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This Friday is the political Apocalypse for a whole slew of people.  Neo-Conservatives, who have wrecked countless countries with seemingly endless wars - you're done.  Neo-Liberals and their Social Justice Warrior proxies, who find never-ending ways to complain and be offended, and to give free money to the free-shit crowd, it's over for you too.  You folks have all had a good run and on Friday at 12:00 Noon, eastern time, your way of doing things, your beliefs, your values and your power is over.

Of course, you Liberals/Progressives/Marxists don't see things this way. Your smug self-assurance that you're all so much smarter and nobler than the rest of us, drives you to obsession to have your way.  

But we've spent the better part of the last eight years suffering from your way and now the evidence in in for all to see: When it comes to matters social, cultural, and political, you folks are RETARDS.  

Your ideas are emotion-driven and are utter failures.  You want to supply otherwise able-bodied people the basic means to live rather than see them support themselves. To achieve that, you STEAL the money earned by others hard work, and cover your theft by calling it a "fair share" of taxes.

You want everyone to think your motives are altruistic. They're not.  

The reason you push so hard for "social justice" is because it gives YOU power.  And power is something that you love more than life itself.  Getting power, keeping it and using it are your reasons for existing.  But you hide this ugly truth behind a completely false narrative of "caring."  

Let's call a spade a spade: You don't give a shit about "the poor" all you care about are the VOTES of the poor.  You don't care one wit about inner-city Blacks.  All you care about are inner-city Black VOTES.    

Then, there are the Neo-Cons. . .  you bastards are flat-out evil.  

You wreck entire nations simply because you can, but usually to make certain your friends in Israel are better-off for your work.  Neo-Cons appear to have more loyalty to Israel than to the United States -- they're willing to fight for Israel right down to the very last AMERICAN.  You folks are DONE.

The war in Libya: It had nothing to do with Qaddafi being a tyrant.  The war was to prevent Qaddafi from creating a gold-backed, pan-African currency.  Can't have anyone doing something like that . . . it would wreck your fiat-currency fraud for Mr. Rothschild (who owns most of Israel) and his cadre of fiat-currency-based Central Banks.

The second war in Iraq . . .  had nothing to do with "weapons of mass destruction."  That second war started because Saddam Hussein started selling his oil in currencies OTHER than the US Dollar.  Can't have anything disrupting the petro-dollar.

The shenanigans in Ukraine . . . . well, the fact that Joe Biden's son is now on the Board of a Ukrainian Oil Company says most of what needs to be said.  

But then one must also ask: Why did Ukraine become a political powder keg?  To destabilize Russia -- because Russia is one of the few countries left on the planet without a Rothschild Central Bank!

You Neo-Cons are so blatant.  For you, it's all about money and Israel.  America is just a tool for you to misuse to achieve such goals.   On Friday, all that ends.


Illegal Aliens: Ask not for whom the Bell tolls, it tolls for thee!   You've had a real good time in our country.  Mocking our laws.  Undermining our wages and benefits by working cheap.  

Then you convinced a whole slew of bleeding hearts to step-up to defend you.  Those days are over.  Let me be the first to say this plainly:




I don't care that you "only came here to better your lives."  I don't care that you gave birth to children here and dare to claim they're somehow legitimate Americans.  I want you and your kids OUT.  And when your kids cry because they're going to some third-world shit-hole, it's YOU who can explain to them why YOU chose to victimize them by breaking the law to come to America.  YOU did this to them; not us.


The radical left is well into preparing for their useless protests, sit-ins and public temper tantrums.  We'll have a lot of fun watching as you waste your time and make fools of yourselves.  You will change nothing.  Your protests will achieve nothing. And when you resort to violence as you always do when you don't get your way . . .  well . . . there's something that will change:  From Friday on, your violence will be met with violence.  

You see, we're taking the handcuffs off the police.  Just like Rudy Guliani did with the New York City Police Department when he first became Mayor of New York, the new Administration is going to take the handcuffs OFF the police, nationwide.  

The cops already KNOW who the bad guys are; from Friday, the cops will once again be allowed to go get 'em.  

For my part, I'm HOPING you lefties resist; I just love watching a cop crack a nightstick over your numb-skulls!  Pepper-spray n the face and eyes . . . . YEE HAAAA!  Go get em cops!


The Neo-Cons, are already doing everything they can to smear and de-legitimize Trump.  The phoney Russian election-interference nonsense; the phony sexual immorality nonsense.  So far, it's all failed.  And here's where things get's potentially messy.  You see, the Neo-Cons and their Banker buddies have a track record in this regard: John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy spoke of their secret organizations and their military-industrial complex.  But when he ordered the US Treasury to start printing United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes (Executive Order 11110) THAT's when Kennedy got whacked.

At the time, a gullible America didn't know to question the "official" reports.  Those days are gone.

If Trump gets whacked, I have good reason to think a whole slew of Neo-Cons and their pals will get whacked too.  I have no plans of my own in this regard, but I hear talk; I hear rumors.  

The American people know who the culprits in such matters are.  The American people know where they all live.  And unlike the time of John F. Kennedy, this time the American people WILL likely strike back.


Neo-Conservatism, Neo-Liberalism, Marxists, Globalists: YOU'RE DONE.   Go away quietly so no one feels the need to make you go away permanently.  


Don't like the new reality?  Too fucking bad.  


Want to complain?  Call the Hal Turner radio show this Wednesday night between 9-11 PM eastern US time at 201-771-3013 or comment below.













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