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Just an update for those of you with whom I have become close.   As you know, three years ago, my younger brother was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.  He had a tumor at the base of his esophagus which was preventing him from eating.  Docs said the esophagus was heavily cancerous and had to come out.

Surgery took almost thirteen (13) hours.  The surgeons removed my brother's esophagus, then stretched his stomach upwards to manufacture a pathway for food to enter the stomach from his mouth.  The surgery went well.

My brother underwent chemotherapy and handled that well.

A few months later, in a follow up exam, more cancer was discovered.  There was a small amount at the base of my brother's throat where the stretched stomach attached to his voicebox area.  Another small area in the stomach itself.  And "something" growing between his aorta and his lung.  Docs re-started the chemotherapy but the cancer continued to grow.

A year later, a lump appeared in my brother's neck; diagnosed as a cancerous lymph node, and the "something" growing between his lung and aorta was also cancer.

More chemotherapy. No improvement.

Long story short, the lump in my brother;'s neck began impeding his ability to eat.  He began to lose weight.  a LOT of weight.  My 230 lb. brother was down to 160 and dropping more weight fast.

Docs changed Chemo and added radiation - both of which made him ill and weaker.  Then he suffered numerous bouts of atrial fibrilation; his heart would race upt to 160 or 180 beats per minute, requiring numerous hospital stays to correct.

More tests, some improvement.

Later, more tests showed cancer has spread to the exterior of his heart and to the exterior of his aorta.  Very bad news.

More chemo.  More weight loss, down to 120 lbs.

Last week, my brother went to the hospital after chest pains and passing out.  They diagnosed a blood infection; a form of Candida.

They started him on three different drugs to fight the infection, but his immune system is wiped out from the chemo.

Monday afternoon (April 10) the hospital called my mom saying my brother had gone into Cardiac and Respiratory arrest.  They worked on him for twenty minutes and revived him, but the family should come quickly as he is extremely critical.

I and my son drove up to Pennsylvania and saw my brother in the ICU.  He was unconscious, intubated and on a respirator.  


His Immune System

In any average person, the normal White Blood Cell (WBC) Count is around 5,000.  It is these white blood cells that fight infection.

When we get a cold, the level can hit maybe ten thousand.  If we get pneumonia or a very serious infection, it can hit twenty thousand or even more.

When my brother was admitted to the hospital, his WBC count was . . . . . four.

No not four thousand.  Just Four.  (4)

He has nothing left in his body to fight the infection.

When he dies, my family is so wiped out from my imprisonment and the debts I ran up from the radio show, we don't even have money to bury him.

He is not expected to survive the week.


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