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UPDATED December 14 @8:35 AM EST  (See Bottom) -- This is the FINAL public audio archive for "The Hal Turner Show."  After this week, only people who DONATE to the program, will be sent links to make a download of the archive for themselves.  It's only fair, after all, why should those who donate in support of the show, prop-up a bunch of freeloaders?

On tonight's show, we discussed the inferiority of the people on the liberal/progressive left.  How they are GENETICALLY INFERIOR and are therefore incapable of mentally grasping the concepts and behaviors of our advanced civilization.

The show outlined how the left operate solely on emotion, and the primary emotions they utilize are jealousy, envy and HATE. They are low-ability people in terms of understanding and conceptualizing social, cultural and political history or reality.  This low-ability is best described by the Dunning-Kruger Effect, where low-ability people are so ill-equipped for critical thinking, they cannot even grasp how out of their league they actually are.  Instead, they adopt an internal belief that theirs is "the only way" and delude themselves into thinking they're actually superior - because they lack the skills needed to realize they're not!

They are jealous of the achievements of our advanced civilization.  They see that the culture, systems, and society created in the USA and in Europe are so embarrassingly superior to the rest of the world that they actually believe we need to be knocked down a few pegs in the name of "equality."

They also know that NONE of their countries has ever been able to create the quality of life or level of achievement as ours, and they are jealous of us to the point of INSANITY!  By flooding our advanced civilization with millions of these low-ability people, they damage our cultures, societies and systems; which then forcibly achieves their goal of lowering our society in the name of "equality."  Except it's equality of misery.

Put simply, leftists/Liberals/progressives are evolutionary retards.  Their genetic stock is so inferior that they are mentally unable to grasp the reality of our advanced society so they recoil in horror whenever our society does something they cannot compete with; like elect Donald Trump.

Trump is the physical embodiment of everything they cannot have or be:  He is white, of western European heritage.  Blond haired, blue-eyed, good looking and rich . . . and they utterly HATE him for all of it!

And they HATE all of us who voted for him.    

This topic, in depth, and a whole lot more on the Hal Turner Show at the link below.



I am halfway toward being able to pay the November costs of this show.  I still need to raise about $650 just to pay the bills from last month and as of today, December 7, only about 15 people have helped.  Please do your part.  Click the DONATE button on the top of this page and make a donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more.  

Without your help, this show cannot continue past December 28 and will be gone forever.

If you prefer to mail cash or money order (to remain anonymous) you can get my mailing address HERE.

Folks who fail or refuse to donate, will no longer be able to download the show after this week.  


FINAL PUBLIC ARCHIVE (Except for those who donate) HERE



 Since the show of Wednesday, December 7, the following people have made donations:


Craig W. from Wisconsin via Paypal

Brad F. (Location unknown) via Paypal

Daniel D. from Texas via Paypal

Robert M. (Location unknown) via Paypal

Stephen F.  (Location unknown) via Paypal

Paul L. from Sweden

Rick L. from New Jersey via Paypal

Tomoko K. (Location unknown) via Paypal

Frank K. (Location unknown) via Paypal (Tells me to "Bring back Ned!")

Nothing arrived via Postal Mail today, December 8.


December 11 -- 9 AM Update

Jose P  (location unknown) via Paypal  (Dec 9)

Joel O (Location unknown)  via Paypal (Dec 11)

David P (United Kingdom) via Paypal  (Dec 11)


Dec 13  12 Noon Update

Jim in Snowy Pennsylvania (Dec 13)


Dec. 14  8:35 AM Update:

Jacob (Alberta, CANADA) (Dec 13)

Charles (Tennessee) Writes: 

  Merry Christmas. I survive on a $1300 a month disability check and I donate to keep the show going. you must have a bunch of tight wad jews listening to the show!!! From Bigfoot from the yankee redneck section of hillbillystan in east Tennessee !!!


So as you folks can see, the money is coming in and we're just about there of the way toward paying last month's expenses.  Just a few hundred more to pay the bills from last month and a few hundred to keep the show on WBCQ International Radio in January.  Please chip-in.  Each and every contribution helps.


Thanks to all of you who have helped so far.  I will update this area with additional Donors if Donations continue to arrive. 






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