogenically active network of common collusions, partially *estranged from the community of normal people*... Their sense of honor bids them to cheat and revile that ‘other’ human world and its values at every opportunity." (Lobaczewski, 138)
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    Steve · 06:39 12/07/2018
    PS: In case you have not noticed? There are "two" Steve's posting. There are also two churches. One is true. One is not. (And not to say the other Steve, is false; But simply to say, there are at least two) Up to you to decide. Lol. Occupy. Occupy Saints of The Most High. All you need really do. All that can be done. Really. At least for most. Sin not. Be ye Holy. (As Hal says, and I agree. The nicest time of the year) (He would not call for that if it could not be done!) Keep The Commandments. You will have peace in your hearts. You will be Holy. (By not having sin in your lives) What is sin? Sin is the transgression of the LAW. What is the Law? The law (forever mind you, and through out All Eternity) is the Ten Commandments. Peace dear friends. Enjoy
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    Steve · 06:13 12/07/2018
    A little off subject; But necessary for understanding and peace to The People of the Lord: God hath sent them a strong delusion. (The enemy and enemies we all face) It is sooo easy now to see; Spot and know who these enemies are. They in turn see and know us as their enemies. Some are even closest too us. Family. Former friends (as it can no longer be any other way) This is why it is and so sad. Simply put; There are just two sides now. There shall never be peace any longer on Earth until Jesus returns. As He said. It is all written for those of this the last generation. Last; Before Christ returns. Again; Know your enemy. They are ALL the sick wackos who have destroyed the Earth. Including the Skies. The Seas. The good food sources we all need to live and thrive. Along with their twisted technologies and demonic ideas on how we all shall live. (and now die) They hate God. Why they hate us. They are REPROBATE. Many if not most (They have made their choices) And have set themselves beyond redemption. They simply cannot understand or relate to us. It is not possible. Again; Because God has sent them A STRONG DELUSION. They shall actually shake their fists at Him (GOD) as they slide into Hell. For it is written: When the wicked spring as the grass; And when ALL the workers of iniquity do flourish (as it is today) (Oh sure there may seem to be righteous uprisings as in France today; But will be taken over like 'The Tea Party' and so many others. The Wall Street fiascos, etc..) It is that they shall be destroyed, forever. We are here folks. God must (and has been all along allowing and doing) intervene in finality. These times are now; But there are timely processes. MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT must be destroyed first. Then the One World Government (for a very short time) Other last wars, etc., and then Christs return. We are the Last Generation before his return. So stay strong. Rebuke these wickeds; And fear them not. They are simply; And sadly; The living dead. Spoken of in Scripture.. They are now; All around us; Because God hath sent them a strong delusion. To do only what is right in their own eyes. Minus God. The Only True and living God. Our Lord and Savior; Jesus The Christ. They can now only serve satan and his minions; And of course themselves..Even so; Come quickly Lord Jesus. Is my prayer. Abba Father.. Amen
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    Jane · 05:50 12/07/2018
    Hey.... ! SLOW DOWN.... Please : Give the complement of that news - Please:

    The whole Ministery of Interior along with la VIGI ( the whole Police department) has declared a STRIKE effective on December 8, 2018 -

    This will paralyzed completely the operations even of the army, because they are in charge of all maintenance of about every other gouvernment deartement overall.


    Put the text in google to translate.

    Or research Google for :

    ' Grève de la VIGI et Ministère de l'Intérieur France 8 décembre 2018 '

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    DOA · 23:10 12/06/2018
    They are throwing rocks because they have been disarmed. Wake up America this is coming to the streets of the US with a much bloodier outcome unfortunately. Buys guns and Ammo now while you can and get trained.
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    Robair Victor · 22:54 12/06/2018
    ~French Pres.-E.Moron, --er'a Emmanuel Macron is a fake patriot, an arrogant faggot like Rothschild Commie-agent much like Barack'Obama; --the good citizens are weary of the nasty illegals, and long for a wise manly leader the likes of our Pres.-Trump...... Viva der'Trumpster..!!!
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    John Baker · 22:03 12/06/2018
    All this against the legitimate French citizens, yet when the invading barbaric hordes burned 100's of cars each night, well that was OK because reporting it was what? Illegal?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      falala · 08:00 12/07/2018
      French funded-armed ISIS riots and pillage in Syria vs Assad. Of course those FOREIGN, Islamic jihadist NATO-imported illegal death squad mercs were 'freedom fighters' for democracy, while genuine,
      anti-NWO-corruption FRENCH CITIZENs get terrorist-designation. Those citizens should not be destroying their own country's heritage. Instead? Storm the personal homes of the Rothschilds, Solvay, Thurn und Taxis, and the top corporate robber elite. Those who drive the corruption and never suffer consequences for any crimes they comit
      • Comment held for moderation.
        John Baker · 21:45 12/07/2018
        Exactly, Precisely. The deceived people of this world fighting among themselves because of perceived divisions and revenge hatred all set in motion by an evil collection of souls who took control. It's the Royals, Black Nobility, bankers, self sustaining intelligence agencies like the CIA. The U.N. is the main hive they swarm around and try to convince us of their legitimacy.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Smoking Loon · 23:14 12/06/2018
      Well, if they did report it then it would have been portrayed as the eligals being environmental hero’s for destroying carbon emotions. Save the planet, burn a car. Save a tree, burn a book lol
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    Whatevs · 21:41 12/06/2018
    Nothing will happen, guarantee
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    Baguet · 21:07 12/06/2018
    Vive le France! Overthrow this government! Rise up, Frenchmen, and destroy the French globalists who rule over you. Find your guns, and bring them! The military and police MUST JOIN US. Macron and his minions must hang for what they've done to France. To the barricades!
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    Tim · 20:50 12/06/2018
    Beating the cop looked staged.... He looks directly into Cam after yellow vest points which way he should go.... Not buying it
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Tim · 20:44 12/06/2018
    NWO stage show plays out.... Order out of chaos..... Let it burn... Who cares
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